How Vonage Works

Vonage is a VOIP Voice over IP service which can be used any where in the world . The only requirement for VOIP phone service to work is the availability of a moderate to fast quality of internet connection. The Vonage reviews are generally good compared with other VOIP providers . The other advantage is that say you live in UK and temporarily go to China on a visit you can take your phone adapter with you.

As soon as you plug your adapter to the internet Vonage will start working and your phone line will be active. Your phone number will remain same and all of the people who will be calling you will not even notice that you are in other part of the world. The most important issue with most VOIP services like Vonage is the poor quality of voice which happens due to internet packet latency or due to slow internet speed but this particular problem is not just with vonage but also with other VOIP providers to. Vonage mostly works well and Vonage reviews are generally good. The main advantage of Voip is that it is usually very cheap and its only a fraction of cost of a conventional phone lines.

Instead of making a dedicated line like a normal phone line does Vonage works by using internet and your voice is converted to internet packets which can travel through internet . Vonage also works on Iphone and Blackberry So how Vonage works is very simple to understand and you can even use it as a business VOIP line if you have a very fast internet. Also Vonage works with other Smartphones and apps are available like app for Vonage for Blackberry, Vonage for Iphone and other Smartphones.