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Free Blog Counter

Blogs have become a very popular medium for individual user and people and even corporates to be in continuous contact with their friends and customers. The basic concept of a blog is like a personal diary where you would write your entries. You can keep it private and public too. Most of the blogs will also have option that the visitors have the option to comment on your posts or articles. So in this sense it is a very interesting thing and sort of interactive website where you can update your site visitors over the time so that they keep on coming back for fresh content unlike regular websites. offers Blog counter and Counter code for Blog so that the website or blog owners can embed that code in their website to keep track of their visitors. Blog owners can put this web hit counter or blogger counter on their website to keep track of visitors. The advantage is that you do not need any sort of sign up. You just paste this code in your blog and you are ready to go. This is true for almost all type of blog platforms for example for Wordpress Blogs you can edit you footer file and embed our code and the counter will start appearing under your page. This wordpress counter will start working immediately as you put the code in your page.

There are almost blogs on every fields now a days and many people who are expert in different domains of life on operate these blogs. Our traffic counter or stat counter can be put on every sort of blog and you are ready to go immediately. There are many styles in which our fancy counters are available in and you have many designs to choose from as you wordpress counter, counter blogspot or any other type of Blog. The web counters are free to use and Blog Counter code have to be put on your site on the page you want this counter to be working on.

So after all this effort of making a Blog the next step is Marketing your blog and for this purpose you can contribute on Social networks more actively and submit you blog to some old directories like DMOZ and also to the newly established directories like Sites Directory and Business Directory to name just a couple. There is a huge big list of them which can be found on internet. After all this effort and hard work the final step is to put a counter to keep track and Stats of Visitors to measure your success. All the blogs keep on updating and obviously all the owners of blog definitely want to keep a track on the number of visitors that are visiting their website. So they can track unique visitors and total visitors as there are both of the types available for our traffic hit counters. Blogs some times are further divided into categories for example a Blog that will just have videos can be called vlog. The blog that will just have photos can be called photolog but in broad terms they will all be called weblogs or Blogs.

Domain Registration

Domain registration is the first step one would take if you want to make your own website. This is the first and most crucial and important step. There are certain challenges you can face while this step for example the domain name which you think truly represents your business is already taken by somebody else. To give example of this for example you are a business owner of a firm ABC . Your obvious preference would be that you choose WWW.ABC.COM . Most of the times it would happen that WWW.ABC.COM is already taken. In this case you can consider alternate options. Now a days there are lots of options available and many top level domains extensions are available. Some of them are .info, .net, .us etc . So you can go for this option for domain name registration. There are some sites on web which give you domain name suggestions too. You can Google “Domain name suggestions” on Google to get a list of those sites which provide these services. On most of domain register companies they have the option where you can check that if the domain name you are thinking of registering is still available or is already gone.
So the first step is to make you mind clear that which domain you want and also check its availability. However now a days because there are some companies whose core business is that they register the domains for selling not for using so even if a domain is already registered you can use who is option to check the owner of domain and make them a offer to sell you that domain name. You can google “who is” to see the websites who provide whois services. There are many so this is quite easy.
Once the domain name is final in your mind then comes the step of getting cheap domain names or getting domains names for low prices. Again there are many companies in business and you have sort of unlimited choices but our advice would be to go with a well established local company. The reason for this is that we have heard some horror stories that the somebody transferred the domain name registered by another company illegally.
In order to avoid these complications we would advice you to register it with a local company. Remember that the domain name is your property and in order to make sure that you keep control of it we advice you to get a paper invoice from the Domain registrar which shows that you have paid for registration and which also means that you are the owner of domain.
Most domain registrats offers private domain name registration . This will prevent public to see you real information from who is information. The major advantage of this is that you will be protected of spam. After domain registration come the step of domain hosting or web hosting domain. For domain hosting you need to do a research on the good and quality hosting companies. This also requires some time as there are pros and cons of hosting companies. Our recommendation that the hosting company you choose must provide 24 hours telephonic support and must be reliable hosting company. If you are expecting your site to be a big hit and it will have a huge database then you can also consider purchasing dedicated server. Alternate option can be VPS (Virtual private sharing) and Shared hosting.
Usually start up site should go for Shared hosting . Shared hosting is quite cheap and you can again find a lot of companies offering these services. You can also ask you the company who you registered the domain with , because usually companies which provide domain registration services also offer domain hosting services. Also if your site is a personal site then you can consider free web hosting too. So web hosting domains can be free to in this case.
After you get the hosting setup you can point your Name server to point to the servers mentioned by your hosting provider. You can call your website hosting company and ask them for the name servers.

VoIp Phone Service

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VOIP have became very popular recent days. One of the reason that Voip phones is becoming so popular becuase more and more people have high bandwidth internet connection at their residences and offices. VOIP phone service uses internet to place calls. As the internet is very cheap so is the Voip phone service. There are many companies which provide VOIP services these days.
With VoIP technology voice which is analogue converted into the digital packets and then the data is transmitted to the internet. These packets are again converted to analogue when reach the destination .
There are some pros and cons of using VoIP
Benifits are that you can get any phone number of any area code. This is a big benefit if you change your home . Your number would remain the same and your clients or people who want to contact you would not even notice that you have changed the place. This is not limited to one country. Even if you go outside the country you can use the same phone number. The other advantage of using VoIP phone service is that it is usually very cheap compared to the ordinary phone. Usually VoIp providers provide unlimited long distance calls for a fixed monthly fee. Some VoIP providers also provides Business VoIP services. This Business VoIP services means that they include a lot more facilities like 3 way conferencing , call forwarding and even unlimited calls to other countries. For commercial businesses VoIP providers also give Fax services Via internet. So for this reason that VoIp is very cheap compared to ordinary land line people are moving to it.
The major disadvantage of using VoIP is the quality. Specially for business people sometimes this can create more problems if the quality of call or voice is not up to the standard or the clarity of voice is suffering due to reasons like loss of packets, low internet speed, Latency. As data travels in packets over the internet so it depends upon the distance and routers speed . So sometimes if a packet is coming from far places and routes have distortion it can significantly effect quality of voice and call. The other major disadvantage of using VoIP is that suppose your internet is down for some reason so will be your phone as the phone was depending on the internet for calls.
Ohter disadvantages are that usually Voip companies does not have physical presence in your town or area so in case of minor problems you are at your own. So this is not suggested for people who are very nontechnical or who does not even want to plug a wire in socket.
Free VoIP service is also becoming popular these days but company give you free VoIp for few months if you sign a contract with them for 1 or 2 year. Also one thing you should immediately do after you take up a Voice over IP service is that make sure they give you 911 service in case of emergency. Most of them do it free of charge. Make sure that you keep your address update at all time so if you dial 911 in case of emergency. If you think that you need emergency services more frequently then we think that VOIP phones or SIP voip internet phone service is not a good option for you as you will be unable to use it in case of emergency even if the internet is down or you cable modem is not working in case of power failure which most of the times occurs in case of emergencies.
Before you sign up to any Voice over Ip phone service provider do a thourough research . Reason is that the Voip system companies usually ask you for a long term contract. Also in most of cases you have to buy special VoIP adapters and it would be difficult to change the provider once you sign up with one. The major thing you should consider is the quality of service that company offers as this is the major issue with all voip providers. Service is the major issue. The next thing to consider is the voip packages these companies are offering specially if you call long distance or overseas . So consider and see the rate sheet of that particular voip provider before you go with them in a contract. Also before choosing voip phone service consider how many free minutes they are offering you and what time of day they are giving or if they are all time minutes.

How To Make A Website

How To Make A Website and Host a Website and select web hosting company

In this tutorial we would guide you how you can make a website from scratch and choose a good website hosting company. This making html webpage tutorial is for people who dont have much knowledge on how to make website or who want to learn easy process of Creating website and who have yet to choose a reliable web-hosting company. If you want to make website or Create Website you have to do following. Also we want to thank to for helping us in editing this article

1. You must make your mind and define your goals or purposes that you want to achieve by building website. You have to think about the purpose you want to make website for. Either the website is commercial or if its a personal website. Commercial websites are usually complex and even more knowledge is required if you want to make a ecommerce website where you also want also to accept credit cards, other payments, keep track of visitor orders and compelling enough so that the user or client can be convinced and he can purchase online. This tutorial are for those people or businesses who want to make a basic website and hosting on a good webpage hosting company. There are some businesses whose purpose of building websites are just to make there presence online but they dont want to sell any thing online . If you want this type of website which is not complex then your easiest and safest way will be to make a Make a website by using HTML. HTML sites are simple to build and usually require few days to build.

2. Before creating a website and after you are clear with the purpose of your website and if you think it will be a simple site then you can design a website. Simple tools are Adobe photoshop or Front page. You can also find free products to design websites from the web.

3. If you want to completely avoid this thing of designing or creating website then you can purchase free templates from some internet. Usually these templates are available from a price range of 5$ to 100$ + for really good designs. Before you decide you should keep in mind that the templates you will use after purchasing from these sites are usually not unique (ie they will not be unique). If you want a customized template or design then you have to hire a web designer or find a freelancer.

4. Also now a days many webhosts have included this as part of there services that they have many predesigned website templates that can be used by the people who using hosting services of their company. This wasy is the most rapid and easiest way for designing and launching a website. This was you website would be ready in minutes. There will be a wizard from where you have to make certain selections . You will have an option to select from various templates. Most of the time they have many templates that are suitable for many broad categories of websites.

5. If your website is a BLOG or sort of BLOG then you can consider using word press. Wordpress websites are also easy to build but require some advanced knowledge of web development and MYSQL database.

6. Any way after you develop you website the next step for you will be to choose webhosting companies. There are many hosting or web site Hosting companies offering good and excellent services. However we recommend you that you read reviews from different wesbsites before you decide you hosting company. Deciding your webhosting company is a crucial decision because if their service is not reliable you site can go online too. Moreover some webhosts are not even secure and are frequently attacked by hackers in which case you will obviously suffer as you data will be hosted on their servers. Check that you webhosting company have 24/7 support and they can help you any time.

7. Register a domain . Domain names are unique names and the name your site will be unique. Before doing this keep in mind that this name is relevant to your site topic and is easy to remember. This will have impact later as more people will repeatedly come to your site if they remember name of your website.

8. Making site alive will need a piece of FTP(File Transfer Protocol) Software. There are many available for free like Filezilla, CuteFTP etc. Some hosting companies however have the option of uploading files without using any FTP software. So consult your webhosting company before uploading your website.

Keep in mind the above points and your ready to go.

This article is available in other languages . Japenese Version ホームページを作る. Original Article was in English and it have been translated to Japane using computer bases tools so readers who donot understand English can also read and understand it.

Antivirus Firewall

Antivirus Firewall

Virus is unwanted computer programs that some how comes to computer by some outside source like internet, CDs or other sources. It is the biggest threat as we are heavily depending on computers. Every days many new viruses are spread and for that purpose we have to keep our antivirus software upto date. As the virus keeps on coming so do the antivirus companies make it remedies and detects its patterns and that why almost all of them recommend updating. Antivirus Firewall is also built in feature of most antivirus software. Virus protection is very important as most of the time very sensitive data is kept on systems like your passwords and you banking information. Internet banking is becoming popular also and also online shopping and the need of removing trojan horse and trojan removal is increasing with it. Viruses have also become a big problem for various internet service providers as they also feel the pain when their clients are effected. For example if a client is effected his computer can generate spam emails and ISP’s have to block that particular user other wise the ISP keep on getting warning from the spam authorities. Antivirus removal and virus protection is important becuase there are many softwares installed on PC and if the PC is hacked all the information can go away in unwanted hands.
There have been incidents in which webservers hosting thousands of websites get hacked. So the more important data is in the system or server the more important is the need for anivirus security. Antivirus firewall remains active all of the time and keep on blocking and detecting hackers attempts to hack the system. The hackers look sometimes for open ports and control system through them.
Some time the hackers hack a site infect the site and any person coming to website get hacked and get trojan horses in thier computers. Trojan horse some times runs in the background with out the computer user ever notice it. The name of process mostly is similar to name of a system critical process so it goes . Some times they logs the keys user press. This is very dangerous as after key logging they can send all the logs to a particular email address and all your user names and passwords are gone. Key loggers keep on sitting on a computer and keep on sending what ever you type whether its a credit card , email address or its password, your banking user name and its password. Every sort of information is sent by key loggers like ssn etc.
Some virus are so dangerous that they cannot be removed if the window is booted. So in that case for virus remover to work you have to take out the hard disk, install antivirus serurity software on another computer and then check it after attaching harddrive it. This is becuase the virus can go in boot record and cannot be removed after computer boots.
For this purpose Antivirus Firewall have to be running at all times so that virus protection can be there. Many anti virus softwares have the option where you can schedule to scan you computer at some fixed time like daily or weekly etc. Also you can get some virus protection software on trial basis. Almost all of these virus protection software have their trial versions available so you get the time for deciding which one suits you. Also they have multiple versions available with the professional and corporate versions offering more safety and features to fight threats to your computer and Laptops. Antivirus programs stop inbound and outbound attacks and keeps your PC invisible from the hackers. Also if you are using wireless network antivirus softwares keep you safe sometimes from things such as packet sniffing over the network and internet threats.
We recommend that you always keep your operating system update as they keep on updating their operating systems to prevent vulnerability. Also install a well known virus removal software to make sure you are always safe in browsing and trojan horse. Virus remover software will help you trojan removal for PC security.
Now the big question comes? How to prevent virus? The first rule of thumb is that dont install the software from a company that you dont trust. Before you install anything go to web and read reviews of that software first. Also try not to go to untrusted sites. Avoid sites which opens other frames and which are full of crappy stuff.

Computer Hard Drive

Computer Hard Drive
Almost every person will be using computers in near Future. Even if you don’t use computer still you see people all around using using it. Computer Hard drive is an important part of a computer. Computer hard drives are also usually known as Hard disk. New Computer users always wonder about the purpose of hard disk and a question always comes into mind that What is a hard disk or what is a Computer hard drive? Below we are explaining hard disk and its purposes for people who are new to computers.

Hard disk drive is a physical thing. This means that data is physically stored in an hard disk. Hard disk has plates inside it. There is a motor in the center of hard drive. The plates are continuously rotating . The basic entity of hard disk where a hard disk stores its data is stored is called a sector. Image a every plate consists of circles starting from its middle and size of circles increased as it goes from center towards edge. Every circle will be called a track . Every track is divided into sectors. Every plate have same sort of circles and will have equal no. of sectors. If you are looking hard disk from below imagine tracks on all of the plates . These all tracks on all plates are called cylinder. Usually operating system manages hard disk by itself without the user knowing the complex data storage and retreival on back ground.
When a user wants to open a computer program the computer or operating system will read the files from disk. Thant is the reason a computer takes too much time too boot. As explained earlier the hard disk is a physical thing so when information from the hard disk have to be read the reading head has to go to that particular sector where the information is stored. Once it reach that location where the information is stored then it will read from that particular sector. Hard disk plates always keeps on revolving at a particular speed. Once the head or reader comes to a particular track it then have to wait for the revolving hard disk track to reach at a point where it can read read that particular sector where data have to be read. Due to this effect the better is RPM of a hard disk the better is the hard disk.
Hard disk RPM stands for (Revolutions per minute). More the RPM more speedy the hard disk will be and more fast the data retreival be done. For that reason you will notice that the servers which require very fast speed have speedy hard disks with more RPM.
So if you are using to purchase a Desktop computer hard disk or Laptop hard disk buy always a disk of good brand and fast RPM.
Hard disk plates are magnetic so hard disk should be handled with extreme care as it can be damaged if dropped or even with airport x-ray scanning sometimes. Also try not to move too much while you are using Laptop or computer or at least dont give it jolts. This can cause irrepairable damage to your Laptop Hard Disk or drive and your expensive and sensitive data can be lost. If some how your data is lost you have to use various software to recover it . However there is no guarantee that you will be be successfull in hard drive data recovery. Some parts of file can be recovered while other might not be recovered successfully. For some type of files even if a small part of data is lost , the hard disk data and that file becomes unusable. Moreover hard drive data recovery is an expensive thing to do if you have to take your hard disk to a specialist if you are unable to restore your data through drive data recovery software.
There are many vendors making Computer hard Drives and before deciding to purchase you have to carefully view the specifications. SATA hard disks are also fast and The SATA standard defines a data cable with seven conductors including 3 grounds plus 4 active data lines . Also it is 8 mm wide wafer connectors on each end.
Also in the future there are hard disk drives coming which will not require any physical thing like heads. This is called solid state drive (SSD). Till now solid state drives are quite expensive and are quite limited in capacity too. With the passage of time we might get solid state drives that are inexpensive and have more space for storage. Major problems with solid state drive is also that it has limited life and is ofter expired after some 1000’s of read and writes. But we may get better solid state drives in Future.

How to Install Windows 7

How to install Windows

Windows 7 Have been launched and Microsoft is expecting it to be a big success. However businesses and people always get concerned when they plan to upgrade their operating system. Reason is that there is alot of rework needed . For example if you have some third party software installed it might now work after installation of the new operating system.
Windows Vista is the predecessor of Windows 7. So we will guide you about how to install Windows 7, we will also guide you of the various versions of Windows 7 which Microsoft have launched so that you can choose that which version is best for you and suites you. We will also guide you of the Features of Windows 7. Also we are going to discuss different Features of Windows 7 and Features of different versions of Windows 7. Cost of Windows 7 is also a big issue for many people with tight budgets . So here are the different versions of Windows 7
a. Windows 7 Premium
b. Windows 7 Professional
c. Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Premium is basically for home users and people who use Windows at home or for light purposes.

Windows 7 Professional have extra functionality and thus is a good choice for business users . It has more options regarding data security, back up and other things like connecting to network in a secure way. So we can say that Windows 7 Professional is a good choice for home and for business users.

Windows 7 Ultimate is the most powerful version of Windows 7. It have entertainment features which are perfect for home and business users and can run Many Windows XP programs with its Windows XP mode. Also windows 7 have got powerful encryption features for your valuable data with the utility BitLocker and BitLocker-TO-Go. Also windows 7 can work in many languages and more than 35 Languages.

If you are are considering Upgrade to windows 7 64 bit from a Vista it is very easier. There is a program in Windows 7 CD . This program is called windows7 upgrade adviser and it will advice you of the upgrade strategy you should adopt. Just put the CD and follow the installation process. On a Core 2 duo with 4 MB ram it took us about an hour but there was no hinderance and it was painless. So upgrading to Windows 7 is always a good option and the main advantage you will get is that you dont have to install your programs once again and even you don’t have to do any thing . Even your old web browsers and 3rd party applications will work with this type of installation and you will get your machine upgraded to new operating system within one hour without more time being spend of wasted to install every thing from scratch. However before you do any thing make sure that you take a complete back up of your PC on a external hard drive or DVD in order to be on the safe side.

The Upgrade to Windows 7 cannot be done from Windows XP. So if you are running XP then you have to reformat your hard drive and do every thing from scratch.

On the other hand if you are prepared and have some extra time you can install windows 7 from scratch or on a newly formatted PC. This type of installation requires less time and you have less chance to face software compatibility issues or drivers issues later. So it depends how you want windows 7 to be installed on your machine and how to install windows 7 and the time and resources you have in your hands.

Here are the cost of Windows 7 difference versions.

Price of Windows 7 Home Premium $119.99
Price of Windows 7 Professional $199.99
Price of Windows 7 Ultimate $219.99

Some other reasons why you should install Windows 7 are as below
You can make and share movies and videos. Also you can do the same with slide shows in Windows 7.

There is another new feature in Windows 7 and it is called Jump list. With the help of Jump list you can access the latest things you accessed for faster access.

Also Windows 7 apprers to be bit quicker that Windows XP while using and shutting down Windows.

Windows Live Essentials is also a program included with Windows 7. Windows Live Essentials have several programs for entertainment to share photos and make messages emails and making movies etc.

Windows 7 is also claimed to be more secure especially in case of virus threats and trojan horses attacks and thus more reliable.
Also Windows 7 is compatible and it works with more software programs and support more devices. Also the installation of devices is more easier in Windows 7 as compared to previous versions of Windows. It can recognize a very broad category of devices and can determine the devices once they are hooked.

Another Featured of Windows 7 is Remote Media Streaming . With the help if Windows 7 Remote streaming you can even access and share your photos videos and other media even remotely when you are away from home.

Also it have been reported by many users and forums that windows 7 performance to run javascript is also faster and better than other versions of Windows.

Also while making previous operating systems Microsoft usually made the operating systems which usually required the latest hardware at the time the operating system was released but with Windows 7 it can run even better than the previous operating system Vista with the same hardware.

This article is available in other languages . Spanish Version Cómo instalar Windows 7. Original Article was in English and it have been translated to Spanish using computer bases tools so readers who donot understand English can also read and understand it.


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