Spain Wins World Cup 2010

After a fierce battle Spain finally managed to win the world cup. Netherlands players on the other hand tried their best and even got many yellow cards in trying to do impossible things but this proved to be fatal . Almost all of the Netherlands team got the yellow cards. One of their players even got red card and unfortunately have to go out of game.
So spain have gained their first world cup. Netherland on the other hand did a hat trick as it is their third time that they lost the final of the world cup. First time they lost in 1974 and then in 1978 and then finally in 2010. So the Spain is the winner as in have winner the World cup. The Barcelona was declare the Football city and the environment of the match was fabulous with all the world looking at the tournament. Spain is the winner first time of this event.
2010 was Spain year and the people all over Madrid and rest of Spain had a fabulous night celebrating for their team.
South Africa world cup was different in a sense that no body was expecting Spain and Netherlands to reach Final. The favorites Brazil were already out so these two teams managed to meet in finals and finally Spain managed to Win World cup 2010 FIFA and became the first European champion to win the world cup title and now it have two titles.