Benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms have been long been used mostly in Asia as food, but their popularity has grown to other countries because many people have now realized nutritional and health benefits of Shiitake. These Mushrooms are a great gift of Nature and using them regularly is good for health and benefits the immune system and also has anti-cancer effect and is also good for heard patients. Shiitake mushrooms are also known to have medicinal value and have been used by Chinese for a long time as medicine for many ailments. Shiitake mushrooms are available all over the world and can be found in many food stores in the United States of America, Canada, Europe and Asia because many people like them because of their rich smoky flavor. Below are some health benefits of Shiitake Mushrooms to the human body.
1. Shiitake For Healthy Body Immune System

Main health benefits of using Shiitake mushrooms are that they have the ability to prevent excessive immune system activity. They also assist in stimulation of immune system responses under certain circumstances. When immunity in a human being is strong most of the diseases and problems do not occur. Therefore Shiitake Mushrooms are beneficial in that they promote immune function and also reduce its activity when required.
2. Cardiovascular Benefits Of Shiitake Mushrooms
Studies have also shown that Shiitake mushrooms provide cardiovascular benefits, for example, reduction of blood cholesterol. It contains beta-glucans and d-Eritadenine nutrients that have the ability to lower the cholesterol level in the body thus preventing the body from heart problems. Shiitake also prevent binding of too much immune cell in the blood vessels lining thus protecting the blood cells. Studies have also shown that Shiitake Mushrooms contain antioxidants nutrients that are beneficial for health and reduce chronic oxidative stress that cause blood vessel problems and clogged arteries.
3. Anti cancer benefits Of Shiitake Mushrooms
Shiitake mushrooms also provide anti-cancer benefits especially boosting the body protection against breast prostate and colon cancer. These Mushrooms also have ample amount of Vitamin D in them which is also good for healthy bones and reduce the incidence of some types of Cancers and slows down tumor growth. Shiitake Mushrooms have compounds known as lentinan that slow and reduce the growth of cancer cells and therefore promotes good health. Shiitake mushrooms also increase activity that combat tumors by activating proteins and certain cell that attack cancer.
4. Other health benefits
They also contain nutrients and compounds that boost the immune system thus making the body have strong resistance to rheumatoid arthritis.