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Dell Laptop Battery

For the owners of Laptops it is always a constant headache that sooner of later the battery of their notebook is going to die and will keep on deteriorating. It happens actually that with the passage of time the battery life decreases and you get to a point where your laptop will need to be plugged in all the time in order to keep it running. At that point the battery will not be able to withhold the charge even for a minute. Here we would give you few tips and hints about extending life of your notebook. Here are the things you can do to extend or increase the lifespan of your laptop computer.

A. Never Charge your notebook battery to its fullest . The least you charge the more life it have.

B. Also when you shut down your notebook and store it for example at the end of working day try that it is minimally charged.

C. Also make sure that you are using the original dell or other vendor charger recommended by that vendor other wise you can blow out your battery and ruin it. Also you have to carefully read the input voltage of your charger while you are traveling to another country because some countries have different Voltage than USA/Canada for example in UK they use 220 Volts. So if you would plug in your laptop their either your charger will burn or it will harm your computer or your battery.

D. Slow charging is also getting importance although it may irritate some people that their laptop is taking too long to charge but some times fast charging can burn your battery too. Although as a ordinary laptop user you can do nothing to decrease or increase the speed of charging.

E. While purchasing a customized Dell laptop always look for a battery with more cells and Lithium Ion or LI or LIB. Also Lithium Ion batteries are light weight batteries as compared to other batteries. Also for your safety make sure Lithium-ion batteries can ignite and rupture and can explode when temperature rises too high so make sure that your laptop is well ventilated and have some space below so that its fans can exhaust the hot air out of the notebook. Other types of batteries are Potassium-ion battery, Nanowire battery

F. High Temperature is battery life killer. As explained earlier if your laptop gets too hot its battery life will degrade quickly

These were the steps you can take in order to increase and extend the life of your rechargeable batteries. But even you take all these precautions there is a life associated with rechargeable batteries. Once you lose your battery than you have to purchase it from some where. For example your battery is dead after 3-4 years of your laptop purchase. There is a good chance that the vendor have stopped the manufacture of that particular model. So you have to ask your local dell dealer or if you have have laptop of Sony or Acer on any other vendor you can ask your local dealer but there is a very good chance that their price will be high. Some times in the range of couple of hundred dollars which can obviously make you think that why are you changing your battery because after that 3-4 years you laptop might cost 3-4 hundred dollars . For dell laptop battery or any other notebook battery we recommend that you go online and look for the Laptop battery deals on websites . You have to take out the battery from your machine and read out the model number of battery because some times more than one laptop models can have same battery. So you have to look explicitly to that model no. After you are sure of the model number you can google it and then look it for online. For dell batteries or other computer battery you can also go to amazon , ebay or other relevant sites. Ebay would be better because it is a universal site and there will be sellers on there from all over the world and you can get a real good deal. For Dell Laptop battery replacement you will again have to keep in mind that there are many types of batteries even for one model like 6 cell , 9 cell . The more cells it have the more better will it be for you as they will can run your machine for a longer period of time.

For models which are really well selling in the market it is also worth giving a try to your local computer parts store and look for that particular thing there. Although it is very difficult that small store will carry the spare Dell batteries because if they dont sell the batteries within time it will die no matter if they are used or not.

Now some further suggestion are that always try to use voltage stabilizer before your AC adapter which will save you notebook AC adapter and battery or dell batteries of electric shocks. If you get car laptop battery charger for your machine it should be made by a reputable company so that it can provide a stable voltage. If you are looking for battery replacement for your Laptop always go to you local vendor first but it there is a substantial difference in price between vendor and internet vendor than it is worth trying the web. Dell Lithium batteries are lighter that other non Lithium batteries so consider LI ION batteries for dell Notebook as a laptop battery replacement because of their light weight (after all you purchased your notebook for the reason that it was light weight and portable. ).

For other Dell Laptop spare parts and cheap dell accessories or battery warehouse or whole sale you can also visit the internet. Some of names of Dell latest model nos are here

Dell Inspiron 1521, Dell Inspiron 1720, Dell Inspiron 1420, Dell Inspiron 1520, Dell XPS M1330, Dell Latitude XT, Dell Latitude D631, Dell Latitude D531, Dell Latitude D830, Dell Latitude D630, Dell Latitude ATG D620, Dell Streak , Dell Precision M4500, Dell Vostro 3500, Dell Vostro 3400, Dell Vostro 3300, Dell Latitude Z, Dell Latitude E4310, Dell Vostro 1015, Dell Vostro 1014, Dell Vostro V13, Dell Latitude 13, Dell Latitude E6510, Dell Latitude E6410, Dell Inspiron 15z, Dell Inspiron 14z, Dell Vostro A860, Dell Latitude E5500, Dell Inspiron 11z, Dell Latitude 2100, Dell Inspiron 17, Dell Inspiron 14, Dell Studio 14z, Dell Vostro A90, Dell Inspiron Mini 10v, Dell Vostro 1720, Dell Vostro 1520, Dell Vostro 1320 battery replacement , Dell Latitude E6400 XFR, Dell Latitude XT2, Dell Mobile Precision M6400, Dell Inspiron Mini 10, Dell Studio XPS 16, Dell Studio XPS 13, Dell Inspiron 15, Dell Adamo, Dell Precision M2400, Dell Studio 14, Dell Inspiron 1545, Dell Mobile Precision M4400, Dell Precision M2300, Dell Inspiron Mini 12, Dell Inspiron Mini 9, Dell Inspiron 1526, Dell Latitude E5400, Dell Vostro 2510, Dell Inspiron 13, Dell Studio 17, Dell Studio 15, Dell Vostro 1710, Dell Vostro 1510, Dell Vostro 1310, Dell Latitude E4300, Dell Latitude E4200, Dell Latitude E6400, Dell Latitude E6500, Dell Augmentix XTG630, Dell Inspiron 1525, Dell Inspiron 1525, Dell XPS M1530 battery, Dell XPS One, Dell Latitude D530, Dell Precision M6300, Dell XPS M1730, Dell Latitude C400, Dell Vostro 1700, Dell Vostro 1500, Dell Vostro 1400, Dell Vostro 1000, Dell Precision M4300, Dell Latitude D430, Dell Inspiron 1721 .

Choosing High Speed Internet Service

You might have have heard of this phrase probably thousands of times but this is true that the world is a Global Village now a days and news spread by the speed of light. If some event occurs any where in the world , within few seconds of its occurrence people on the other side of the globe know of it. Few years ago when this all so called global village thing started most of the users were using internet via a dial up method.

Dial up means that you have to connect your telephone line with a dial up modem which is connected to a PC. Then you dial a particular number which you ISP (Internet Service Provider) have provided you with. On the ISP end they have all the equipment which accepts your call and you are connected. In those days ISPs usually had internet connections via Satellites or Fiber optics etc.

As you have to use modem and telephone cable for this sort of connection there was the problem of speed. Usually dial up connections are very slow and a typical speed is like 56 K per seconds. Then became the famous ISDN and typical speeds were like 128 K . With dial ups there were frequent disconnects in the connection. Mean while the demand from the people increased competition among ISP comanies and they keep on racing for faster connections and more better connections and speeds to get better internet speed.

We than approach in this era where Broad band users are more in no. than dial up users(at least we can say it for sure in developed countries).
Most of the people in North America and Europe, Australia , Japan etc use cable internet or DSL internet . The major advantage if this is tremendous speeds like 10 Mb/Sec and plus your phone line is not busy.

So the liberty is that you can be online for 24 hours a day as your internet is no longer dependent on the phone line. In developed countries there is a lot of competition amongst Internet Service Provider companies and they offer various packages and cheap internet services to win more and more customers. This market is actually pretty lucrative so that’s why we see that the big giants companies invest in ISP services.

Also many time the ISPs also provide cable tv services and Mobile phone services and there is a good chance that if you can grab a customer that use one
of your service you can recruit that client to use more of your services by offering him bundle packages and some discounts. Broadband internet service now a days is not a luxury it is a norm now a days.

There are still places available like faraway places with no company offering their internet or broadband services there and people there use Satellite internet to get the speed they desire. Broad band internet services are also reshaping regular telephone service and people are using services like Vonage , Skype and many more which are connected via internet and you can dial all around the world at fraction of cost of regular telephone.

Here are few thing you must look before choosing or comparing your internet services provider. Look at your usage like if you are using VOIP phones you have to look for a faster Internet services provider because your voice have to go over web. They comes the issue of economy . You can compare the list of various companies which provide internet services in your area. Then you can look at their packages , bandwidth allowance per month, download speeds, upload speeds, reliability, customer support and other things before you finally do a contract with your broadband service provider.

It is advisable that you dont go in contract because these providers some times offers amazing deals and if you are already on a contract then you cannot avail the opportunity.


Note* : Original Article was in English is here and it have been translated to Spanish using computer bases tools for the sake of readers who cannot understand English.

Verizon, los planes individuales, planes familiares, planes de prepago, planes de banda ancha móvil

Verizon Wireless es el proveedor de celulares más grande de teléfono en EE.UU.. La propiedad de Verizon Verizon Communications (55 por ciento) y Vodafone (45 por ciento). Verizon red de redes es tal vez el más difundido en todo Estados Unidos y la cobertura es muy buena en comparación con los pequeños proveedores de servicios inalámbricos.

Empresa de telefonía de Verizon sigue ofreciendo nuevos paquetes y promociones con el fin de atraer a la gente y ampliar su clientela y por lo tanto, sigue dando nuevas ofertas y tarifas de cambio, pero las tasas de llamadas inalámbricas que se mencionan a continuación fueron en 2011 junio Verizon Wireless ha introducido muchos planes de llamadas con el fin de abastecer los mercados y una amplia gama de personas de negocios e individuales y familias, incluso.

Si usted está en el plan individual de Verizon por lo que recibirá minutos ilimitados en cualquier momento en cerca de 70 $. Esto significa que usted es libre de utilizar su teléfono celular y nunca tiene que preocuparse por minuto. Este paquete es adecuado para las personas que tienen un alto uso de teléfonos celulares Verizon y no quieren a sí mismos cargos por los minutos adicionales, e incluso no tiene que preocuparse por su cuota de uso o cualquier cosa así.

Si su uso del teléfono celular es limitado, entonces probablemente 450 planes de minutos es la mejor opción para usted. Con este plan de Verizon obtendrá 450 minutos. También se le cobrará 45 centavos por minuto si se va más allá de su límite de 450 minutos al mes. Así que si usted está seguro de que no superaría 450 minutos ir a este plan de telefonía móvil. Luego, en la categoría de plan individual que venga un plan que tiene 900 minutos. Otra especialidad de este plan es que usted puede agregar sus 5 amigos y miembros de la familia a la que si se conecta con su cuota de minutos mensuales no utilizados.

En este plan si usted superar los 900 minutos que se le paga 40 centavos de dólar por cada minuto extra que consume. Dentro de los planes de la familia a obtener 700 minutos por $ 70 y 1.400 minutos por 90 dólares y 2,000 minutos por 100 dólares. Más sobre como se trata de un paquete familiar que Verizon obvisously que quieren algo más que un gusto. Así, por cinco líneas en las que tendrá que pagar 30 dólares adicionales y 4 líneas por 20 dólares. Dos líneas están incluidas en este plan familiar de Verizon.

Verizon también ofrece algunos baratos y atractivos planes de banda ancha móvil 3G para sus clientes. Con los honorarios de 20 dólares el acceso mensual obtendrá 1 GB (Giga Byte) de la asignación de transferencia de datos. Con 35 GB de transferencia de datos se convertirá en 3GB y con $ 80 que será de 10 GB. El plan de $ 80 también es compatible con portátiles 3G, puntos de acceso móviles y Tablet PC que soporte 3G. Para banda ancha móvil 4G Planes de las tarifas de acceso al sistema suele ser el mismo como 3G.

Para los teléfonos inteligentes de Verizon ofrece un subsidio de 2 GB de datos con una cuota mensual de $ 20. Para módems 3G USB de la cuota mensual es de $ 80 y el límite de transferencia de datos es de 5 GB. PC 3 GB comprimidos para un cuota mensual de 20 $ obtendrá 1 GB de transferencia de datos. Verizon por $ 80 se le da un límite de 10 GB de transferencia de datos.

Business Web Hosting

In this era of technology when even a child of age 2 years have started to use smart phones and have started to play games. School going children usually have a good idea what internet is and they even get assignments from their teachers on how to use the web to learn and explore things and how to find useful sites and how to use the search engines to extract data and find useful information they are looking for.

Business have thus realized quickly that they cannot survive without a very good working website which could aid in getting them more business. Business are even going beyond this approach and using various tools to market their site. Instead of sending paper brochures which could take thousands of dollars in printing and then thousands more in mailing or distributing them they have realized that the newsletters are the way to go so they now send you newsletters of their latest deals via email if you are sign up for that. Also they show their best deals on their websites.

So the conclusion is that a good business will need a good website if it is to keep up with its competitors. Once they are done with their website then comes the problem of hosting this site. The main problem in choosing a hosting company is the reliability. It is difficult to find a reliable hosting company because every other company will claim that they are very good company and they are reliable and their servers are the fastest and so on and so forth. The main thing you should consider before finding your host company are many but we are discussing a few here
First thing is to find out if they have a power back available in case of complete power outage because this happens you will be left with no other option other than to scratch your head and curse your decision. Also you must know the Geographical area from where your potential visitors of your website are coming. You should try your best to host your site nearest to the location your most visitors are coming from .

To give you an example let suppose most of your clients or website visitors will be from United Kingdom or UK. In our opinion you must give preference to a UK Hosting company which can turn out to be SEO hosting because site is fast. Reason for this UK host preference is that the internet data takes some times to come from the web server if they are far away. Data have to pass through different routes and routers before it finally appear at your screen. If you are with a UK hosting company and you are visiting website from within UK (United kingdom) chances are that the route will be a shorter one and the page would be loaded at lightning speed.

This would give your client a good experience and they don’t have to keep on waiting after they click on any page of your site. So instead of going for fastest web host claims you must go to nearest web host thing. They obviously comes other factors like reliable hosting, hack free hosting and many other factors for your business web hosting.

Best Web Hosting

With growing number of Web hosts now and their claims that their network up time is 100% and they are cheapest and the best web hosting companies around. Most of them would also claim that they are very reliable company and their servers are secure and virus free and a hacker will never be able to get inside their system. Most of them will also claim that they take their clients back ups on regular basis so that this backup can be provided in case the client can get it in case of data loss or a virus attack.

Their are also many types of customers like some will prefer cheap hosting or cheapest hosting. Before the hosting decision also consult various internet resources and forums like so that the process of host selection can be easier. Some people have websites which are very important for their business and the website is like a life line for these businesses and they cannot afford that their website is down even for 1 minute. These sort of clients would rather choose good web hosting company rather then inexpensive hosting companies. They would prefer a organization which have reliable servers with powerful processors and good data centers.

Some of the webhosts also have multiple data-centers so that they can switch the data center in case one is down. In order to make things clear imagine a place where a storm or earthquake then that places would be evacuated . So if you are hosting your website with data center in that place your data center will definitely go down. So in that case the companies with multiple data centers will be able to keep their site up even in the case of emergencies.

So your webhost must have multiple places to serve you on different geographical locations with distinct locations for example one on Ease coast and the other one on West coast . This would make hosting very safe in case of emergencies.

The thing is that if the host is providing outclass and tremendous services like multiple data center than it is a very good thing for you. Also if you are looking for Cheap Web Hosting you must do your detailed research and for this purpose you can go to the websites which give you hosting reviews. There are many of them and some of them do provide real hosting reviews too. If you are looking for Dedicated hosting then you tasks becomes quite easy because mostly the bigger companies use Dedicated hosting services in which they purchase a dedicated server .

You can call one of their client webmaster and he will give you a fair review which will be helpful to you. Also the cloud hosting is becoming popular these days and also the VPS (Virtual Private Sharing) hosting . In VPS hosting you hosting company will make multiple hosting packages in one server to give you some dedicated resources . If you are planning to take a VPS package then make sure that your host is a real good one and does not oversell its packages. For example you can ask you host VPS to server ratio.

This will give you an idea that how many VPS packages are on your server and how much dedicated computing power you will have at your disposal.

Also if you are a less serious website and you site will not be used for commercial purposes than you can also choose a Free web hosting companies. Their are some companies which do offer free hosting too.
So here are the thing in short which you should consider before you choose hosting organization
1. Host is reliable.
2. Hosting company is secure
3. Web Host provides back up and can restore it when ever you need it.
4. Web hosting is the cheapest in terms of rates and superior in terms of providing the services.
5. For personal site you can choose a free hosting company. There are plenty out there too.

This article is available in other languages . German Version Die besten Web-Hosting. Original Article was in English and it have been translated to German using computer bases tools so readers who do not understand English can also read and understand it.

Acer laptops

Acer laptops

Acer is a multinational computer and electronics making company and it makes and manufactures Notebooks, PCS, Servers, Monitors and other computer related things. Acer started from Taiwan but it is now a multinational organization have offices in almost all continents. Acer are amongst leading Laptops manufacturers and its notebooks and laptops are gaining popularity due to their versatile qualities like light weights, small size, travel friendly qualities and fast and reliable hardware of which gamers are in desperate need any time. Acer laptops are of very good quality and the company keeps on introducing new models all the time. As a consumer one have to make sure that he is purchasing the latest laptop. Other laptop qualities varies according to you need like if you are a frequent traveler you might be interested in a notebook which is light weight and handy and has got very good battery life. Also if you travel to other continents like Europe you have to make sure that you charger also runs on 220 Voltage and also on 110 Volts.
Acer laptops are amongst the most lightwave laptops in the laptop selection. So if you think laptop the Acer brand immediately comes in mind. If you are a curious and frequent gamer then you must go with a high and expensive configuration laptop which obviously have lots and tons of latest RAM and a latest processor with a very good VGA card to support demanding game graphics. So if you think of small laptop, new laptop and light weight laptop and smallest laptop then definitely go for Acer Laptops.

If you are a normal person using laptop from your home and some times for your office Acer have following options for you Tablet PC series, Acer Aspire series, Acer Aspire Timeline series,
, Acer Aspire Gemstone series, Acer Ferrari series etc . If you beleive that time is money or have good a good budget for laptop and use it for business and development then go for these series Acer TravelMate series, Acer Extensa series.

If you are planning to purchase your laptop from Acer Website then we suggest you to look for a coupon. Acer also have slightly different websites for different countries so make sure you go to the Acer specific website of your country. You will have the option to sort out the laptops like from display sizez etc. The most common display size Acer Laptops offers are Screen Size 15.6, 15.4, 14 , 17, 17.3, 12.1, 13.3, 11.6, 18.4. These all sizes are in inches when you measure your screen diagonally. The most common hard disk sizes Acer Laptops offer are HDD 320 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB, 160 GB 400 GB, 640 GB. Choose hard drive size according to your budget. We recommend that you choose a fast hard disk with your new laptops because this will result in a good performance specially for disk oriented tasks like installing new programs and other tasks. For the processor the major choices are Core 2 Duo, Pentium, Athlon X2, Turion II , Core i3, Core i7, Core 2 Solo, Turion 64 X2, Athlon II, Core i5, Turion X2 and others. As processor is one of the main component of your computer and main processing is done in it so make sure to select a good processor specially for Acer Gaming Laptops and notebooks.

There is also a AcerTravelMate series which is made specifically for the people who travel a lot . This has small screen or display and battery runs as long as 10 hours in some models and some battery types. This can give you flexibility while you travel and you would not need to charge your laptop as often.

Some of the major sites for Acer for different companies are here

Acer USA ( )
Acer Canada ( )
Acer Germany ( )
Acer France ( )
Acer Turkey ( )
Acer UK ( )
Acer Middle East ( )
Acer Australia ( )
Acer Indonesia ( )
Acer Japan ( )
Acer Malaysia ( )
Acer NewZealand ( )
Acer China ( )

Some Acer laptops are there only for specific markets so that might be the reason for different sites for different countries. Some time there is a different in price between laptop price between countries between different countries but still you have to order through your own country site as there is a difference in duties and taxes of each country and if you order through your local site for Acer Laptops your transaction will be hassle free.

Free Web Counter

Web traffic is very important especially for e commerce websites because if there is no traffic there is no sale. In order to boost sales the traffic needs to be increased. For increasing traffic webmasters and site owners have to know that how many people are coming to their websites. How many of them are unique ? How many visitors are recurring visitors and if you want to count visitor who are coming again or if you just want to count visitor once. Hit Web Counter is a Free web counter that can be used on a website to achieve this purpose of tracking visitors to the website.

You can track Web hits to your website. To track web stats just put the Free web counter code on your web sites . This counter can be used on any sort of website to keep track of your web statistics.

In order to keep track of your web traffic just put our code on your website. You can also select invisible counter.
If you do a case study of best e commerce internet websites like, eBay , CNN you will come to know that they do a very detailed research on their clients and how much clients they are getting with their marketing campaigns to know how successful are they in bringing visitors to their websites. You can also put invisible counter on your site. Web traffic tracking is also important in a sense because you can give results to your marketing people to let them know how well they are doing in marketing their business online and how well their business is doing. One can even put web traffic counter on every page to track the landing page where most people are coming and where you are getting your web traffic from.

This site is suitable for almost any sort of website as it have many variety of counters to choose from. There are also may styles and colors available from to choose from .


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