Heart stents Types, Side Effects and Information

What Are Heart Stents

There are those people who have a problem with their arteries blocking. If you have experienced such problems then there is a remedy to help with this problem. Stunt is a small tube like structure which is utilized to treat weak and narrow arteries. There are many types of heart stents and heart surgeons does tell patients and recommend them the type of stent they will be putting in them. An artery is used to bear blood left from the heart to the other parts of the body. Stents are made with metal mesh and are placed in the arteries which are weak or have become narrow due to deposits, In order to enable uninterrupted flow of blood.

Types of Heart Stents

There are various kinds of heart stents which could be studied in order to help the arteries from blocking. There are stents which have medicines input or coating on top of them which will help in preventing the risk of the arteries blocking again. Stents is not a permanent cure in all type of heart arteries blockage cases because in some cases the arteries may block again over a period of time. Stents have a lot of benefits which include; lowering the risk of heart attack and stents will also help in reducing the problem involved with the shortness of breath and also reduce the risk of the artery closing again. Before heart stents balloon angioplasty was a widely used practice but with the introduction of stents for heart more people now opt for stents as stents have shown better results.

Side Effects of Heart Stents Surgery

Everything that has an advantage must have a disadvantage and same is true with heart stents surgery. Heart stent helps the arteries from blocking but it has its own share of risks, side effects and other problems. Since the stent is made of metal it can cause an allergic reaction to the body and can initiate an infection in the body because of the components from which the stent is made of. The other side effects of heart stents surgery is that the blood vessel can be damaged when the stent is being placed in the artery. Another serious side effect of heart stents surgery which patients face after the surgery is that they experience irregular heartbeats even though this risk will only be there for a short time and the heartbeat will return to normal rate again.  In case you experience any discomfort it is advisable you visit the doctor because some risks can lead to bigger problems. The patient must be fully aware of the risks, side effects and complexities of heart stents surgical procedure before they finally decide the surgery.

Health Tips for Heart Patients

The heart provides the body with energy to carry on with the day to day activities. It is  always good and must to take care of  heart in order to avoid complications which can lead to heart problems and spend a lot of money for treatments. One must seek tips from his doctor about different ways to keep care of their heart and this is especially true for the people who have heart related problems in their families. The heart is very important and as such great care needs to be taken to keep it working well. Unlike many other important organs like kidneys, eyes etc. human being only have one heart and it is very definite how miserable can life becomes once the heart have become weak and not normal. There are some health tips especially for heart patients and diseases like heart attack can be avoided by maintaining a healthy life style. One can prevent such hear diseases by doing a lot of exercises because it helps the heart to continue beating faster and working more effectively.

The diet is also important and one should avoid foods which have too much fat because they will increase the cholesterol level and can block the blood vessel. Those who are smoking also pose a risk to their heart because they are more prone to getting heart diseases. Smoking is not just bad for heart but it can lead to other critical health problems and vascular problems are just to name a few. Heart enables human body to function properly and so you have to take good care of your heart so that it will enable your body to perform its normal functions.

First line of actions must be to take good care of heart by food, exercise and other lifestyle changes because even stunts are very safe yet they are also a number of complications which are associated with stents. Blood can be blocked from flowing to the lower fraction of the whole body because the blood flow will be disrupted. An artery can bursts in the process of putting the stent .There can also be instances when there is stent thrombosis where by the blood will clot on the surface of the stent.