How To Make A Website and Host a Website and select web hosting company

In this tutorial we would guide you how you can make a website from scratch and choose a good website hosting company. This making html webpage tutorial is for people who dont have much knowledge on how to make website or who want to learn easy process of Creating website and who have yet to choose a reliable web-hosting company. If you want to make website or Create Website you have to do following. Also we want to thank to for helping us in editing this article

1. You must make your mind and define your goals or purposes that you want to achieve by building website. You have to think about the purpose you want to make website for. Either the website is commercial or if its a personal website. Commercial websites are usually complex and even more knowledge is required if you want to make a ecommerce website where you also want also to accept credit cards, other payments, keep track of visitor orders and compelling enough so that the user or client can be convinced and he can purchase online. This tutorial are for those people or businesses who want to make a basic website and hosting on a good webpage hosting company. There are some businesses whose purpose of building websites are just to make there presence online but they dont want to sell any thing online . If you want this type of website which is not complex then your easiest and safest way will be to make a Make a website by using HTML. HTML sites are simple to build and usually require few days to build.

2. Before creating a website and after you are clear with the purpose of your website and if you think it will be a simple site then you can design a website. Simple tools are Adobe photoshop or Front page. You can also find free products to design websites from the web.

3. If you want to completely avoid this thing of designing or creating website then you can purchase free templates from some internet. Usually these templates are available from a price range of 5$ to 100$ + for really good designs. Before you decide you should keep in mind that the templates you will use after purchasing from these sites are usually not unique (ie they will not be unique). If you want a customized template or design then you have to hire a web designer or find a freelancer.

4. Also now a days many webhosts have included this as part of there services that they have many predesigned website templates that can be used by the people who using hosting services of their company. This wasy is the most rapid and easiest way for designing and launching a website. This was you website would be ready in minutes. There will be a wizard from where you have to make certain selections . You will have an option to select from various templates. Most of the time they have many templates that are suitable for many broad categories of websites.

5. If your website is a BLOG or sort of BLOG then you can consider using word press. Wordpress websites are also easy to build but require some advanced knowledge of web development and MYSQL database.

6. Any way after you develop you website the next step for you will be to choose webhosting companies. There are many hosting or web site Hosting companies offering good and excellent services. However we recommend you that you read reviews from different wesbsites before you decide you hosting company. Deciding your webhosting company is a crucial decision because if their service is not reliable you site can go online too. Moreover some webhosts are not even secure and are frequently attacked by hackers in which case you will obviously suffer as you data will be hosted on their servers. Check that you webhosting company have 24/7 support and they can help you any time.

7. Register a domain . Domain names are unique names and the name your site will be unique. Before doing this keep in mind that this name is relevant to your site topic and is easy to remember. This will have impact later as more people will repeatedly come to your site if they remember name of your website.

8. Making site alive will need a piece of FTP(File Transfer Protocol) Software. There are many available for free like Filezilla, CuteFTP etc. Some hosting companies however have the option of uploading files without using any FTP software. So consult your webhosting company before uploading your website.

Keep in mind the above points and your ready to go.

This article is available in other languages . Japenese Version ホームページを作る. Original Article was in English and it have been translated to Japane using computer bases tools so readers who donot understand English can also read and understand it.