bsnl broadband Plans

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BSNL is a telecommunication company with the largest market penetration in India. This is a state owned company. There are more than 95 million customers who use BSNL services. BSNL amlost provide all services related to telecom . The services it provides are like IPTV, 3G data, BSNL mobile phone services and other services too. BSNL currently have more than 8 million broadband users using its high speed internet. BSNL is planning to expand to more than 800 cities till the end of year 2011 which will be a great acheivement. BSNL slogn is India’s no. 1 telecommunication company. BSNL offers great broadband plans that goes up to the speed of 8MB per second which is really good.

BSNL also have SANCHARNET CARD by which you can register to use the internet without having to go through lengthy process of installation of DSL or ADSL model at your end. BSNL 3g is a 3g network which covers almost all of country and provides data in 3G for 3G capable devices and modems.
If you are planning to buy a BSNL broad band plan than you must know that BSNL does not provides services in Delhi and Mumbai metro. As BSNL is the oldest company in India many people still have its landlines and they are very comfortable while purchasing it .

If you have a landlines at your home and you are planning to buy a BSNL broadband service than you telephone line will remain free because you dont have to dial for internet access like regular dial up internet. For the people who want to have BSNL land line which is an ordinary telephone at home usually have to pay Indian Rupees 180 for their BSNL landline plans. The strength of BSNL is also that it offers a land line and BSNL land line plans all over india.
BSNL Standalone Plans are like 700 rs with the download limit of 4GB per month with the download speed of 2 Mbps. This BSNL internet plan provides you with one free email address. The other post paid BSNL plan which are called COMBO Plans provides you with a 60 GB of download limit in RS 2799 With a download speed of 8Mbps.

This BSNL plan and other BSNL plans also give you option to pay once for one year which will save you some money. With this high end plans the ADSL modem you will get is also WiFi enabled to give your computer wireless access to high speed internet without hooking to any wire physically.
The best post paid tariff plan BNSL offer is Rs. 6999 that is suitable for business . With this extremely powerful plan your download speed will be 24 Mbps with the download limit of 250 Giga Byte with one static IP address.

Besides post paid internet usage plans Bsnl also offers pre paid internet broad usage plans. For example BSNL offers different Volume Based Recharge Vouchers like BBV RL 250 which cost rupees 250 which has a validity of 7 days.

India has following telecom circles which serves almost all of country . For reference we are giving you the name os that telecom circles which has been taken from BSNL site.

Andaman & Nicobar, Dobaspet, Tamilnadu Telecom Circle, Jharkhand Telecom, Bihar Telecom, Andhra Pradesh Telecom, Assam Telecom, Chhattisgarh Telecom, Gujarat Telecom Haryana Telecom, Himachal Pradesh Telecom, Jammu & Kashmir Telecom, Jharkhand Telecom, Karnataka Telecom, Kerala Telecom, Madhya Pradesh Telecom, Maharashtra Telecom, North East-I Telecom, North East-II Telecom, Orissa Telecom, Punjab Telecom, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Uttranchal Telecom, Uttar Pradesh East, Uttar Pradesh West Circle