Angry Birds-Knock On Wood Game

If you are reading this Angry Birds Knock on the wood game article then we hope that perhaps you are amongst millions of people who have played Angry Birds on their smartphones and now want real world action. Knock on the wood games can be even played by very young children who either do not have expensive smart phones on their disposal. The rules of Angry birds Knock on the Wood game are the same and you have to shot down the pigs. It is a multiplayer game and two to four players can play it.

How to play Knock On the Wood
To play The Knock On wood game is very easy. When you get the box shipped to your place after ordering Knock on wood there would be 4 pigs in the box. There would also be 3 angry birds and with that you would be getting one bird launcher in the Angry birds knock on the wood game. There are 14 building blocks inside the box too and 40 mission cards and 16 points cards. The theme of the game is that a player will pick up a cards and then the Knock on Wood structure will be built with the help of 14 blocks and then the other players will launch angry birds to knock down the pigs and structure in order to win and score points.

You can order this game from , Walmart or any other store. Almost all of the stores in US keep Knock on the Wood.