What is amazon prime. About Amazon prime service

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Amazon prime is a wonderful service or subscription offered to every one. The purpose of amazon prime is that if you are a devoted customer of amazon.com and purchase often from their site and your live in USA (United states of America) you can get amazon prime membership for a yearly price of 79$ (obviously US dollars). If you get this membership and subscribe to amazon prime the benefit is that you will be saving a lot on shipping. For most of the items with amazon your will get a free two day shipping for free. Most of people who use amazon prime review it and rate it as a very helpful service. Amazon also offers amazon prime trial in which you have 30 days in which you can cancel your amazon prime if you dont like their service so you can actually try before you pay after your trial period is over. This amazon prime free trial is free for the first month and this means that you credit card would not be charged unless your your one month is over. After your first month you will be charged the prime fee of 79 $ which is the cost of amazon prime membership for one year. Some times amazon also offer this service even at cheaper rates for new sign ups and some time it even offer coupons for new sign ups.

For amazon prime members this offer is also valid for even the items which have very low price (No minimum order amount or size). For regular customer amazon usually charge 3.99 or more for this sort of shipping. Also as a amazon prime member you will enjoy generous 3.99 $ for one day shipment or shipping. So if you do maths amazon prime is worth it even if you purchase 2 items per month from amazon.

Amazon.com prime is only available for customer inside USA. For other offer from amazon if you are from another country . Amazon have sites which target several countries like

Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and United Kingdom .
For Canada the site is http://www.amazon.ca
For China the site address is http://www.amazon.cn/
For France the site address http://www.amazon.fr/
For Germany the site address http://www.amazon.de/
For Italy the site address http://www.amazon.it/
For Japan site address http://www.amazon.co.jp/
For UK United Kingdom the site address http://www.amazon.co.uk/