Reasons of Headache

For understandings the frequent reasons of headache we have to understand that what is a headache. After we understand the headache we can then suggest the Treatment for headaches .Headaches are very common thing that you will hear. Headache is so common that all of us have experienced headache at one stage or another and also there may be more than one Headache Reasons. One you know the reason for your headache than you can think of some quick remedies for Headache . Many people suffer more than 5 chronic headaches each year.

Now we come to the reasons of headache. Headache is a pain which a person senses in his nerves and muscles of head and the neck. Not only head and neck but also it can be in covering or brain or any area of the Spinal cord. As we have billions nerves endings around our head so our brain or head picks up the pain that is around it or being picked by a nerve which ends here. It is also very frequent to get headache and nausea.

For some people a quick remedy for headache is to rest for some time and try to forget if they have stress in their actual life and then take deep long breathes. This will help them make relax too and will help in Headache relief. There are some other remedies for headaches too including home remedies and some foods like almonds and other containing Omega 3 oils intake can be increased too to if you have minor headache conditions.

So in broader terms you can say that there is primary headache and secondary headache.
Primary headaches does not have a medical condition associated with them and generally would go after few hours.

Secondary headaches are are complex and there may be some reasons ranging from mild to severe like infections and headaches , fever and headaches, head injury and headaches, tumors and headaches , dental conditions or blood pressure symptoms or sinus problems.

Causes of Primary Headache
Three main causes for primary headaches are:
1: Migraine headache Symptoms: Migraine headaches are occurred when the brain gets less blood supply. If Brain will get less blood then there would obviously less Oxygen too for the Brain to function properly. Symptoms of migraines headache include sensitivity to light . Other symptoms of Migraine Headache are like the person experiencing will fell like throwing out and vomit and sever pain which is usually unbearable

2: Headaches Due to Tension Symptoms and Reasons: Tension headaches are most commonly caused by muscular strains in the head and neck and stress. Usually when tension headaches occur you would feel pain at both sides of your head. Reasons for Tensions Headaches can be multiple. One symptom of Tension Headache is that pain is usually dull. But Sometime these tension headache pains becomes intense . Some times if you put strain on your eyes it can start the pain. So there is some relationship with eye strain and Tension Headache too.
3: Cluster Headaches Symptoms and Causes : – Cluster headaches occur frequently and repeatedly over a period of weeks or even months. Cluster headache symptoms are that pain normally occurs on one side of the head and is centered on the eye. True causes of cluster headaches are still unknown but they are supposed to relate with blood flow changes due to use of alcohol.

Secondary Headaches symptoms : As secondary headaches result from some other medical problem with your body. These can be eliminated by treating the diseases with which you are suffering.

Most headache pain can be treated by the use of certain medications like aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However If you are experiencing chronic or frequent headache pain, never be too late to consult your doctor as it may be due a symptom of any medical condition further causing damage to your body.

Secondary headaches are more dangerous as they are indicating something else which is usually a more severe thing like an infection , tumor in brain or other serious diseases

Treatment for headaches

As mentioned above that treatment of Headache is usually the pain medication but if you have a secondary headache and there is some other reason behind Headache than you have to immediately address the other issue which was causing the headache. Headache cures as such does not exist but like other conditions if you are in a good health , take good diet and exercise you are at lesser risk of being caught by headaches