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Satellite internet uses Satellite for transfer of data from end user to the upload facility at the providers end. Major advantage of Satellite internet is that it can work in deserts and other remote places where normal internet service is not there and Internet via satellite is the only option. The major disadvantage on the other hand is that it cannot attain too fast speed as can be attained via DSL or cable internet. This is because the signal travels from end users place to satellite usually via dish and then to the upload site.

This signal travel time to and from satellite sometimes waste times in milliseconds. This while not be a problem for a normal user for those who are just browsing web but it can be a problem for the people who uses VOIP and real time applications like online gaming where the people plays games online. This sort of application requires a low ping time. Dish network internet is also popular as it is biggest provider in the USA and other countries.
Portable satellite internet also have another advantage in other cases like if you live in RV or recreational vehicle they you can just park your vehicle and start using internet.

Even if you change your residence or move to another state you dont have to worry at all. Just move to your new place and aim your dish towards satellite and start using the internet.

Almost all telecommunications satellites provide internet services for various providers. In USA there are various companies provide these services like Hughes, Wildblue. The way usually Satellite internet works is that you install the dish with and a modem which decrypts the signal and then you can communicate. Also some times the satellite based internet service is effected service by rain as the signal strength can be effected by atmospheric conditions and humidity conditions in atmosphere. Some times also sever weather like icing and snow can cover dish and in that case you have to clean the antenna so that it can again start as a signal reflector once again.