Domino’s To Offer Ordering via Twitter

In order to increase its sales and revenue Domino’s pizza have decided that they will be offering ordering its pizzas via twitter. Initially this order via twitter will only be available in US but will extend to other countries if the results are good. Domino’s executive have commented on this and have shared that the company (Domino’s) think that this is a digital age and more and more orders are coming to them via digital means.

So at this time it may be the right move to jump deep into this digital sea and start taking orders via twitter as twitter have huge customer base. The company also commented that they want to make Domino’s pizza ordering procedure as easy as possible so that they can increase their sales and can dominate the pizza market. Domino’s pizza is based in Ypsilanti, Michigan and i was started in 1960. The market of pizza delivery have become very competitive as their are new techniques and offers so pizza giants like domino’s have to keep doing things to engage more customers and keep their ordering procedure as easy as possible.