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Hurricane Irene New York City

Hurricane Irene will be hitting New York City this weekend. This will be a category 1 or 2 when this Hurricane will be hitting New York City and its suburbs. This hurricane will effect all of New York and also evacuations are underway in some parts to avoid devastation from this Hurricane. Train services including Amtrack has cancelled its services in some cities of East Coast.

Foods to avoid kidney problems

Foods to avoid kidney problems
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Kidneys are very important to our body as they control a variety of metabolic processes. Kidney has many other important functions to perform in the body which includes flush of the waste materials from the body and controlling blood pressure. When the kidneys of a person are not functioning properly our body is more prone and more vulnerable and to numerous problems and diseases and some of them are potentially very serious and dangerous. You must also know as a general knowledge that what the kidney problems symptoms are. Just like other organs of the human body Maintaining over all good health is very much related with proper renal function or kidney function. If you are sure you have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and have been diagnosed with this problem and this has been confirmed by blood tests indicating potential renal dysfunction or kidney problem then this is a very serious problem for your heal but you can partially help your kidneys function in a well-controlled manner by reworking your diet plan and avoiding certain foods. You can modify your diet and consult a nutritionist which will suggest you a kidney problem diet. This cannot obviously prove to be cure but it can increase your life quality and feeling of your well being. It is also advisable that you. Even if you don’t have a kidney disease yet you must be aware of kidney health tips and advices to avoid chronic kidney failure at any point in your life and to avoid kidney function problems. However the problem increases many fold if a person with renal disease have other illnesses as well like diabetes. If in case if you have both then your doctor would have to keep this thing in mind that the foods which he is recommending to you to avoid kidney problems and failure does not increase your diabetes levels.

Protein for Kidney patients and renal disease
Kidney or renal patients should be specially take care of their protein consumption. Protein intake must also be carefully monitored and may be limited to 0.6 grams per kilogram of the body weight per day. Also it is recommended that you can go to vegetable protein which is supposed not to put extra effort in straining. This means that you must meet protein requirements of your body with vegetable sources like beans, lentils and other green vegetables.
So if you are a kidney patient you must avoid animal protein and go for vegetable protein as animal protein produces purine which is helpful in the production of uric acid forming crystals (kidney stones) in the kidneys.

Sodium for kidney patients and renal disease (Na)
Foods that contain Sodium in large amounts can increase blood pressure and blood pressure as we know is one of the major causes of kidney disease and hence kidney failure in long rung. Research has proved that in kidney diseases strict blood pressure control is crucial. This means that if a person has a failing kidneys or his kidney are not working 100% he should be very careful about his Sodium intake and should be taking care to maintain his blood pressure. If a person is already a blood pressure patient than he may require more than one high blood pressure medicine. So a renal failure patient should use any proper medicine to control your blood pressure with the advice of your physician.
These high sodium foods to avoid include Salt, All types of frozen meats, Corned Beef, Pepperoni, Sausage, Pizza, Chinese Food, Fast Foods, Cheese, Pickles, Soy Sauce, Potato chips and all types of Canned Soups. So these are the health tips that you must avoid these foods if you suspect that your kidney are not 100%.

Potassium Restriction for kidney patients and renal disease
Potassium is restricted for a kidney patient only when the urine begins decreasing and kidney function is reduced to 20% to 30%. So in this case the kidney problem diet and foods to avoid for this type of kidney diseases are those with high Potassium foods. Foods having high value of potassium content include Bananas, Prune Juice Oranges, Orange Juice, Milk, Prunes, Tomato Juice, Tomato Sauce, Nuts, Chocolate, Dried peas and Beans.

Fluid Restriction for kidney patients and renal disease
If your kidneys are not performing at all or you have chronic kidney failure then fluid restriction on patient is applied until severe kidney disease (Stage 4 , 5) is reached. Dialysis is a procedure in which blood is cleaned by an artificial method.. It is called “kidney failure” because eventually the kidneys fail to make urine. This usually means that the amount of urine your kidneys can make will usually not decrease until it is almost time to begin dialysis to clean your blood.

Phosphorus Restriction for kidney patients and renal disease
Phosphorus is a an important mineral and is found in almost all foods including fruits and vegetables. When kidneys are healthy and kidneys are working they will balance the amount of phosphorus in our body. Phosphorus decreases the ability to absorb calcium from the diets to the body. However, when the kidneys will decrease its functions it will fail to eliminate this in the urine, the phosphorus will increase in the blood. This high phosphorus will stop calcium to be absorbed. High phosphorus foods will need to be limited and avoided by a person with kidney problems. Controlling the intake of phosphorus is very difficult for kidney disease patients but if you ignore this problem it can lead to bone disease with pain in the back and joints. Foods containing high phosphorus foods needed to eliminate are Milk (any kind) – Start learning to use a milk substitute which may be artificial prepared milks (powdered or liquid) , Beans (black ,red and white), Black Eyed Peas, Nuts, Chocolate, Yogurt (Natural or artificial), Cheese of any kind, Liver, Desserts prepared milk
Vitamins to avoid for kidney patients and renal disease

In a recent recent it has been identified that increased level of homo cysteine is a great risk in kidney diseases. More than 75% of dialysis patients have increased homocysteine levels. This homocysteine level is further associated to certain vitamins like folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. So if you have kidney function problems than should avoid in taking these vitamins excessively. Always ask your doctor about these things and they kidney specialist doctor will definitely recommend you a renal diet and will guide you that what are the food to avoid in case of kidney failure or renal failure.
Anemia problem for kidney patients and renal disease

One of the critical problems which you have to face is “Anemia”. So if you have failed kidneys it is almost certain that you will have Anemia too because of these kidneys not functioning properly. This is because healthy kidneys make a hormone that helps make red blood cells. Anemia is also a dangerous problem and Anemia further causes weakness, tiredness and shortness of breath. Physicians sometime give you an injection called Procrit. which may help improve your anemia. Sometime iron supplements are advised in order in order to make red blood cells. In extreme blood shortage cases you will be given blood from an external source.

Diabetes for kidney patients and renal disease
It is a fact to note that about forty to forty five percent of all kidney disease patients have diabetes and thus it is important to have a good control of patients blood sugar levels at all times. There is a special blood test called a “hemoglobin A1C.” The normal range is 4.5 to 6.0 percent. This test tells what your blood sugars have been in the past two to three months. Poor control of blood sugar contributes to the progression of your kidney disease. Be sure to ask your doctor how you are doing with blood sugar control. So in case of both diabetes and kidney disease you need to be extra conscious because food that are good diabetes might not be good for Kidneys so a balance food have to be taken.

Earthquake in East coast 23-Aug-2011

A Earthquake was felt on 01:51 pm in most of eastern coast cities like NewYORK, Toronto, Washington, Detroit, Ottawa, , Mississauga, Ottawa and other cities of USA and Canada. Also it was felt in other east coast cities including Portland, Boston, Springfield, Providence, Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, Albany, New York, Jersey City, Newark, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Delaware, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Richmond-Petersburg and other major cities of US

How to prevent hepatitis

How to prevent hepatitis

Hepatitis is a very common disease that can cause a lot of damage to your liver so you must know how to prevent hepatitis. So how do you define what is hepatitis and what are the signs of signs of hepatitis and what are hepatitis symptoms. If we know the reason how hepatitis is acquired we can try to finish off the reasons for its infection and thus we can prevent hepatitis transmission.

The most important thing not to get infected with hepatitis is to keep a very good hygiene of your body and try to avoid living in crowded homes and most of all in unhealthy conditions because these are the things which can cause transmission of hepatitis so we can do some thing about prevention of hepatitis from spreading. The hepatitis A virus is found in stools and saliva of infected persons which are infected with hepatitis and is mostly spread by food or water that has been contaminated by fecal matter. So these are the points to keep in mind and if you know that how do you get hepatitis you can avoid these things and can prevent hepatitis from spreading.

This is even more important while traveling to places of the world where the quality of the water can be different on each place. To avoid this danger of getting infected with hepatitis there are many things to consider like you can take care what you drink, where you bathe and what types of pot you are using to drink water.

Also one must wash your hand every time after going to bath using the toilet and always take care and wash you hand and never eat with your hand dirty if you want to save yourself from any type of hepatitis. There are different types of Hepatitis that exists like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C. There are hepatitis vaccines available in market which you must treat in advance to reduce your chances of getting Hepatitis and to prevent Hepatitis.

Hepatitis B virus is also known as a blood born virus, because it is transmitted from one person to another via blood or fluid contaminated with blood.
Following are some most common reasons which one should avoid to prevent you from hepatitis:
1: Avoid injecting drugs from shared needles and always used a new needle and needle every time and dispose of the old one
2: People who receive transfusions of blood or blood products are generally on high risk of hepatitis and they should have done their tests for Hepatitis more often and also should keep Hepatitis signs and symptoms in mind so in case they observe any symptom they should immediately consult their physician.
3; People who undergo for kidney dialysis are on high risk and the reason for this is that they use needles on regular basis for blood cleaning and this is the most common reason for transmission of hepatitis.
4: Infants can be born to infected mothers and mothers can be a source of transmission of hepatitis.
5: Men and women who have multiple sex partners are at a very high risk of getting hepatitis, especially if they do sex without condom.
6: Men who have do have sex with men can also be a big reason in spreading the hepatitis virus.
7: Men or women who have sex with infected person hepatitis B virus also get this virus.
8: Semen of men, which contain small amount of blood and saliva that is contaminated with blood also carry to virus
9: The hepatitis virus can also be transmitted when these fluids come in contact with broken skin or a mucous membrane of an infected person so be very careful.
10: Hand shaking with the infected people and hugging them may be the cause of infection.
11: Breastfeeding your child is also a known reason for the spread of this disease so you must know the causes of hepatitis spread and about hepatitis and ways to prevent hepatitis from spreading.
12: Piercing as in case of tattoo making by using unsterilized tools so these sort of unnecessary practices should be avoided because it can lead to not only hepatitis but also other diseases and infections.
For hepatitis A, there are vaccines available. These vaccines are even more important and recommended to people who travel a lot or have other liver problems, besides hepatitis. Again, if those people are working that include contact with children or with many people must look for signs and symptoms of hepatitis and like in hospitals, the hepatitis vaccines are much indicated. For hepatitis B vaccines are again available which a good fortune is as for as hepatitis risk is concerned.

However, hepatitis C vaccines are not available right now so it is the most dangerous type and you must take care and must know the ways on how to prevent hepatitis from spreading and take appropriate measures. It is very important to know the incubation periods of every type of hepatitis if you contact the hepatitis virus, as it depends upon the type of hepatitis. These periods are as like in hepatitis A, it lasts about one month, in hepatitis B from 4 to about 20 weeks and the longest is in hepatitis C, between two and twenty six weeks.

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Health benefits of ginseng

Health benefits of ginseng
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Ginseng is regarded as one of nature’s best gifts. So if you have a question in mind that what is Ginseng and want to know about Ginseng and the health benefits of it than it than we have listed them here. It is used to increase physical and mental endurance, to boost energy, normalize body functions, reduce cholesterol, and prevent cancer. When we speak traditionally, ginseng has been used to enhance sexual desire, by promoting sex hormone production.
The Ginseng most common varieties available in market for use are Korean Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng. Panax Ginseng is another variety of Ginseng mainly found in Asia and China. It is also widely used as an Ginseng Extract.

Ginseng supports the natural balance of your body to combat fatigue by strengthening and protecting your nervous system. In the market you can also find Ginseng Tea or red Ginseng tea.
Modern research has proved medically that over 28 therapeutic elements (genocides) are in this vitamin rich plant. Research also shows that regular use of Ginseng is helpful in the treatment of memory loss (Alzheimer’s), balance of blood sugar levels i.e. diabetes, slowing down the aging process, helping the immune system, etc.

Every types of Ginseng like Siberian Ginseng or Korean Ginseng or Chinese Ginseng and Panax Ginseng have its own effects on health and benefits Other health benefits of Ginseng are that it is effective for treating colds, coughs, rheumatism, neuralgia, gout, diabetes, anemia insomnia, stress, headache, backache and double vision. Women may find it helpful in normalizing menstruation and easing childbirth. In an experimental study in Eastern Europe, ginseng was used effectively as a mouth was against Periodontal Disease which is a progressive destruction of the supporting structures of the teeth.

Ginseng also counteracts the effects of physical and emotional stress, enhances memory, counteracts fatigue without caffeine, and improves stamina. Medically, ginseng stimulates the immune system, by spuring the production of the body’s own virus fighting chemicals, helping to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, has anti-clotting effects, reducing risk of arterial blood clots, helps control diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels, is known as an antioxidant, preventing the cumulative cell damage researchers believe accumulates in cancer, protects the liver from the effects of drug, alcohol and toxins, minimizes cell damage from radiation, and increases intestinal absorption of nutrients.

Health advantages and benefits of Ginseng has been known for thousand of years and Ginseng has been used for thousands of years to improve the overall health of human being and quality of life. In the first Chinese book of herbs, the Pen Tsao-Ching (The Classic of Herbs), written by the famous Emperor Shen Nung, to whom the discovery of tea was attributed, Ginseng was recommended for enlightening the mind and increasing wisdom. In terms of modern scientific research, ginseng is known to be an Adaptogens.

Adaptogens are substances that assist the body to restore itself to health and work without side effects even if the recommended dose is widely exceeded. Ginseng is one of the most effective anti-aging supplements. It can alleviate some major effects of aging, such as degeneration of the blood system, and increase mental and physical capacity. Some other important benefits of ginseng on ones health are its support in cancer treatment and its effects on sports performance. The ginseng herb is a nutritious root, which for centuries has been used to not only boost energy, but to also treat many health problems. According to scientific research conducted on ginseng, ginseng helps to make the brain produce more endorphins, which are further responsible for the balance of emotional and physical stress hormones that are secreted by the adrenal glands.

The more light health benefits of ginseng are its abilities to raise alertness, vitality, and mental creativity , enhancement of immune system, antiaging, reduction of cholesterol levels . It is known to eliminate fatigue, nervous system and the testosterone. This was all about the Ginseng and what is Ginseng. However before taking any natural or herbal product you must consult your doctor.

Flights To Cape Town

Article by Travel and Flights Directory

Cheap Flights To Cape Town South Africa

Cape town attracts tourists not only from Africa but from rest of the world. The only problem for most of people is the distance cape town is at. Direct flights to cape town from most of European cities include London UK airport is about 12 hours.

If you take a flights to cape town with stop overs then obviously it would take much more time to reach. But this long flight to cape town from other cities of the world seems to be a good deal when you reach cape town and see its beauty with your own eyes. Flights to Cape Town International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport is more than 14 hours even with the direct flights. From New york Flight to cape town is more than 16 hours of flying time. Flying time from major California cities to Cape town South Africa is about 20 hours. This is just flying time. Obviously there are not always direct flights between two destinations so with stop overs your total traveling will tremendously increased.

Eplus Phones

Here are the mobile and cellular phones that are offered by Eplus.

Acer Liquid MT by eplus, Acer Stream S110 by eplus, Eplus Mobiles Amplicom PowerTel M4000 by eplus, Eplus Mobile Amplicom PowerTel M6000, iPhone 4, Auro Comfort 2010, BASE

lutea, BASE Tab, Doro PhoneEasy 332gsm, Doro PhoneEasy 338gsm, Eplus Mobiles Doro PhoneEasy 410gsm, Emporia Elegance premium V37, Emporia Elegance V35, Emporia Life-Plus,

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by eplus, Eplus Mobiles HTC Desire S, HTC Desire Z by eplus, HTC Gratia, HTC Incredible S, Eplus Mobile HTC Salsa, Eplus Mobile HTC Sensation,BlackBerry® 8520 Curve,

BlackBerry® Torch 9800 by eplus, LG C300 Town,LG C320 Town, Eplus Phone LG E900 Optimus 7, LG GD550, Eplus Mobile LG GM360, Eplus Mobiles LG GS500, Eplus Phone LG Optimus Pad

V900, Eplus Phones LG P970, Eplus Phones LG T320 Cookie 3G

Below are the more detailed description of the each cellular phone that eplus deutschland offers to its customers. Eplus also offer 3G phones and internet to its customers. E

plus has around 20 million customers in Germany. Eplus offer latest phones like iphone 4G to its customers too in reasonable rates.

EPlus Sony Erricsson Mobile Phones

Sony Ericsson txt pro, black ( 3,2 MP Kamera, 3‘‘ Touchscreen, QWERTZ-Tastatur)
Sony Ericsson txt pro, white ( 3“ (7,6 cm) Touch-Display mit 16 Mio. Farben (480×240 Pixel) 3,2 Megapixel-Kamera, Vollständige QWERTZ Tastatur)
Sony Ericsson X8, black/silver (3,2 Megapixel- Kamera, 3“ Fulltouch-Display mit 65.00 Farben (240 x 320 Pixel), ANDROID Market (200.000 Apps und Games verfügbar)
Sony Ericsson Xperia arc, silver 4,2“ Touch-Display mit 16,7 Mio. Farben, 8,0 Megapixel-Kamera, Integrierter GPS-Empfänger)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Ladyphone, white, 3“(7,6 cm) TFT Reality Display Mobile BRAVIA® Engine mit 16 Mio. Farben (480×320 Pixel), 5 Megapixel-Kamera, Inkl. Designarmband von DYRBERG/KERN im Wert von ca. 95€)
Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro, black, 3“ (7,6 cm) TFT Reality Display mit 16 Mio. Farben (480×320 Pixel), 5 Megapixel-Kamera mit LED-Blitz + AF, Vollständige QWERTZ-Tastatur)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, blue gradient (8,0 Megapixel, Android 2.3, Touchscreen)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, red (8 MP Kamera, Android 2.3, Touchscreen)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, silver (8 MP Kamera, Android 2.3, Touchscreen)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, black ( 4“ Touch-Display, aufschiebbares Gamepad und PlayStation-Controllern, 5,1 Megapixel-Kamera, Integrierter GPS-Empfänger)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, white (4“ Touch-Display mit 16,7 Mio. Farben, aufschiebbarem Gamepad und PlayStation-Controllern, 5,1 Megapixel-Kamera
Integrierter GPS-Empfänger)
Sony Ericsson Yendo, black-red ( 2,0 Megapixel, Touchscreen, wechselbare Backcover)
Sony Ericsson Zylo, chacha silver ( 3,2 Megapixel- Kamera, Walkman-Player / Radio, WAP 2.0)

EPlus Samsung Mobile Phones

Samsung B2710, black ( 2“ Display mit 262.144 Farben (240×320 Pixel), IP-67 Zertifizierung, 2,0 Megapixel-Kamera)
Samsung B5722, dark ( 3,2 Megapixel, Dual-SIM, TFT Touchscreen 2,8”)
Samsung B7722i, pearl-black ( 5,0 Megapixel, Dual-SIM, Touchscreen)
Samsung C3750, metallic-grey (3,2 Megapixel, Touchscreen, Bluetooth, Kalender)
Samsung C5212 Dual-Sim, noble-black (1,3 Megapixel-Kamera, Dual-SIM-Funktion, MP3-Player)
Samsung Chat 335, metallic-black (2 Megapixel, QWERTZ-Tastatur, WLAN)
Samsung E1050, black ( Farbdisplay, Organizer, MP-3 Klingeltöne)
Samsung E2121, candy-red ( VGA-Kamera, Bluetooth, microSD Steckplatz)
Samsung Galaxy Gio, dark-silver (3,2 Megapixel, Android 2.2, Touchscreen)
Samsung Galaxy mini, chic-white (3,14“ Touch-Display mit 262.144 Farben, 3,0 Megapixel-Kamera, Integrierter GPS Empfänger,
Samsung Galaxy mini, steel grey ( 3,14“ Touch-Display mit 262.144 Farben, 3,2 Megapixel-Kamera, Integrierter GPS Empfänger)
Samsung Galaxy S II 9100, black (4,3“ Super AMOLED Touch-Display, 8,0 Megapixel-Kamera mit LED-Blitz, Integrierter GPS-Empfänger)
Samsung I5500, chic-white (2 MP Kamera, Android 2.1, 2,8” Touchscreen)
Samsung I5500, ebony-black (2 MP Kamera, Android 2.1, 2,8” Touchscreen)
Samsung Omnia 7, ebony black (4″ Super AMOLED-Touch-Display (480 x 800 Pixel), 5,0 Megapixel-Kamera, 16 GB interner Speicher)
Samsung S5230 Star, Hello Kitty Edition ( 3-Megapixel-Kamera, Virtuelle QWERTZ-Tastatur, MP3-Player)
Samsung S5230 Star, noble-black ( 3-Megapixel-Kamera, Virtuelle QWERTZ-Tastatur, MP3-Player)
Samsung S5230 Star, pink ( 3-Megapixel-Kamera, Virtuelle QWERTZ-Tastatur, MP3-Player)
Samsung Star ll, onyx-black ( 7,62 cm TFT-Touchscreen mit 262.144 Farben (240×400 Pixel), Schnelles Internet mit WLAN n-Standard, 3,2 Megapixel-Kamera)
Samsung Wave ll, ebony-grey ( 3,7“ Touch-Display mit 16 Mio. Farben (480×800 Pixel), 5,0 Megapixel-Kamera, Samsung App Store (über 7.000 Apps und Games verfügbar)

EPlus Nokia Mobile Phones

Nokia 2720 fold, black ( 1,3 Megapixel- Kamera, E-Mail-fähig, Musik-Player / UKW Radio, Nokia 3720 classic, yellow)
Outdoor-Handy nach IP54 Norm ( 2,0 Megapixel- Kamera, E-Mail-fähig)
Nokia 5228, black ( 2,0 Megapixel, Symbian S60, 3,2” Touchscreen)
Nokia 5230 Navi, white-chrome ( 2,0 Megapixel- Kamera, Bluetooth / USB, Musik-Player / UKW Radio)
Nokia C1-01, dark grey (VGA Kamera, microUSB, FM-Radio)
Nokia C1-01, warm grey (VGA Kamera, microUSB, FM-Radio)
Nokia C1-02, black ( FM-Radio, Organizer, microUSB)
Nokia C1-02, plum ( FM-Radio, Organizer, microUSB)
Nokia C2-02, chrome black (2 MP Kamera, 2,6’’ Touchscreen, FM-Radio, microUSB)
Nokia C3, lime green ( 2,4“ Display mit 262.144 Farben (240 x 320 Pixel), 2,0 Megapixel- Kamera, Vollständige QWERTZ-Tastatur)
Nokia C3-01 Touch Type, silver ( 2,4“ Touch-Display mit 262.144 Farben (240 x 320 Pixel) und vollständige Tastatur, 5,0 Megapixel- Kamera, WLAN / USB / Bluetooth)
Nokia C7, frosty metal ( 8,0 Megapixel-Kamera mit Dual-LED Blitz, 3,5“ AMOLED-Touchscreen (640 x 360 Pixel) mit 16,7 Mio. Farben, Bluetooth / USB / WLAN)
Nokia E6, black (2,46“ (6,2 cm) Touch-Display mit 16,7 Mio. Farben (480×640), 8,0 Megapixel-Kamera, Unbegrenzte und kostenlose Navigation in 78 Ländern)
Nokia E6-00, silver (8 MP Kamera, 2,4’’ Touchscreen, Symbian OS, Nokia E7, dark grey)
4“ AMLOED-Touch-Display mit 16,7 Mio. Farben u. vollst. Tastatur ( 8,0 Megapixel-Kamera, 16 GB interner Speicher)
Nokia X3-02 Touch Type, dark metal ( 5,0 Megapixel- Kamera, 2,4“ Touch-Display mit 262.144 Farben (240 x 320 Pixel) und Vollständige Tastatur, Inkl. 2 GB MicroSD)
Nokia X3-02 Touch Type, petrol blue ( 5,0 Megapixel- Kamera, 2,4“ Touch-Display mit 262.144 Farben (240 x 320 Pixel) und Vollständige Tastatur
Inkl. 2 GB MicroSD)
Nokia X7, dark steel ( 4“ (10,16 cm) Touch-Display mit 16,7 Mio Farben (640×360 Pixel), 8,0 Megapixel-Kamera mit LED-Blitz, Unbegrenzte und kostenlose Navigation in 78 Ländern)

EPlus HTC Mobile Phones

HTC ChaCha, white (2,6“ Touch-Display u. vollständige QWERTZ-Tastatur, 5,0 Megapixel- Kamera und Power LED-Blitz, Integrierter GPS-Empfänger)
HTC Desire S, kodak grey ( 5,0 Megapixel, Android 2.3, 3,7” Touchscreen)
HTC Desire S, muted black ( 5,0 Megapixel, Android 2.3, 3,7” Touchscreen)
HTC Desire Z, black ( 5,0 Megapixel, QWERTZ-Tastatur, 3,7” Touchscreen)
HTC Gratia, white ( 5 MP Kamera, Android 2.2, 3,2’’ Touchscreen)
HTC Incredible S, black ( 8,0 Megapixel, Android 2.2, 4” Touchscreen)
HTC Salsa, ocean blue ( 5 MP Kamera, Android 2.3, 3,4’’ Touchscreen)
HTC Sensation, gray ( 4,3“ (10,9 cm) Touch-Display, 8,0 Megapixel-Kamera mit Doppel–LED-Blitzlicht, 1,2 GHz Dual core Prozessor mit 768 MB RAM )

EPlus BlackBerry Phones

BlackBerry® 8520 Curve, black ( 2,0 Megapixel Kamera, vollwertige QWERTZ Tastatur, BlackBerry® Push-Mail Service)
BlackBerry® Torch 9800, black ( 3,2“ Touch-Display mit 16,7 Mio. Farben, vollständige QWERTZ-Tastatur zum Aufschieben, 5,0 Megapixel-Kamera mit LED-Blitz, 624 MHz Prozessor)

EPlus LG Mobile Phones

LG C300 Town, black red ( 2,0 Megapixel, QWERTZ-Tastatur, FM-Radio )
LG C320 Town, white black ( 2,0 Megapixel, QWERTZ-Tastatur , FM-Radio)
LG E900 Optimus 7, black ( 5,0 Megapixel- Kamera, 3,8“ Touch-Display mit 262.00 Farben (480 x 800 Pixel), Windows Phone 7)
LG GD550, black ( 5 MP Kamera, 2,4” Display, Bluetooth)
LG GM360, purple ( 5 Megapixel, 3,0” Touchscreen, LED flash)
LG GS500, white silver ( 3,2 Megapixel, Facebook Client, HSDPA)
LG Optimus Me P350, black-silver ( 3,2 Megapixel, Android 2.2 , Touchscreen )
LG Optimus Pad V900, black ( 8,9’’ Touchscreen, Android 3.0, 1GHz Prozesso )
LG Optimus Speed P990, black ( 8 Megapixel, Android 2.2, Touchscreen )
LG P970 Optimus Black ( 4“ (10,16 cm) NOVA Touch-Display mit 16,7 Mio. Farben (480×800 Pixel), 5,0 Megapixel-Kamera, Integrierter GPS-Empfänger)
LG T310 Cookie Style, black ( 2 Megapixel, 2,8” Touchscreen, FM-Radio )
LG T320 Cookie 3G, black ( 2 MP Kamera, Touchscreen, HSDPA)

EPlus Acer Mobile Phones

Acer Liquid MT, silver ( 5,0 Megapixel, Android 2.2, Touchscreen, Acer Stream S110, silver, 5 MP Kamera)
AMOLED Touchscreen ( Android 2.1, Amplicom PowerTel M4000, black, Amplicom PowerTel M4000, silver, Dual Band, USB Schnittstelle, Farbdisplay)
Amplicom PowerTel M6000, black ( Blutooth, Klinke Anschluss: 2,5 mm, USB Schnittstelle)

Eplus iPhone Mobile Phones

iPhone 4 16 GB, black ( 3,5“ Multi-Touch-Widescreen Retina Display (960 x 640Pixel), 5,0 Megapixel- Kamera mit LED Blitz, 16 GB interner Speicher )
iPhone 4 32 GB, black ( 3,5“ Multi-Touch-Widescreen Retina Display (960 x 640Pixel), 5,0 Megapixel- Kamera mit LED Blitz, 32 GB interner Speicher)

Auro Comfort 2010, black silver (Großtasten-Mobiltelefon , Dualband GSM 900/DCS1800, Extra großes LCD-Farbdisplay )

EPlus BASE lutea Mobile Phones

BASE lutea, glossy piano black ( 5 Megapixel Kamera, 3,5“ Touch-Display mit 65.000 Farben (480 x 800 Pixel), ANDROID Market (über 200.000 Apps und Games verfügbar))

BASE lutea, white ( 5 Megapixel Kamera, 3,5“ Touch-Display mit 65.000 Farben (480 x 800 Pixel),
ANDROID Market (über 300.000 Apps und Games verfügbar)

BASE Tab, white ( 7“ (17,8 cm) Touch-Display mit 262.144 Farben (480×800 Pixel), 3,0 Megapixel-Kamera, 600 MHz Prozessor )

EPlus Doro Mobile Phones

Doro PhoneEasy 332gsm, black ( 3 Direktwahltasten, Notruftaste, Schriftgröße/ Kontrast der Displayanzeige einstellbar )
Doro PhoneEasy 338gsm, black ( Großes Tastenfeld mit voneinander getrennten Tasten, 3 Direktwahltasten, Notruftaste und Hörgeräte kompatibel )
Doro PhoneEasy 410gsm ,red ( Große, übersichtlich gestaltete Tastatur, Bluetooth® für Headsets und Induktionsschleifen, Notruftaste und Hörgeräte kompatibel)

EPlus Emporia Mobile Phones

Emporia Elegance premium V37, black ( Einfache Bedienung, keine Anleitung nötig, Telefonieren und SMS, Emporias Notruffunktion )
Emporia Elegance V35, black ( Einfache Bedienung, Hörgerätekompatibel, Elegantes Design,
Emporia Life-Plus, silver ( Vereinfachte Bedienung, Große Tasten und Display, Superlaute Hörer- und Klingellautstärke )
Emporia TALK V20, grey ( Einfache Bedienung, Extra große Tasten mit ausgezeichnetem Druckpunkt, Breites Display mit gut lesbarer Schrift)
Emporia TelME C135, black ( Notfallknopf auf der Rückseite, Notfallknopf mit 2 Nummern belegbar, FM – Radio mit integrieter Antenne)
Emporia TelME Flip F200, black ( VGA Kamera, einfache Bedienung, Notruf-Taste)

EPlus Huawei Mobile Phones

Huawei HSDPA USB Stick E173 ( Einfach zu installieren durch Plug-and-Play-Funktion, Versand und Empfang von SMS möglich, microSDTM-Kartenslot)

EPlus Motorola Mobile Phones

Motorola Gleam, pink (2 MP Kamera, FM-Radio, microUSB )
Motorola Milestone 2, black ( 5 Megapixel, Android 2.2, QWERTZ-Tastatur )

Smartbook Surfer 360 MN10U, black ( 10,1 Zoll Display, Multitouch LCD, Android 2.2)

EPlus Sonim Mobile Phones

Sonim S1 Land Rover Edition, black ( 2-Megapixel Kamera, IP-57 Zertifizierung, GPS geeignet (A-GPS) )
Sonim XP1300 Core, black ( IP-68 zertifiziert, staub- und wasserdicht, Organizer )
Sonim XP3.2 Quest PRO, black ( 2-Megapixel Kamera, IP-67 Zertifizierung, Gorilla Glas (Kratz- und Stossfest) )
Sonim XP3300 Force, black ( 2,0 Megapixel, IP-68 Zertifizierung, A-GPS )
Sonim XP5300 Force 3G, black ( 2 MP Kamera, IP-68 geschützt, 3G, GPS, UMTS )

Mobiler Hotspot XSBox® GO ( SIM-Karte mit Datentarif einlegen & lossurfen, Nutzung von bis zu fünf Geräten parallel, Kein USB-Anschluss notwendig)

Swissvoice MP01, silver ( Beleuchtetes Display mit großen Zahlen und Buchstaben, Große beleuchtete Tasten, 3 Direktwahlspeicher-Tasten
Optische Anrufsignalisierung)

ViewSonic ViewPad 10S, black ( 10” LED-Display, kapazititver Multi-Touchscreen, Android 2.2)


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