Walmart To Challenge Amazon Prime

The biggest retailer(Walmart) is all set to take on biggest online seller(Amazon) soon. Customers will be the one who will benefit with this competition. According to the news Walmart next focus is to increase its online sales and it will be launching a service called Tahoe which will offer free shipping to customer all over United states. Currently amazon offers amazon prime by membership and customers gets free shipping for a year on most products if they are amazon prime member.

This move will definately give a challenge to amazon as it have sustained its online sales due to prime members ordering online again and again. Walmart plan is to introduce this free shipping services perhaps at half the price that a customer have to pay for amazon prime. This Walmart product was due to launch last year but some how it was delayed and now they are planning to launch soon. Soon the customers may see a new Walmart website with more eCommerce friendly interface and with more options like customer reviews and more product pictures with different dimensions as these are the features which make amazon unique and favorite for most of its customers.

In terms of infrastructure Walmart is already ahead of Amazon as it already have stores scattered all over USA from where they can distribute the products. They already have a loyal customer base so one must expect that if Walmart did every thing right there is no reason that they fail and who knows that may be in future Walmart also makes a marketplace in future where the third party sellers and different merchants can also sell their products using Walmart marketplace.