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Knock On Wood Game- Angry Birds

Angry Birds-Knock On Wood Game

If you are reading this Angry Birds Knock on the wood game article then we hope that perhaps you are amongst millions of people who have played Angry Birds on their smartphones and now want real world action. Knock on the wood games can be even played by very young children who either do not have expensive smart phones on their disposal. The rules of Angry birds Knock on the Wood game are the same and you have to shot down the pigs. It is a multiplayer game and two to four players can play it.

How to play Knock On the Wood
To play The Knock On wood game is very easy. When you get the box shipped to your place after ordering Knock on wood there would be 4 pigs in the box. There would also be 3 angry birds and with that you would be getting one bird launcher in the Angry birds knock on the wood game. There are 14 building blocks inside the box too and 40 mission cards and 16 points cards. The theme of the game is that a player will pick up a cards and then the Knock on Wood structure will be built with the help of 14 blocks and then the other players will launch angry birds to knock down the pigs and structure in order to win and score points.

You can order this game from , Walmart or any other store. Almost all of the stores in US keep Knock on the Wood.

Canon Pixma MX420 Wireless Printer Reviews and Specs

MX420 Pixma Wireless Printer Reviews and Specs from Canon

The Pixma inkjet printer from Canon was introduced around the start of 2011. Canon Pixma MX420 is a wireless printer and has got cool specs as far as average home user is concerned. In general purchasing Pixma MX420 for a high printer usage office is not a good idea because like all the other inkjets the Pixma MX420 ink will finished after few hundred print outs or even lesser than that.
Canon Pixma uses WiFi technology to connect to your wireless router and the photo quality reviews of Canon Pixma MX420 are very good because it can print photo lab quality. Other specs of Cannon Pixma MX420 printer is that this is a all in one printer and can be used for photo copying , scanning and faxing as well which is sort of very good features for an individual to have. This printer has a 2.5 inches LCD screen for changing settings on All in one Pixma MX420. Another reason for which people love this printer and will give a positive review about Pixma MX420 is its really nice feature of directly printing from Memory Cards and USB drives. Other specifications of MX420 Pixma is that it can print at a rate of around 8 papers per minute if its a black and white and about 5 paper in a minute if the print out is a colored high resolution picture.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits, Nutrition , Recipes and Information

Have you ever eaten Chocolate and find out somebody mentioning to you not to eat too much chocolate as Chocolate is bad for health. Well you have good news now and that is the Dark Chocolate is not bad for health. Yes its true that doctors now say that dark chocolate is in fact good for health. By eating dark Chocolate you can keep your blood pressure under control. The dark chocolate is low in sugar because there is very less Milk and sugar added to make dark Chocolate. Usually in the normal Chocolate which is called milk Chocolate the percentage of Cocoa which is actual chocolate is quite low but percentage of cocoa in dark chocolate range from more than 50 percent to some thing like 95 percent. We have seen varieties of Chocolate available in market with Cocoa percentage more than 92 percent.

So any thing above 90 percent cocoa content is almost Sugar free dark Chocolate. There are many varieties and brands available of dark chocolate available in the market and some of the famous are French Dark Chocolate , Dove dark chocolate, Hershey’s dark chocolate, Godiva Dark Chocolate and Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate etc. This is also a very good news for people who are very diet conscious and try to reduce sugar content in their diet to minimum. Now they do not have to stop eating chocolate and can choose a Dark Chocolate with high Cocoa Content. So is dark chocolate fattening? The answer to this is no. People who are over weight can also take dark chocolate safely because what makes Normal Chocolate Fattening is its Milk and sugar and these two things are almost not there in the dark Chocolate. So next time if you are planning to give a gift to your friend you must give him a Dark Chocolate gift basket rather than Normal Milk Chocolate.

There are many recipes of Dark Chocolate since it is healthy so there is every reason to include it in your menu. You can make a dark chocolate Cake. When every you shop for any dark chocolate brand look for dark Chocolate nutrition information in the pack for its nutritional info and Cocoa content in it. You can also make dark Chocolate truffles.

Dark Chocolate has antioxidants in it. Antioxidants are very good for body and fight many diseases related to aging as it is believed to reduce the aging process. You can make other variations in your intake of Dark Chocolate like you can cover dark Chocolate with almonds or Brazil nuts or any other nuts which are healthy . As far as calories are concerned the number of calories in dark chocolate is quite low. Other varieties of dark Chocolate is Belgian Chocolate which is unique and very tasty. Swiss dark chocolate is also famous for its great taste. For cakes and other dark Chocolate recipes you can either warm the Chocolate to some make it soft and include in dishes like cakes. There is however dark chocolate syrup also available in market which can be used in making dark chocolate brownies. Other way to include dark chocolate in cakes is that you can make small pieces of dark chocolate and put these pieces in a dark chocolate cake or dark chocolate truffles.

Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope

This publisher of this Marvelous game is Chillingo. Cut for Rope Android version has also been released recently in March 2012. Cut for rope game is also available for other devices and operating systems. Cut for rope is also available in iOS, Blackberry and DSiWare. There is also a free version of this game but with this three version you can only play till certain levels but once you get addicted and want to more to more advanced stages or levels you have to purchase Cut The Rope game. Name of some of the level of Cut the rope are Cardboard Box, Fabric Box, Foil Box, Gift Box, Cosmic Box, Holiday Gift Box, The Rope, Holiday Gift, Valentines Box, Magic Box, Toy Box, Tool Box and Buzz Box.
Like Angry Birds this game have also got addictive qualities. Omnon is the name of one Character of the game although there are many other characters in Cut the Rope. There free Version of Cut the rope game have advertisements displayed but the paid one does not have ads. We are not yet sure if there is any version of cut the rope for PC available which can be downloaded and installed like a stand alone game on your computer. Also there may be some websites where you can play cut the rope online for free but again if you are playing a free versions it will have advertisements.

Catching Fire of Hunger Games Information Review and Price

Catching Fire of Hunger Games Information and Price Review

Hunger Games books series book Catching Fire is currently the best selling books in USA. This book is currently available from almost all online bookstores including , and Barnes and Nobles. Catching Fire have been published by Scholastic Press in the September of 2009. The unique ISBN number of this book is ISBN-10: 0439023491, and ISBN-13: 978-0439023498 . This book is recommended by its publisher for ages 13 and up.

There is a Kindly version of Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games) is also available online . You can purchase the kindly version and read the book immediately if you cannot wait. The listed price of Catching Fire is $17.99 but almost all online book stores offers it at much discounted price due to the mass sales of this book. According to the Reviewers of this book they say that the catching fire characters are defined in such a beautiful manner that you would feel that the Catching Fire characters are your friends in your real life. So overall reviews of Catching fire are very positive and this is in fact the reason this book is generating a lot of interest among readers.

ASUS A53U-ES21 15.6-Inch Laptop Notebook Reviews

ASUS A53U-ES21 15.6-Inch Laptop Review

Recently we came across a Notebook at Bestbuy and Tigerdirect . This was an ASUS A53U-ES21. This is a notebook with 15.6 inches of screen display. This ASUS notebook has a built in 4 GB of RAM and is one of the best seller according to and Cnet . ASUS A53U-ES21 has a built in AMD E-Series Dual core E 450 processor which is more than enough for a normal user who usually use their laptops for browsing purposes.

This ASUS Laptop has 5.7 pounds of shipping weight which is pretty decent light weight Laptop when you look at A53U-ES21 screen size. All in all the customers who have recently purchased this ASUS have very good reviews about this machine because it is pretty cheap and the price range is even less than 400 dollars. When you will open you Laptop Box you will find A53U-ES21 Notebook , The AC adapter for your notebook, 6 Cell battery for your ASUS Laptop and Your warranty card. Your Laptop comes with 802.11BGN and 0.3MP camera. One of the person who was reviewing his ASUS A53U-ES21 was giving reviews that the Notebook for this price and with such amazing speed is really good specially for students who want a low budget notebook in a low budget. The A53U-ES21 battery life is more than 4 hours and the sound quality is also very good.

All in all we can that say that A53U-ES21 is a very good laptop at a very attractive and Cheap price and this is a product with positive reviews and people who would own it would not repent.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy note is a very perfect gadget for people who are looking some thing in between a Smart phone and a Tablet. The reason is that Samsung Galaxy Note display screen is bigger than Other Samsung Smart Phones. The size of Samsung Galaxy Note screen is 5.29 inches which can accommodate good quality viewing of movies and pictures and at the same time can fit inside the pocket of you dress. The display resolution of Galaxy note from Samsung is 800 * 1280 with and amazing color depth of 16 Million Pixels.

Samsung galaxy note support 3G band with 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 . 3G HSPA+ 21Mbps is also supported on this amazing gadget . Samsung Galaxy Note was released in October of 2011 in Germany but will be coming to USA in 2012. Finally AT&T is offering Samsung Galaxy Note for a price of $299.99 with a 2 year contract and the price for you if you want to purchase Samsung Galaxy Note without any contract with AT&T is $649.99. You might soon be able to purchase Samsung Galaxy Note on the internet on the sites like Amazon or ebay if you do not want any long term contract or just want to purchase an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note. The price might be some where $700 plus shipping. People who have recently this amazing phone give very good reviews about Samsung Galaxy Note and say that there money is well spent and this phone is worth its price. The cost of Samsung Galaxy note is different in different markets around the world. Verizon date of offering Samsung Galaxy Note to its customers is still unknown.

The Samsung Galaxy note specs are that Currently the operating system of Samsung Galaxy Note is preloaded in phone is Android 2.3 Gingerbread but Samsung claims that it will soon be giving an update to users and make it Android 4.0. The speed of Galaxy Note’s CPU is Dual 1.4GHz.

Although Samsung Galaxy has a pretty large screen but still it has a weight of 178 Grams and Galaxy note dimensions are 146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65mm. If you are using your Samsung Galaxy for recording videos of precious moments than it has got a pretty decent resolution of 1920 * 1080 which is very good and detailed with a frame rate of 30 Frames per second. The format of the pictures taken from your phone will be JPEG and after taking photos you have a preinstalled Video editor software too that comes with your Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Camera resolution of Samsung Galaxy note is 8MP with a digital + Optical zoom of 4 . The camera of this phone has the ability to auto focus too. This phone also supports Video messaging and Video Streaming. Samsung Galaxy note comes with a stylus and you have option of touch , 3-Key and Stylus pen from where you can give inputs to your phone.

The Galaxy Samsung Note specs manual mentions that it comes with a 2500mAh battery having a talk time of more than 1500 minutes over 2G networks and more than 800 minutes over 3G networks. The standby timings of you Samsung Tab is however more than 900 hours over 2G and more than 800 hours over 3G. The device has 32 Poly ringtone with a 3D sound technology for Earphone only. The Galaxy Samsung Note Smartphone also has a built in FM Radio and not only it has a FM radio but also has a feature where you can record too.

For businessmen Galaxy note Mobile phone has got a document viewer and also you can print your documents via WiFi over the network. This smartphone supports SMS/EMS AND MMS for sending the messages. The phone comes with Bluetooth BT 3.0 + HS. The phone has a USB input too where you can exchange data with other devices. There is another exceptional Feature in this Samsung Galaxy Note and that is it can be attached to your Television. This is a very handy picture and what ever videos and pictures are in your phone you can immediately watch them on your TV. The Nand Memory of this phone is 16 GB or 32 GB. This Galaxy note comes with a calender and a scheduler and a stop watch too. This Smartphone will keep a history of last 500 phone calls which you have received or dialed.

The phone comes with a browser, infact an Android Browser. You can sync your phone with you PC using Kies and Kies air.

For more reading about this Hot Selling and price info about Samsung Galaxy Note you can try searching internet for these terms

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