iPhone 6 Plus Review

The iPhone 6 plus is one of those phones that mark a turning point in the evolution of technology around the world. In addition to being one of the most highly anticipated phones before its release, it has also become quite the style icon as well. Evidence for this is the fact that there are many people who struggled to get the phones when they were first released, which simply proves the allure that the phone has. Below are some of the key features and reviews of iPhone 6 Plus you find in this phone;

Review Of display of iPhone 6

One of the most outstanding features about the new iPhone 6 is the display. The phone has a 5.5 inch screen that has one of the most crisp projections in the market. The Retina Display of iPhone 6 brings the screen’s sharpness and clarity. Reviewers tell that Visibility in direct sunlight is particularly impressive, since one can use the phone in broad daylight without having to worry about the brightness settings.

iPhone 6 Plus Camera Review

An increasing number of people now use their phone camera more commonly than other features in the phone, and this is best described in the iPhone 6. Some of the things that make the camera stand out include the fact that it has one of the best lenses and focus technology in the market. There have been a number of comparisons between the iPhone 6 and competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the iPhone camera has been shown to hold its own against most of them. Both the front and the rear camera of iPhone 6 have proven to be very effective and positively reviewed in this regard.

Memory Review Of iPhone 6 Plus

For most people, the experience of using a smartphone lies in how many applications they can run simultaneously and efficiently. This in turn means that having more memory is better, since it means that you can run more applications with compromising the speed at which phone runs. The iPhone 6 Plus boasts 128GB of internal memory in its most exclusive device. This more than makes up for the fact that it does not feature an SD Card, since this is currently more memory than most people need. It also means that running applications on the iPhone is smoother, since there is enough memory to do this. In other words iPhone can run more applications at a time including 3D actions games which consume a lot of memory and requires much faster and more processing.

Iphone 6 Plus Apple Pay Review

One of the highlights of the iPhone 6 Plus is the fact that it features Apple Pay technology. This functionality allows one to use their phone as a payment device. This is a new and a very cool feature to have in a smart phone. It was initially thought that this was a gimmicky feature, but most people find it to be very practical after having used it for some time.

The form factor Of iPhone 6 Plus

Another attractive feature about the iPhone is the fact that it has a much slimmer form factor compared to previous iterations. Not only is it easier to use, but it also feels more comfortable for most people as well. This makes it an excellent everyday companion.

In summary, there are many reasons why you should consider getting an iPhone 6 Plus and this is due to these exceptional and high end features that iPhone 6 generally have good reviews amongst its users. On the surface, it might seem overpriced, but once you get to start using it you will find that it’s actually well worth it. More over there are tons of apps which one can run on iPhone 6 plus , specially the games which runs with exceptional resolution specially on this cool smart phone. In terms of software and hardware, this is one of the most well put-together phones you can come across.