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Getting Chinese Visa From USA

Getting Chinese Visa From USA

There are many consulate of People Republic of China where you can apply for a Visa to China. However in order to apply for Chinese visa you have to have a purpose and must know that what type of visa you need. There is a separate type of visas for various purposes for example there is a visa called L Visa for China. This type of Visa will only be issued to the people who wants to visit China temporarily and there main purpose of applying for Chinese L Visa is tourism or Visiting family or friends or if they are visiting PRC for their own purposes.

Applying for China L Visa

If you are a resident of USA and want to visit China on a tourist L Visa you have to submit your American passport with your Chinese visiting Visa application. Along with your application you have to send your recent photograph with 2 inches by 2 inches dimensions. If you are a business man and are a frequent visitor to China you can apply for a multiple entry L Visa. This visa is usually valid for 6 to 12 months and you can enter China on L Multiple Entry Visa as many times you want.
If you were born in China but you are a American Citizen now you can apply for a Multiple Entry Visa which will be Valid for 24 months. The L Tourist Visa to China can be applied at China embassy in US. Fees for Chinese L visa for American Citizens and passport holders is $130 and just 30 dollars for Citizens of other countries if they want a single entry Visa.

Z Visa Employment Application for China

If you plan to work in China and want to apply China Work Visa or work permit for China you are required to apply for China Employment Visa (Called Z Visa). This visa is not only issued to the primary applicant who is applying to work in China but also to his accompanying family members. The Application Form for Z Visa is Q1. A 2 inches * 2 inches photograph is also require for this visa too. If you have a US passport and American National but your former Nationality was Chinese you must write you Chinese name in the application and you former Chinese passport as well.
Getting a Z Visa of China however needs you to have a Visa notification issues by a Authorized Chinese Unit before you apply Z Visa for China. Other very important documents required for Chinese working Visa are Work Permit for Aliens and Foreign Expert License. Always plan well ahead to apply for this type of Visa. Usually Z Visa processing times are around 4 working days but as the requirement for Z Visa are a bit complicated so always plan well in advance if you have a specific joining date.

Business F Visa Application for Businessmen

If you are going to China on an invitation or some sort of business, a lecture or internship you need to apply for F Visa.You have submit you 2 * 2 inches photograph with Chinese F Visa application. US nationals will get a single entry F Visa for valid for 3-6 months, Double Entry F Business Visa which with 6 months Validity or A multiple entry F visa which will be valid for 6 to 12 months. The most important thing to know about Chinese Business Visa Application is that you need to send invitation letters from your host company in China or need to send Chinese embassy with the proof of your meetings in China or the invitation from Exhibition People for invitation. US citizens can get a long term Business F visa to China if they can demonstrate that they have made investment in China or they have a collaboration with any Chinese Company.

Applying for Student Visa (X Visa) to China

Only those people apply for Chinese student Visa who are enrolled in a program with more than 6 months of duration and they want to come to China for the sole purpose of studies. If duration of your program is less than 6 months you need to apply for a tourist Visa to China instead. The requirement of X Visa for students to China are more or less same as the other visa types however the main requirement for X Visa to China is that student along with his visa application needs to send his original and photocopy of his approved Foreign Student Visa Application Form (JW201 or JW202) and his notice of admission to Chinese University or School

Other Types of Visa are a J-1 Chinese Visa and Crew Visa which is called C Crew Visa. For more information and up to date you must call your nearest Chinese embassy in America for current fees and processing times.

Job Resignation Letter Sample Format

Job Resignation Letter Sample

Resigning from a job is not easy . People do find it difficult to write a Job resignation letter because of their emotions and feeling which are attached to the workplace they have been working for years or months. So if you are wondering on how to write a resignation letter and looking for a free Resignation letter format .

Below we have tried to help you out and there is a Free Sample of Resignation from your Job.

Dear [Write Persons name Here]:

I sincerely want to thank you for the opportunity and chance you gave me to work at [Write Company name here]. Here i feel it necessary to mention that i have learned a lot during my time here at [Write Company name here] . I also regard that you and your team guided me during my time here and also our friendship during my time employed.

But still i think that now is the time i have to move on. So i am writing this letter to formally announce my resignation from [Write Company name here]. As per the terms and conditions i am therefore writing this resignation 1 Month in advance. So [Write your last date here] will be my last day with [Write Company name here]

Lastly It was a really pleasure to work for [Write Company name here]. Also i would request you to kindly let me know if there is any thing i can do to make a smooth transition during my remaining time.


[Write your name and address here]

The above Format of Resignation Letter was a Formal Resignation but some times things are very different and you are resigning because of other reasons. Other reasons can be many like You are moving to another country, Workplace environment does not suites you, The tasks give to you does not match your job description etc. In these sort of scenarios you must mention in your letter the reasons for resignation from your job. This may not effect you but can be helpful for the future of your company.

Rising Gas Prices

Rising Gas and Oil Prices 2012

Gas prices are on the rise again at the start of 2012. When ever gas prices rises it put additional burden on middle income people and the economy because we import oil from other countries. This current rise is a result of rising tensions between Iran and NATO.

So have you wondered that why the Gas prices are rising even in this bad economy. The reason behind oil price rise is that about 40 percent of world oil flows through Strait of Hormuz and this route is a very narrow route. This is the major reason why the oil prices are on rise and we do not know yet where the prices are going to stop . However once the issues get resolved we must again expect the oil prices to come around 4 dollars per gallon.


Liposuction is a procedure in which fat is taken out of some body. There are many risks of Liposuction and it is not for every one and you must carefully analyze pros and cons of Liposuction in your individual case. Liposuction is a costly procedure and the Liposuction prices vary from 5000 $ to 20000 dollars.

If you consider only the cost while selecting your surgeon it may end up to be a costly decision at the end because it is your body. For each part of your body there have to be a separate Liposuction plan made . For Example most of the people would want fat out of their tummy through Liposuction procedure . This type of procedure is sometimes called tummy tuck Liposuction .
Liposuction is a surgery in which an incision is made to reach the fat inside your body and that is the reason Liposuction has risks. Their are all sorts of risks and side effects of Liposuction when you would be undergoing the procedure. As in any other sort of surgery Liposuction surgery can result in an infection after the surgery. Like other surgeries you will be given Anesthesia to make you unconscious while the procedure and Anesthesia as we all know has some risks and dangers in itself. If the Liposuction is not done in a very professional manner than you will be left with surgical scars too.  So surgical scars after surgery is one of the risks of Liposuction.
Liposuction risks become many fold if you develop an infection after a surgery, if this happens you have to take antibiotics for long term to deal with the surgical infection and wounds in your body. So it is our advice to got to a certified clinic which you are sure can take care of you. Also always take your doctors advice before going for any such Liposuction procedure to ask him the advantages of Liposuction in your case and also Risks of Liposuction in your particular case. Your must ask your self that why am i doing Liposuction and would this do me more benefit than loss? If the benefits of Liposuction outweighs the Liposuction Surgery risks than you can go for the surgery. You may also have special requirements if you have other conditions like diabetes etc. So the more other special conditions you have the more the risk of the surgery in your case.

As surgery of Liposuction can be complicated and risky and every sensible person knows that it is always good to avoid unnecessary surgeries. So if you can lose weight by exercising , swimming or jogging then this should be your first preference. Some pharmacy companies also advertising on Liposuction alternative . Normally these are just methods of normal weight reduction and they will give you supplements to reduce or trim your fat . Usually supplements do more harm than good because generally they will make you feel fuller and reduce your hunger but as soon as you stop taking slimming supplement you are again at the risk of putting weight. Another alternative to Liposuction can be two FDA approved devices CoolSculpting and Zerona. Both of these claims to destroy fat cells in a way that is not harmful for the body. They clam that they will take fat out of fat cells and that fat will then be eliminated from the body by its natural ways.

Liposuction recovery is the same as other surgical recoveries. It all depends on the size of incision. Usually they do a small incision and you will to your home in a couple of days after successful Liposuction procedure. People who have other illnesses usually will have more risks after Liposuction surgery.  In case of any complexities you have to stay for longer period of times.

So in short Liposuction should be last resort if nothing else work and if fat is posing a major life threat risk to you. Liposuction has its pros and cons. Also Liposuction is quite costly and almost no insurance company will pay you for Liposuction surgery because it is not considered to be a surgery which is necessary for your life.  Exercise should be done regularly and one has to be careful with his diet so that the fat does not get deposited in your body on the first place.

Magicjack Plus

Magicjack Plus

Magicjack plus was introduced after a success of its predecessor which was called Magic Jack. Magic Jack is a VOIP based telephony service which claims to save you thousands of dollars each year . This product is advertised on TV and in the exhibitions. Some of the highlights and comparisons of Magic Jack plus are as follows

MagicJack vs Magicjack Plus

The difference between the MagicJack vs Magicjack Plus is the the former were not usable without a computer so if you had a simple magic jack you would need it to connect it to computer USB and then use it using its software . Although many people were using it this way by connecting it to the computer or laptops this method is hectic as you have to have a computer to use it. If your computer is turned off then it would not work off course since magic jack was dependent on a PC to make a call through the internet.
Now let us come to MagicJack Plus. This device does not need a computer and a telephone can be directly attached to magicjack plus. Magicjack there fore would work just like a regular phone as far as user is concerned.

Magicjack Reviews

Different people will speak differently about quality of service or call quality magic jack offers and will thus there is a lot of variation among MagicJack reviews. However the Voice quality of Magicjack Plus depends upon the speed of your internet connection. There is another important thing if you are reading to a Magic jack review is to keep in mind and that is the latency time. Packet latency time is the time it takes packets to be transferred from one location to another so if you are using magic jack from a far away country like Singapore, Australia, Germany , UK , Italy, China , Philippines or India or any other country far away from USA your call quality might not be as good as your voice packets data has to travel to united states if you are calling to USA. This is the reason why some people will get low call quality while other will experience high call quality using Magic Jack. So if you are considering on purchasing Magicjack then you have to concentrate on the quality of MagicJack calls people are experiencing who have same ISP as yours and who live in the same neighborhood as yours.

Where to Buy MagicJack Plus

The magicjack plus is available online and you can order Magicjack Plus via their website. The device is also available on all other major retailers including Walmart and other electronic shops like Fry’s, Best Buy, J&r, RadioShack and Crutchfield . You can also buy MagicJack plus over the telephone.

Magicjack vs OOMA

Magicjack claims it to be the best alternative to the telephone and you can call US and Canada unlimited long distance. When you order it for the first time you would have to pay around 69 dollars and this will include your first year of free calls to the US and Canada. After your first year you have to pay around 20 dollars per month to keep your MagicJack service active. 20 $ comes to even less than 2 dollars a month. According to their website more than 8 million Magic Jacks have been sold and people are using it from all over the world. There is another service known as OOMA which is the competitor of Magicjack. There are some pros and cons of OOMA and MagicJack. One major pron of using magicjack in comparison with OOMA that you have to pay 20 dollars per year to keep your service active while OOMA claims that once your purchase their device your service will be free for life. OOMA free version will only support the calls with in USA with the exception of  Hawaii while with MagicJack you can call US and Canada both unlimited.

Magicjack International Calling Rates

You can call free to USA and Canada however with magicjack plus you can call any where in the world but you will be charged per minute for this service. We are giving you rates for some countries. For example the rates for calling Mexico is $0.0900 per minute on most of telephone lines to Mexico. Some other rates are as follows El Salvador Magic calling rate is $0.2500, Guatemala $0.1400, PHILIPPINES majicjack plus rates are$0.1800, Honduras $0.1800, Korea $0.0250, China $0.0200, Brazil $0.0500, Ecuador $0.1400, India $0.0500

If you want to learn more about this topic you can search web for following terms magic jack reviews, magicjack plus price, difference between magicjack and magicjack plus, OOMA vs MagicJack

USPS Express Mail Delivery Time

USPS Express Mail Service

USPS offers Express Mail service with in the Unites States and for international mail too. If you have to send your USPS Express mail in Flat Box with in the US then the rate is $39.95. The USPS express mail boxes have certain dimensions so make your that the items you are shipping through USPS with in the USA fit into this box. USPS express mail delivery time is 2-3 business days with in USA .

For Alaska and Hawaii it can take an additional day or two . For people who are shipping documents or papers through USPS they would be using USPS Express mail Flat rate Envolope which has dimensions of 12 and half inches in length and 9 and half inches in width. If you are sending Legal size papers through USPS Express mail which you do not want to fold you must get Large Flat rate Envelope for the same price of 18.95. It does not matter if its a box or the envolopes as long as its Express mail the the time USPS take for delivery of your mail or packages would be 2-3 days.

Nissan Altima 2012

Nissan Altima

This year Altima from Nissan 2012 offers various models which are Altima 175 hp 2.5 Liter Engine, Altima 3.5 SR V6 Engine 270 HP horse power

Nissan Altima is the hottest car for the year 2012 and has won many awards according to Nissan. In 2012 Altima Nissan comes in 2.5 Nissan Altima, 2.5 S Altima, 2.5 S Altima with Anniversary package, 2.5 S w/SL and finally the 2012 Altima with more powerful engine and more horse power 3.5 SR Nissan Altima . The 2.5 Litre nissan Altima has a smaller 2.5 liter engine while and Altima 3.5 SR has a powerful V6 engine and this engine has 270 horse power. Nissan claims that Altima is a very fuel efficient car and Nissan Altima 2012 mileage in city is 23 Miles per gallon and on Highway Nissan Altima fuel consumption is 32 MPG or Miles per gallon.
Lets say you are looking for Altima Sedan 2.5 S with with 20th Anniversary package then the specs you will get are a 2.5 liter 2.5 liter , 16 Valve 4 cylinder engine. The Altima 2012 engine torque is 3900 rpm. The engine of 2012 Ultima has Variable induction system and the engine have Iridium tipped spark plugs. 2012 Ultima Engine also has Engine Balancer System and the engine is on the Front side of the car and the car is front wheel drive. The price of Nissan Altima 2012 Starts from 17000 dollars.

2012 Altima brakes has ABS braking system which is Anti lock Braking system with electronic brake force distribution. Nissan Altima has a power steering which is car speed sensitive. Altima 2012 comes with a Aluminum hood which is standard. The rear spoiler is also standard. This Altima model of Nissan has Dual Exhaust outlets with Chrome finishing. The car is also equipped with ouside mirrors each on both side of the car.

The Altima 2012 wheels have a dimension of 16 inches x 7.0 inches and are 6 spoke aluminum alloy wheels. Altima 2012 has a very good Braking system with specs 11.7 inches Front vented disc and 11.5 inches rear disc brakes.

As far as 2012 Nissan Altima interior is concerned it has Nissan Intelligent Key and has power windows. It has power door locks with auto locking and it also have remote keyless entry from which trunk of Altima can also be unlocked. Like other quality cards this car also have cruise control. This car also has tild and teleschoping steering column. Nissan Altima 2012 also have driver and front passenger seatback pockets and also have 12 Volt DC power outlets where you can plug various electronic items.

Another cool feature is 8 way power adjustable driver seat. 2012 Nissan Altima is a very safe car and it is equipped with Nissan Advanced air bag system. It has traction control system. This 2012 Nissan model has energy absorbing steering column which will make you safe in case of a fatal accident. The car also have Altima tire pressure monitoring system.

Nissan Altima 2012 is a family car and has a capacity of 100.7 cubic feet for interior passangers and has a Cargo capacity 15.3 cubic feet. The fuel tank capacity is 20 gallons.

Previous models of this car which Nissan Altima 2011 , Nissan Altima 2010, Nissan Altima 2009 and so on were very good cars and if you have a low budget you can buy used Nissan Altima all were amongst the best selling cars all around the world but 2012 model has made it to the limit.


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