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O2 Pay As You Go

o2 pay as you go

O2 is one of the largest telecom company in the United Kingdom UK and also sponsors or O2 Arena. Main services of O2 are telecommunications and O2 broadband and O2 pay & go or pay and go. Also O2 provide cellular services on 2G , 3G and in the last quarter of 2009 it also proved and demonstrated 4G connection. It is predicted that its O2 mobile broadband services will be offered with a 1Gps speed in near future.

As of now if you want to go for a contract with O2 UK they offer and 18 month or 24 month contract and they will also give you a new phone if you go in contract with O2. If you want SIM only then you can do go for just a month or 12 month of contract with O2. This is when you are happy with your old cellular mobile phone and don’t want a new mobile set.

The rates are also different for example if you purchase a 1 month sim only plan with O2 for 600 minute you would have to pay £20.50. If you are on a 12 month SIM only plan then its £15.50. If you are on 900 minutes and 12 month SIM only plan then its £20.50 and for one month its £26.00. If you are on 1200 minutes and 12 month SIM only plan then its £26.00 and for one month its £31.00 . If you are on unlimited minutes plan with O2 and 12 month SIM only plan then its £41.00 and for one month its £46.00. This was just to give you idea of the rates they offer.

These were the rates for sim only . The rates if you take a phone with your contract are different from this and are around 1.5 times of these rates and plus of course a 18 month or 24 month contract term.

Recently O2 has also introduced a package called as “International Favorites” to cater the immigrant community . If you add on this package to your existing package you will be able to call the countries mentioned here. You can just call for 3000 minute to any 3 numbers of your choice to these countries

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Canada*, Chile, China*, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong*, Hungary, Iceland, India*, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico*, Reunion, Romania, Russia, Singapore*, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States*, Venezuela

As a marketing campaign and to get more customers O2 has re branded Millennium Dome and its name have been changed to O2 Arena now. O2 customers get the priority tickets to O2 arena and they can purchase it 48 hours in advance before it is available to general UK public. Another venture of O2 is to contribution to O2 angels

Also for further penetration in UK marketing O2 has become a partner of Academy Music Group and Live Nation and O2 customers get priority tickets to these events too.

O2 UK also offer No monthly contract, and the freedom to change your allowance every 30 days. This service is called Simplicity pay & go. For this you need to give them some top up amount and you will be given some minutes to be used. When the minutes are finished you again have to recharge you O2 Pay & go or O2 pay as you go. Currently minimum top up amount for O2 is 10 pounds. There is another package for O2 top up or O2 pay and go customers for £15 and over. In this amount they can call unlimited from O2 to O2 and also send unlimited texts from O2 to O2.

If you have owns a blackberry device and want O2 top up or pay as you go then here is the deal for you £15 – £29 for 500 free UK texts and 500MB web browsing + BlackBerry email. Another and yet a better package for blackberry on O2 is £30+ Unlimited free UK texts and 500MB web browsing + BlackBerry email

O2 also offers home broadband and mobile broadband which will beyond the scope of this article.

Wind Mobile

Wind Mobile is the probably the fastest growing mobile company in Canada. For the time being it only serves some big cities through out Canada. The cities it servers are Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, Richmond Hill and all other areas inside greater Toronto Area. The point of selling of Wind mobile right now is not its quality but its the cheap cellular phone packages it offers to its customers.

Other than Toronto Wind mobile phone company also servers Edmonton , Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Wind Phone will soon expand to other major cities. There are some pros and cons if you purchase Wind as with any other company. Major benefit is the cost which is specially welcomed by students and low income Canadians. The major drawback or cons are that Wind mobile will only work in major metros and if you just move outside the city you will be taken to roaming to other networks like rogers and roaming cost can vary but usually its 25 cents per minute which is quite a bit. If you go to the United states they you would get T-Mobile roaming which also cost about the same 25 cents per minute.

Wind Mobile also have no contract or pay as you go plans . If you take a 2 year or 3 year plan the major benefit would be that you would get a cellular phone set at a very cheap price however if you don’t want to stick with one company than wind no contract is with you . In that case you can only take the sim from wind or either purchase a cell phone set from them after paying them in full for the mobile phone. Day by day wind cellular company is expanding its coverage to other countries and increasing its signal strength in the cities where it already have a network.

The purpose of this good signal strength is that if you have a good signal strength than your phone might work in basements some times and inside shopping malls. and other places like elevators of multistory buildings. As the Wind Phone coverage is expanding day by day so it is not wise to give a map here in this article because who knows the wind mobile coverage expands in a rapid manner in next six months. Right now the prepaid cell phones wind mobile is offering are Google Nexus S, Nokia C5-04, Nokia C7, Samsung C414, Huawei U1250, Huawei U3200, Samsung Gravity 2, Nokia 5230, Huawei U8100, LG dLite, Alcatel Tribe with Android, BlackBerry BoldTM 9780, WINDspeed data stick E1691, Motorola XT720, BlackBerry Pearl 3G, WINDspeed data stick E181, BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Maple, BlackBerry Curve 3G, Huawei U7519.

Iridium Satellite Phone

Iridium is one of largest satellite phone company in terms of subscribers. Hundred of thousand people uses iridium bases phones . However it must be kept in mind that if you purchase a iridium bases phone you would only be able to use it with with iridium based services. The models for satellite phones used are as below Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone is the ultimate in trusted. Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone, Iridium 9505A US Satellite Phone, Beam RemoteSAT – RST100, Beam TranSAT (Fixed) RST620, ASE ComCenter II Series, Aircell ST 3100, Beam SatRADIO (Portable) – RST825, Beam RapidSAT (Portable) – RST625

The best part of using these sort of phones are that you can even use it on while you are cruising and also while you are taking a chartered flight. All major routes of the world are covered by iridium. The coverage map can be found here on their website. This map not only cover the air route coverage map but also the other coverage maps which are covered . The site is here .

The industries where satellite phones are needed most are Adventure Travel, Aviation, Emergency, Government, Heavy Industry, Maritime, Military, Transportation. Also following are the services which are most commonly provided by satellite phones and its providers Phones, Iridium OpenPort, Modems & Modules, Voice Services, Data Services, LRIT Tracking and Monitoring, Personal Locator Beacons, Accessories, Docking Stations. Also here are the most common applications of Satellite phones Asset Tracking, Automation & Control, Crew Calling, Email, Encryption, Fleet Management, Monitoring, Netted Communications, Personnel Tracking, Safety Services.

Iridium claims that their service is most reliable and around a staff of 400 persons monitor the traffic and quality of traffic every moment in order to avoid any problem in service. They also claim that their network is very reliable and the coverage stretches far all over the globe and they outperform their competitors. However you must also read third party reviews before you finally make your purchase as once you purchase the phone you are almost stuck with that service provider.

china mobile 中国移动通信

China Mobile (中国移动通信) in Chinese with the subscriber base of around 600 million is probably the biggest Mobile phone provider company in China. Most of shares of China mobile is owned by the Chinese Government and so is the most of market in China. Currently China mobile uses these technologies GSM, GPRS, EDGE, TD-SCDMA, TD-HSDPA, TD-LTE. Some other mobile phone telecom companies in China are China Netcom, China Telecom, C cont., China Unicom, G’Five, Panda Electronics and some other .

Subscribers of China mobile are all around mainland China but it is specially dominated the rural markets of China as it has a huge network and is superior coverage enables it cover most part of the country which helps this company to offers its services even to the remote areas where other operators does not offer services yet.

From a tourist point of view if you are visiting China and needs to have a cell phone there with a Chinese number to be easily accessible by the people there you need to purchase the SIM. One thing here specially from a tourist to China perspective is that you have to enable international calling service if you are using China mobile. For this you have to physically go to there customer services center and give them a deposit and they will then enable International dialing service enable on you mobile or cellular phone.

The dialing Code of mainland China is 86 while for other territories 852 is for Hong Kong and 853 for Macau and 886 is for Taiwan. Smaller to mid level cities and towns in china usually have a 7 digit dialing code while the bigger cities like Shanghai, Beijing and other bigger cities usually have a 8 digit code. So check the site of China mobile before you travel to china and see if they have good offers and if you can take your GSM phone with you it will most like work their just by inserting you new China Mobile sim in your handset.

You can even find mobile phone booths at all of the major airports in China as there are lot of tourists and travelers who prefer to get a SIM immediately as soon as they land so that they can immediately be in touch by their loved ones. China mobile not only operates in China but have invested in some other countries too with other names. This has enable this mobile phone company to grow its customer based because as far as China is concerned it has already reached it maximum mobile penetration within its population and even rural Chinese have cellular phones with them.


Always Win Optus or Optus Always Win

Always win Optus is a prize program which is being introduced by Optus which is the second largest telecom company in Australia. Full name of this company is SingTel Optus Pty Limited. The specialty of this that when ever you purchase a prepaid card of thirty (30) dollar you will win a prize. Each time you win a prize. Optus has made a special website for this program .

The website address of this site is an Australian domain ending in .au. The website and URL providing details of this program is au ( The prizes are many and when you purchase $30 optus prepaid you end up getting 30 entries in the draw which increase your chances 30 times to get

The way is that when the optus prepaid customers will put a balance of 30 dollars prepaid in their cellular phones they will get a sms from optus in which there will be a code mentioned. This optus code they have to enter on the website mentioned above and they will be eligible to win the prize.

Optus not only provide the cellular services but this is a big organization also providing other telecommunication related services like high speed or broadband internet. Also optus provides packages for home phones and internet via satellite.

Optus has huge network in Australia and has grown significantly over the years. Other then taking mobile phone from optus you can also have dial up, Mobile broadband plans if you are a frequent traveler. If you don’t want to go into any sort of contract then you can sign up with optus month to month broadband plan. This way you can avoid any long term contract.

However if you want good cellular phones you have to either purchase your own or go into a long term contract of like 2-3 year to get latest phones like iphone 4 from optus or other phones.. Also also provide Digital TV service and you can choose package of your own choice according to your taste of TV channels.

So to cut short this always win optus or optus always win is a good program and a motivator of people who are already optus users to enter in a lucky draw . There are millions of prizes ranging from smaller ones to bigger ones like return tickets to other countries for tourism , Ipods , Iphones, About Optus Iphone 4S, and other electronic gadgets.

Satellite Phone

Satellite phone is a terminal device acts like a normal mobile or cellular phone. Satellite phones unlike normal cellular phones does not connect to a tower . They connect to satellites orbiting around the earth. Satellite phone are useful in a sense that they are connected directly to the satellites and thus transmission cannot be monitored by local authorities.

Satellite cell phones can there fore be used some times by criminals but most of the time they have positive usage. For example if you are are going on a cruise ship where you have no communication device with you you can rent a satellite phone for few days and take it with you on board. If you are going to a remote place or a war zone where there is no service then again you can take satellite phones with you and can be in contact and can use them in emergency. So satellite phones are used in emergency most of the times. Internet can also be accessed via satellite phones but the bandwidth is usually slow but still it is at least you can use it.

Satellite set phones are usually costly and can cost thousands of dollars and their market price keep on varying according to the service provider quality. Satellite phones can either provide service by using Geosynchronous satellites which are satellites around 33000 kms away from earth and usually used for television channels. They appear to be stationary from earth. Some satellite phones use Low Earth orbit Satellites for their transmission. which will enable them to be used even on north and south poles and some other directions. Major companies which provide Satellite cellular phone service are Globalstar Satellite phone, Thuraya Satellite Phone, At&t Satellite Phone, Inmarsat Satellite Phone, Iridium Satellite Phone.

The cost of satellite phone service is usually around 1 dollar to 2 dollar and keeps on varying from company to company. Each provider of Satellite phone manufactures phones just for itself and you cannot switch services if you purchase a satellite phone. So you have to stick with the same company. Satellite phone service quality is different from company to company. Most of the time people will not purchase Satellite sets and will just rent them because they only need them for some time. Local cell phone networks can be destroyed by power failures and natural disasters but if you have a satellite phone you get the signal all the times. There are many companies who do the service of satellite phone rentals on temporary basis monthly , daily or yearly or on contract basis. So before purchasing or renting you must consider cost of Satellite phone, Service provider quality of services and their terms of service.

The countries where satellite phone is most ofter used are the countries with huge size and having coverage of cell phones restricted in only some areas. For the remote areas people have no other choice to used phone via satellites in case of emergencies. The countries include Australia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Russia and China. As these countries Russia, China, America, Canada, Brazil are huge in size so the some areas are only covered by Satellite phones. Also the poles including and sea satellite phones are used widely.

Australia Web Hosting

Australia Web Hosting    (by Australia Directory)

For websites with most of customer base in Australia it is sometimes a concern that where they should host their sites in Australia or another country. As far as hosting in Australia is concerned many of the companies have emerged which are giving good services which meet international standards. Only concern for companies who want Australia web hosting that they think that the prices of local Aussie based web hosts are more as compare to their counterparts in US , UK or any other country.
Australia web hosting is a have a special advantages and is a good idea for Australian business as you will feel more secure that you are dealing with a local company and each time your customer from Australia tries to access your website within Australia its not going to come from overseas but from within Australia which will result in the site to load faster and it will be more efficient. Australian hosts are also reliable as the country is a first world country and with a good infrastructure. So if you own a business in Australia and good for a good Australian Web host than you are at the right track .
Other factors you should see while choosing a good and cheap hosting company in Australia is that the company you are choosing should be giving you customer services 24 hours a day every hour. This can be especially beneficial if you do your maintenance during weekend time or night time which are usually not very busy and you might end up losing less business. So Aussie webhost are now quickly coming up and meeting international standards so that businesses in Australia does not have to look to other countries for even this simple type of service like Web hosting, cloud computing and other. Australia web hosting is especially best if your target audience of visitors to your websites are Aussie companies.


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