Health Benefits Of Sauna Bath

Sauna bath is a very common procedure under which a person sits in a room that is closed so that the heat and steam does not escape and the person is exposed to high temperature under controlled temperature conditions. The benefits of Sauna baths includes Circulation improvement, Weights loss, Reduce tension, Boosting immunity , Relaxation and others. Usually sauna bath is considered relatively safe, beneficial and quite healthy. There are different types of sauna baths named according to the temperature making devices used to heat the bathe. If steam is used to heat the bathroom it is called steam sauna bath.

Steam bath involves exposing an individual to steam or hot mist at a temperature somewhere 44 degrees for fifteen to twenty minutes in a sealed steam room. The time that a person takes Sauna varies and can depend on heat tolerance of the person taking Sauna. Steam baths have a number of health benefits for its users but still it is advised to consult the doctor before taking Sauna because there can be some health conditions under which it is not advisable to take Sauna. Some of the benefits of steam Sauna baths are as under:

Benefits of using steam baths

  • Since our body is exposed to steam while taking sauna bath, It helps in the opening of the skin pores. It should be kept in mind that in extreme sweating all the toxins and impurities flow out of the body, through these pores. As there is a lot of sweating involved during Sauna bath so it is advisable to drink more water than usual in order to compensate for the sweating during steam Sauna bath.
  • Steam elevates body temperature and also helps in the flow of blood more effectively. Therefore Sauna bath is likely to make Circulation better. Also we get a lot of relief to out contracted muscles and the result is that we get benefit from arthritis and joints pains.
  • Steam sauna bath has been proved to be helpful in weight loss as the metabolism of the body is enhanced. Also the body loses oil during the sweating which helps to reduce weight.
  • Steam bath also helps in the relaxation of the mind as well as the human body. Most of the people have experienced a reduction in their tensions and mental stress after taking a steam bath.
  • It has also been observed that sauna baths are very effective in inducing relaxing sleep. Sauna baths have proved to be effecting in sleep disorders and nowadays the people with insomnia are taking help of their sleep disorders by using steam sauna baths.
  • Sauna steam bath is also helpful in boosting the immunity of our system as while in sauna bath the body temperature increases which helps the immune system.
  • Sauna bath is also very effective in treating medical conditions like sinusitis and bronchitis. The reason for this is that when you breath the steam may relief the congestion of the lungs.
  • It has been now proved that 15 -20 minutes of stay in sauna bath holds as much benefit as one to two hours of brisk walk. However the exact benefit differs from person to person.
  • Due to great blood flow to the skin while taking sauna bath provides a healthy glow to the skin and thus is beneficial for our skin.

There are many indirect health effect of Sauna and also many different types of Sauna which will be discussed later