Healthy Lifestyle

It is very important to maintain a healthy life style especially with current busy life style. Few things which have contributed to make our life style worse are lack of exercise and poor diet. There are many reasons that the life style is becoming more and worse as the time passes.

Television and Video Games.
Most of us are addicted to Television to such an extent that we watch TV at least few hours every day and the time which we should be busy doing some exercise or workout we spend in front of our screens. On top of lack of exercise we eat more than we should be eating making us bulky and fat which we know how dangerous over weight is for the body of a human being. This excess fat and weight put extra burdens on various organs inside our bodies and even the heart has to work extra to fulfill the requirement of over sized body. While elders are addicted to TV , children are addicted to video games and sometimes they are so indulged that they do not even eat properly because they feel it’s a wastage of time.

Lack of Exercise

Parents should monitor the habits of their children carefully and should make every effort that the life style of children is healthy and the food they are taking is up to the mark. Lazy children will become lazy adults so children need special care otherwise their health is at stake. Parents and teachers must tell and urge children to spend time doing outdoor activities as it will motivate children to become more active.

Unhealthy Food
There are many other factors that play their part to worsen up this situation of our health and they are like eating junk food. Junk food is available easily and at every place so most people will not make an extra effort to prepare their own healthy food at homes. People should spend time in preparing healthy and rich food at homes as unhealthy food can lead to many illnesses in long run and junk food need to be avoided at all times. Unhealthy food can lead to many problems like cardiovascular problems, High blood pressure, and diabetes and can even increase the risks of cancer. The best vegetables are the organically grown vegetables which are grown without the use of any artificial growth boosters and minimum poisonous sprays. Organic meat is also available in stores and it is better if this is consumed because normal poultry or beef is fed with antibiotics which are not good for health.

Being healthy should be the first priority of every one as life become miserable if the health becomes worse and nothing remains enjoyable in life. Alcohol, smoking and other harmful things should not be consumed as these are just waste of money and extremely healthy. Smoking is worse for health and can lead to cancers of many types.

Care must be taken of our health and health should considered biggest asset.