Causes and how to get rid of swollen feet?

Swollen feet can cause much discomfort. People often wonder that what causes swollen feet and cause of swollen feet. Basically a swollen feet or swollen ankle is an excessive fluid builds up in the muscles, which causes swelling. In other words, there is rapid increase in weight. Slight swelling, which normally occurs in summer, may be due to standing for too long or walking too much. Swelling is also known as edema.

Those who remain standing on their feet for too long time often tend to develop swollen feet. This problem is more commonly faced by athletes. Obese people also have swollen feet as their feet have to bear too much weight. This is why one has to ensure that the feet are well rested and too much pressure is not placed on them. Swollen feet are also common during pregnancy and it is common to have swollen feet in pregnancy.

Having swollen feet and ankles has become a much more common concern for people these days. Since we live in such a fickle and vein world it is understandable that many people want their entire body to be proportioned. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the ways that people can get swollen ankles and see what prevention or cures are available for this infliction.

Water Retention in the area of ankles
Some people believe that their swollen feet and ankles is the result of fat build up in this area but it is not completely true, as it has been seen that people who do not have a large body fat percentage can still have fat or swollen ankles due water retention in the area of the ankles. A natural remedy to get rid of water retention is to drink natural diuretic drinks, 2-3 cups of green tea and two to three tablespoons of lemon juice in one glass of boiling hot water per day. This will be helpful in getting rid your body of any retained water.

Poor Blood Circulation
People with poor blood circulation are more prone to getting swollen feet and ankles. This is because that your blood will begin to pool in your lower limbs. Standing throughout the day will make your heart difficult to pump the blood back around your body from your lower limbs. Thus it is important to raise your feet above your heart for an hour every night enabling your heart to pump your blood back around again. An Indian herbal Ginkgo Biloba (a circulation boosting supplement) every day will give you amazing results in improving blood circulation and help you to get rid of your swollen feet and ankles. There are also special shoes available in market for the people who have swollen feet or swollen ankles because with normal shoes their foot hurts them and the special shoes used for over sized feet are very thin and comfortable shoes which are specially made for this swollen feet condition.

Obesity or excess Fat
Obesity can be controlled by measuring your body mass index. It is calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms to the square of the height in meters. If it is above normal then diet charts showing you the calories count should be strictly followed. Surely, if you have excess body fat then you will have excess fat stored in your ankles and feet also. You daily diet should contain approx. 1800 daily calories and full of heart healthy foods such as whole grains and healthy fats. Your diet should be high in protein to give your muscles tone and definition. Adding in some exercises focusing on the muscles around your ankles will also help you get a toned and defined ankle region, which will help you get rid of those dreaded swollen feet and ankles.