HTC One S is one of the latest phone that was released in April 2012. This phone is very hot in the market and its sales according to some consumer sites is going well beyond expectations.

HTC One S specs :
The operating system in HTC one S is Android OS, v4.0 and this phone comes with a chipset Qualcomm MSM8260A Snapdragon. The central processing unit of this phone is Dual core 1.5 GHZ Krait which is a really powerful CPU. HTC One S has got very good sound quality and if you are a fan of songs or listen to songs on the internet or you tube then you will definitely the super sound quality this phone brings. Among the important specs of HTC One S is that it has dual band 3G support.

HTC One S Features

There are many good Features in HTC One S and one of the attractive things about HTC One S phone is its slim size. HTC S One is very light and portable phone when we compare HTC One S with other phones. Also Considering the fact that it has such a great features all carried in this HTC One S it is amazing how one can fit all that in such a light weight gadget. HTC One Mobile Phone is covered by a metal shell which uses a complex process where aluminum is turned into ceramic. The end result of this process is that HTC One S Weight is very light and it is delight to carry around. It is 7.8 mm thin and considering the features that it has, it is an amazing phone to have.

HTC One S storage

HTC One S storage capacity is upto 16Gb with a RAM of 1GB and this is an advantage especially for people who have a lot of data or photos to store. It also allows one to store videos whether they have been recorded or downloaded.

HTC One S Camera

HTC One S camera faces the front while at the same time it has the ability to handle video calls which is again a good feature as we can have a video calling ability. With your HTC One video upto 30 frames per second can be recorded. The phone also has GPS capability with A-GPS. When any body purchases HTC One S he also gets 25GB of free drop box storage that they can make use of in the first two years. This storage is specially important if you record videos from your camera frequently and then get short of storage space than you can store your videos here. HTC one has a 8 MP camera which is auto focus and the HTC One S camera is 3264×2448 pixels.

HTC One S Battery life

The battery this phone have is a Li-Po 1650 mAh with 35 hour of time. The battery time is about 10 hours if you are continuously on a 3G call. Although the weight and size of this phones battery is not so big as its rivals but still HTC One S battery life is very good.

More Features of HTC One S

Other features of HTC One S is that come with the phone include smart dialing and voice dialing. This phone also uses the latest android technology together with lock-screen technology. The phone is also well organized and easy to operate. The menus are well organized and one is even able to filter their contact list according to where the contacts are coming from. The contact also come together with photos and the details of the person.

HTC One S also offers several options when it comes to connectivity. These HTC Phone abilities include GSM, GPRS and edge technology. One is also able to make use of local wireless connectivity with such options as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also giving one the option of being able to connect with a computer.

There is a 8 megapixel HTC One S Camera and the phone is also capable of producing an LED flash when taking photos and this produces some of the clearest videos and photos you will ever take with reducing the effects such as red eye effect and the photos taken by this HTC S are usually very sharp and good quality. These are just some of the HTC One S specs that anyone looking to get a good phone for their own personal use can get. You can also hear to the FM radio on your phone.

HTC One S Verizon

Till today Verizon wireless is not offering this phone to its consumers. Not only that the Verizon is not offering only this HTC phone but in fact for now Verizon is not offering any phone from HTC.


At&t is offering this phone for 199.99 but for that you have to have a two year contract with At&T to get HTC One S . If you do not want to go in any sort of contract and simply want to have HTC One S from AT&t without any contract then you can purchase HTC One Phone for 549.99 which is no commitment pricing. Currently AT&t is only offering this phone in white and grey color.

We would like to conclude our review about HTC One S with a question that most of the buyers of new and expensive phones would ask and this question is that why should i buy a latest and new phone ? The reasons i can think of are below

There are different and many reasons as to why one would want to have a phone or a smart phone and the reasons can vary from person to person. The primary reason we all get phones is that we are social animals and phone and communication is the medium we can stay in touch with our friends, family and business associates. New phones specially come equipped with the tools by the help of which use of social media like twitter, Facebook , Google plus etc have became very easy. Communication is key in all the things that we do in our daily lives.