Getting Chinese Visa From USA

There are many consulate of People Republic of China where you can apply for a Visa to China. However in order to apply for Chinese visa you have to have a purpose and must know that what type of visa you need. There is a separate type of visas for various purposes for example there is a visa called L Visa for China. This type of Visa will only be issued to the people who wants to visit China temporarily and there main purpose of applying for Chinese L Visa is tourism or Visiting family or friends or if they are visiting PRC for their own purposes.

Applying for China L Visa

If you are a resident of USA and want to visit China on a tourist L Visa you have to submit your American passport with your Chinese visiting Visa application. Along with your application you have to send your recent photograph with 2 inches by 2 inches dimensions. If you are a business man and are a frequent visitor to China you can apply for a multiple entry L Visa. This visa is usually valid for 6 to 12 months and you can enter China on L Multiple Entry Visa as many times you want.
If you were born in China but you are a American Citizen now you can apply for a Multiple Entry Visa which will be Valid for 24 months. The L Tourist Visa to China can be applied at China embassy in US. Fees for Chinese L visa for American Citizens and passport holders is $130 and just 30 dollars for Citizens of other countries if they want a single entry Visa.

Z Visa Employment Application for China

If you plan to work in China and want to apply China Work Visa or work permit for China you are required to apply for China Employment Visa (Called Z Visa). This visa is not only issued to the primary applicant who is applying to work in China but also to his accompanying family members. The Application Form for Z Visa is Q1. A 2 inches * 2 inches photograph is also require for this visa too. If you have a US passport and American National but your former Nationality was Chinese you must write you Chinese name in the application and you former Chinese passport as well.
Getting a Z Visa of China however needs you to have a Visa notification issues by a Authorized Chinese Unit before you apply Z Visa for China. Other very important documents required for Chinese working Visa are Work Permit for Aliens and Foreign Expert License. Always plan well ahead to apply for this type of Visa. Usually Z Visa processing times are around 4 working days but as the requirement for Z Visa are a bit complicated so always plan well in advance if you have a specific joining date.

Business F Visa Application for Businessmen

If you are going to China on an invitation or some sort of business, a lecture or internship you need to apply for F Visa.You have submit you 2 * 2 inches photograph with Chinese F Visa application. US nationals will get a single entry F Visa for valid for 3-6 months, Double Entry F Business Visa which with 6 months Validity or A multiple entry F visa which will be valid for 6 to 12 months. The most important thing to know about Chinese Business Visa Application is that you need to send invitation letters from your host company in China or need to send Chinese embassy with the proof of your meetings in China or the invitation from Exhibition People for invitation. US citizens can get a long term Business F visa to China if they can demonstrate that they have made investment in China or they have a collaboration with any Chinese Company.

Applying for Student Visa (X Visa) to China

Only those people apply for Chinese student Visa who are enrolled in a program with more than 6 months of duration and they want to come to China for the sole purpose of studies. If duration of your program is less than 6 months you need to apply for a tourist Visa to China instead. The requirement of X Visa for students to China are more or less same as the other visa types however the main requirement for X Visa to China is that student along with his visa application needs to send his original and photocopy of his approved Foreign Student Visa Application Form (JW201 or JW202) and his notice of admission to Chinese University or School

Other Types of Visa are a J-1 Chinese Visa and Crew Visa which is called C Crew Visa. For more information and up to date you must call your nearest Chinese embassy in America for current fees and processing times.