Magicjack Plus

Magicjack plus was introduced after a success of its predecessor which was called Magic Jack. Magic Jack is a VOIP based telephony service which claims to save you thousands of dollars each year . This product is advertised on TV and in the exhibitions. Some of the highlights and comparisons of Magic Jack plus are as follows

MagicJack vs Magicjack Plus

The difference between the MagicJack vs Magicjack Plus is the the former were not usable without a computer so if you had a simple magic jack you would need it to connect it to computer USB and then use it using its software . Although many people were using it this way by connecting it to the computer or laptops this method is hectic as you have to have a computer to use it. If your computer is turned off then it would not work off course since magic jack was dependent on a PC to make a call through the internet.
Now let us come to MagicJack Plus. This device does not need a computer and a telephone can be directly attached to magicjack plus. Magicjack there fore would work just like a regular phone as far as user is concerned.

Magicjack Reviews

Different people will speak differently about quality of service or call quality magic jack offers and will thus there is a lot of variation among MagicJack reviews. However the Voice quality of Magicjack Plus depends upon the speed of your internet connection. There is another important thing if you are reading to a Magic jack review is to keep in mind and that is the latency time. Packet latency time is the time it takes packets to be transferred from one location to another so if you are using magic jack from a far away country like Singapore, Australia, Germany , UK , Italy, China , Philippines or India or any other country far away from USA your call quality might not be as good as your voice packets data has to travel to united states if you are calling to USA. This is the reason why some people will get low call quality while other will experience high call quality using Magic Jack. So if you are considering on purchasing Magicjack then you have to concentrate on the quality of MagicJack calls people are experiencing who have same ISP as yours and who live in the same neighborhood as yours.

Where to Buy MagicJack Plus

The magicjack plus is available online and you can order Magicjack Plus via their website. The device is also available on all other major retailers including Walmart and other electronic shops like Fry’s, Best Buy, J&r, RadioShack and Crutchfield . You can also buy MagicJack plus over the telephone.

Magicjack vs OOMA

Magicjack claims it to be the best alternative to the telephone and you can call US and Canada unlimited long distance. When you order it for the first time you would have to pay around 69 dollars and this will include your first year of free calls to the US and Canada. After your first year you have to pay around 20 dollars per month to keep your MagicJack service active. 20 $ comes to even less than 2 dollars a month. According to their website more than 8 million Magic Jacks have been sold and people are using it from all over the world. There is another service known as OOMA which is the competitor of Magicjack. There are some pros and cons of OOMA and MagicJack. One major pron of using magicjack in comparison with OOMA that you have to pay 20 dollars per year to keep your service active while OOMA claims that once your purchase their device your service will be free for life. OOMA free version will only support the calls with in USA with the exception of  Hawaii while with MagicJack you can call US and Canada both unlimited.

Magicjack International Calling Rates

You can call free to USA and Canada however with magicjack plus you can call any where in the world but you will be charged per minute for this service. We are giving you rates for some countries. For example the rates for calling Mexico is $0.0900 per minute on most of telephone lines to Mexico. Some other rates are as follows El Salvador Magic calling rate is $0.2500, Guatemala $0.1400, PHILIPPINES majicjack plus rates are$0.1800, Honduras $0.1800, Korea $0.0250, China $0.0200, Brazil $0.0500, Ecuador $0.1400, India $0.0500

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