How to prevent hepatitis

Hepatitis is a very common disease that can cause a lot of damage to your liver so you must know how to prevent hepatitis. So how do you define what is hepatitis and what are the signs of signs of hepatitis and what are hepatitis symptoms. If we know the reason how hepatitis is acquired we can try to finish off the reasons for its infection and thus we can prevent hepatitis transmission.

The most important thing not to get infected with hepatitis is to keep a very good hygiene of your body and try to avoid living in crowded homes and most of all in unhealthy conditions because these are the things which can cause transmission of hepatitis so we can do some thing about prevention of hepatitis from spreading. The hepatitis A virus is found in stools and saliva of infected persons which are infected with hepatitis and is mostly spread by food or water that has been contaminated by fecal matter. So these are the points to keep in mind and if you know that how do you get hepatitis you can avoid these things and can prevent hepatitis from spreading.

This is even more important while traveling to places of the world where the quality of the water can be different on each place. To avoid this danger of getting infected with hepatitis there are many things to consider like you can take care what you drink, where you bathe and what types of pot you are using to drink water.

Also one must wash your hand every time after going to bath using the toilet and always take care and wash you hand and never eat with your hand dirty if you want to save yourself from any type of hepatitis. There are different types of Hepatitis that exists like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C. There are hepatitis vaccines available in market which you must treat in advance to reduce your chances of getting Hepatitis and to prevent Hepatitis.

Hepatitis B virus is also known as a blood born virus, because it is transmitted from one person to another via blood or fluid contaminated with blood.
Following are some most common reasons which one should avoid to prevent you from hepatitis:
1: Avoid injecting drugs from shared needles and always used a new needle and needle every time and dispose of the old one
2: People who receive transfusions of blood or blood products are generally on high risk of hepatitis and they should have done their tests for Hepatitis more often and also should keep Hepatitis signs and symptoms in mind so in case they observe any symptom they should immediately consult their physician.
3; People who undergo for kidney dialysis are on high risk and the reason for this is that they use needles on regular basis for blood cleaning and this is the most common reason for transmission of hepatitis.
4: Infants can be born to infected mothers and mothers can be a source of transmission of hepatitis.
5: Men and women who have multiple sex partners are at a very high risk of getting hepatitis, especially if they do sex without condom.
6: Men who have do have sex with men can also be a big reason in spreading the hepatitis virus.
7: Men or women who have sex with infected person hepatitis B virus also get this virus.
8: Semen of men, which contain small amount of blood and saliva that is contaminated with blood also carry to virus
9: The hepatitis virus can also be transmitted when these fluids come in contact with broken skin or a mucous membrane of an infected person so be very careful.
10: Hand shaking with the infected people and hugging them may be the cause of infection.
11: Breastfeeding your child is also a known reason for the spread of this disease so you must know the causes of hepatitis spread and about hepatitis and ways to prevent hepatitis from spreading.
12: Piercing as in case of tattoo making by using unsterilized tools so these sort of unnecessary practices should be avoided because it can lead to not only hepatitis but also other diseases and infections.
For hepatitis A, there are vaccines available. These vaccines are even more important and recommended to people who travel a lot or have other liver problems, besides hepatitis. Again, if those people are working that include contact with children or with many people must look for signs and symptoms of hepatitis and like in hospitals, the hepatitis vaccines are much indicated. For hepatitis B vaccines are again available which a good fortune is as for as hepatitis risk is concerned.

However, hepatitis C vaccines are not available right now so it is the most dangerous type and you must take care and must know the ways on how to prevent hepatitis from spreading and take appropriate measures. It is very important to know the incubation periods of every type of hepatitis if you contact the hepatitis virus, as it depends upon the type of hepatitis. These periods are as like in hepatitis A, it lasts about one month, in hepatitis B from 4 to about 20 weeks and the longest is in hepatitis C, between two and twenty six weeks.

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