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How to recognize symptoms of gallbladder diseases

How to recognize symptoms of gallbladder diseases
Gallstone attacks, Working of Gallbladder, Diseases of Gallbladder, Gallstones pain, gallbladder cancer

The symptoms of gall bladder disease may be quite distressing, with the most dreaded being gallstone attacks. The gallbladder is an important organ that plays a valuable role in the digestive system. The gallbladder releases bile at the time when digestion is needed. There fore it gallbladder plays an important function in digestion. It specially helps in breakdown of fats in intestine. Most important condition that occurs with gallbladder is gallstones and the most important reason for gallbladder pain is the presence of stone in gallbladder. This gallbladder stone can be detected by applying radiology techniques like Ultrasound and CT scan. The gallbladder is situated towards the upper right side of the abdomen just beneath the liver. Bile, which is produced by the liver, is essential for digestion, particularly of fats. The gallbladder works as a storage facility for bile and it releases it whenever food is consumed to facilitate digestion.

About 85%-95% of gallstones patients do not have any symptom of any gallbladder problem or diseases. Only 2% of patients develop pain during the start of first 10 years after the formation of gallstones. After this 10 years period, the chance for developing symptoms declines even more. Till now it is unclear what causes the reason to decline in symptoms after 10 years. Some doctors however suggest that “younger,” smaller stones may be more likely to cause symptoms than larger, older ones.
Following are most commonly known symptoms recognized by physician to confirm gallbladder diseases. These gallbladder disease symptoms are only symptoms and you need to confirm and ask your family doctor to do initial tests himself or order an ultrasound for you. If stone or any other problem like stone or mass is found in gallbladder is found than you will be referred to a gallbladder specialist doctor. Another common cause for gallbladder pain can be a gallbladder cancer or a tumor in gallbladder. If you are diagnosed with gallbladder cancer and have symptoms you will be referred for surgery or chemotherapy. Most of the times surgeons will remove your gallbladder if a cancer is detected in your gallbladder. The major cause of gallbladder cancer is gender and obesity. Gallbladder tumor is more common intact twice common in females. Most of patients with gallbladder cancer disease will die within one year at it is very difficult to treat and have poor prognosis. You should be very worried if you have are having following symptoms.
1: Steady severe pain in the upper abdomen that increases rapidly and lasts from 39 minutes to several hours.
2: Pain in back in between shoulders blades
3: Pain under the right shoulder is a symptom of Gallstones in Gallbladder.
4: Vomiting is another symptom of gallbladder disease
5: Abdominal bloating
6: Recurring intolerance to fatty foods.
7: Belching or burping
8: Gas is also a symptom that you have a problem in your gallbladder
9: Indigestion
10: Dizziness is another common after effect of disease in your gallbladder
11: Feeling of fullness or food not digesting
12: Bitter fluid comes up after eating
13: Constipation may be a reason for Gallbladder Gal-stones.
14: Stools light or chalky colored

Vodafone Prepaid

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Vodafone telecommunication provides cellular , internet and broadband services in UK. Vodafone offers many different packages no matter if you become a Vodafone subscriber or if you want a Vodafone uk prepaid. This is also called Vodafone pay as you go or Vodafone top up. So there is a minimum call charge on Vodafone pay as you go and that is for a one minute call.

You can also charge your vodafone prepaid from internet. You will be provided a Vodaphone sim when you purchase a prepaid plan. You can use your own phone or as an other option you can purchase a phone from Voda phone. Its very easy to top up you vodafone sim or to topup vodafone dongle . If you want to do that you have to go to their website and select vodafone online recharge section where you would be asked for your credit card and you will be charged for a recharge.

There are many mobile phones Vodafone offers on it prepaid plans. You can also use vodaphone internet on your mobiles where you have Vodaphone Sim Cards . This type of internet us called mobile internet. It is a pleasant experience to use mobile internet on your high end cellular phones. Mobile internet can also be used on IPAD on your tablet PCs and your other phones using different operating systems like mac, Symbian, Windows phone 7.

Voda phone also offers a service called Vodafone sure signal. This type of service is recommended if you are having difficulty using your internet via 3G with a weak signal. Weak signal can be due to a country side area which is far away from a booster or weak signal can be due to thick walls and heavy insulation. Another reason can be that the place where you want to use your 3G device is a basement. In these type of circumstances Vodafone will take 50 pounds for this Vodafone signal amplifying device .

This device will amplify the signal and will make sure that you get a powerful 3G wireless signal on your mobile phone and other devices. You can also rent this device from the company. Also from time to time voda fone does offer some deals to get new customers and expand their client base.

Voda fone today is present in many countries either itself of with a merger with another company so it can be said that Vodafone now is a global company rather than just a United Kingdom Based Company.

Travel Hotels and Flights to IZMIR in Turkey

flights to izmir, izmir hotels, holidays in izmir, istanbul to izmir,hotel izmir

Izmir is a beautiful city in the wonderful country of Turkey and to spend your holidays in Izmir is a brilliant idea. Turkey is currently ranked no. 7 among top tourist favorite countries and is quickly gaining popularity . Most of the tourists in turkey comes from the neighboring countries of Europe like Germany, France, Italy and the UK. Izmir is a city in turkey which is famous and and its a top destination for tourists. Flights to Izmir can be boarded from istanbul or from UK.

If you plan to go to Izmir you can take flights to Izmir and have to have some information about Izmir Weather. You would then have a better idea and
you would able to decide that which season you want your holidays in Izmir.

Izmir hotels are easy to find on you can book a hotel in Izmir in advance of your arrival in Turkey. When you will be on your visit to Turkey you must also consider visiting Istanbul. In fact Istanbul is a bigger city and it is easy to find a flight to Istanbul if you are traveling from outside of Turkey. After you reach Istanbul you can take a flight from Istanbul to Izmir. There are lots of flights and airlines that runs on this route .

The flights from Istanbul to Izmir or Ankara to Izmir are around half an hour flying time. Izmir has a Mediterranean climate and weather is usually quite warm in summer. In winter it is good but quite rainy with most of the rain fall occurring in the months of Nov to Mar.

When you reach Izmir as a tourist you can either travel by public transit system or you can choose car rental in Izmir.Izmir Bus system is very good and is known as ESHOT. ESHOT runs nearly 1500 buses. Urban ferries in Izmir is also a good traveling option especially for tourists. The city also has Metro system which is mostly underground railway system and is around 10 km of length. It also has light Metro system which is called by the name İZBAN and also called Egeray.

This runs through out Izmir metropolitan area. There are many international car rental companies in Izmir Turkey. So if you have passion for driving then Izmir car rental is also a good option. There are many places to see in this wonderful city of Izmir and as a tourist you will love to see it. Here are some of attractions of Izmir like there is Original Trojan horse there. As this is an old city of old civilization Izmir city has a over 740 years old theater of Roman Empire Era.

Then this city has a historical and famous clock tower which is a special attraction for tourists. For people who love night life this city has a good variety of night clubs , cafes and restaurants where you can dine in to enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Another main area of recreation in Izmir is SEA where tourist flock to enjoy all sort of water sports and sailing, diving , swimming etc and off course playing volley ball in a sunny beach.

Neal Izmir there is a also a wonderful resort Kusadasi. This tourist resort is about 85 km on the south of Izmir. Kusadasi is located in Aegean and its nearest sites where tourist can go are Priene, Ephesus, Didyma.

So in short if you choose to go to Turkey then Izmir is a must and is the must see attraction. Weather , people, lifestyle are all factors to consider it and go there and see personally and finally to get cheap flights to Izmir can be bought from internet . Also hotels bookings in Izmir and cheap hotel rates in Izmir are available on websites where you can just get online and book your stay. Another option is hostels which is good for students.

Causes and how to get rid of swollen feet

Causes and how to get rid of swollen feet?

Swollen feet can cause much discomfort. People often wonder that what causes swollen feet and cause of swollen feet. Basically a swollen feet or swollen ankle is an excessive fluid builds up in the muscles, which causes swelling. In other words, there is rapid increase in weight. Slight swelling, which normally occurs in summer, may be due to standing for too long or walking too much. Swelling is also known as edema.

Those who remain standing on their feet for too long time often tend to develop swollen feet. This problem is more commonly faced by athletes. Obese people also have swollen feet as their feet have to bear too much weight. This is why one has to ensure that the feet are well rested and too much pressure is not placed on them. Swollen feet are also common during pregnancy and it is common to have swollen feet in pregnancy.

Having swollen feet and ankles has become a much more common concern for people these days. Since we live in such a fickle and vein world it is understandable that many people want their entire body to be proportioned. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the ways that people can get swollen ankles and see what prevention or cures are available for this infliction.

Water Retention in the area of ankles
Some people believe that their swollen feet and ankles is the result of fat build up in this area but it is not completely true, as it has been seen that people who do not have a large body fat percentage can still have fat or swollen ankles due water retention in the area of the ankles. A natural remedy to get rid of water retention is to drink natural diuretic drinks, 2-3 cups of green tea and two to three tablespoons of lemon juice in one glass of boiling hot water per day. This will be helpful in getting rid your body of any retained water.

Poor Blood Circulation
People with poor blood circulation are more prone to getting swollen feet and ankles. This is because that your blood will begin to pool in your lower limbs. Standing throughout the day will make your heart difficult to pump the blood back around your body from your lower limbs. Thus it is important to raise your feet above your heart for an hour every night enabling your heart to pump your blood back around again. An Indian herbal Ginkgo Biloba (a circulation boosting supplement) every day will give you amazing results in improving blood circulation and help you to get rid of your swollen feet and ankles. There are also special shoes available in market for the people who have swollen feet or swollen ankles because with normal shoes their foot hurts them and the special shoes used for over sized feet are very thin and comfortable shoes which are specially made for this swollen feet condition.

Obesity or excess Fat
Obesity can be controlled by measuring your body mass index. It is calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms to the square of the height in meters. If it is above normal then diet charts showing you the calories count should be strictly followed. Surely, if you have excess body fat then you will have excess fat stored in your ankles and feet also. You daily diet should contain approx. 1800 daily calories and full of heart healthy foods such as whole grains and healthy fats. Your diet should be high in protein to give your muscles tone and definition. Adding in some exercises focusing on the muscles around your ankles will also help you get a toned and defined ankle region, which will help you get rid of those dreaded swollen feet and ankles.

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II-2

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II

Samsung i9100 galaxy s 2, galaxy s 2 price, new Samsung galaxy, Samsung s galaxy

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II or S 2 is an ultra-slim Mobile that is rated no. 1 (by rate) on a private site and is currently the second thinnest Dual-Core smartphone in the world. As Samsung s galaxy is a high end phone it has most of the features available in current market. Also the new Samsung galaxy has price around 500 $ if you purchase a unlocked Samsung galaxy.

Apple iPhone set a standard and now others are following it and making very brilliant phones. There are few models available in market for Samsung galaxy. When every they release a new model the price of older model reduces a bit as people rush to purchase the new model as with other appliances. Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II is smooth and slim smart phone has a Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as one of its features.

Through this Mobile you can SMS, MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM, and RSS easily. It has a stereo FM radio with RDS. Samsung Galaxy I9100 S 2 mobile phone is more tha a mobile phone . It is also a camera , GPS and many other latest features. Samsung s galaxy is very attractive with its speedy and liquid fast touch screen and 16M colors.

This cellular phone has a appealing object and has a :
-Gorilla Glass display
- TouchWiz UI v4.0
- Multi-touch input method
- Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate
- Touch-sensitive controls
- Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
- Gyroscope sensor.
Samsung Galaxy SII has 8 mega pixel camera with single LED flash that can record videos in full high-definition. It includes MP4, MP3 and organizer. One can also use it as a computer as we can edit images, videos and documents through (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF). Also we can use the Google Search, Google Talk, Maps and can be connected to the world with Gmail, Yahoo etc.

It has a Standard battery, Li-Ion 1650 mAh. It can Stand-by Up to 710 h for 2G and Up to 610 h for 3G. It also has Bluetooth, GPS and Games.
With its ultra slim body it is extremely light weight as it weighs approximately 116 grams.

It’s accessories include a
a) Dock connector for battery charging and audio-visual output
b) MHL cable which makes use of the device’s Micro USB port for HDMI output
c) USB OTG adaptor to use with external usb devices such as USB flash drives.
d) Stylus pen for use on the device’s display screen

At the start of 2012 a new phone has been introduced . This is a more advanced phone with big screen and more Features. AT&T has also started offering it. You can find out more about this phone Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T

In June 2011, the phone won the award of ‘Hottest New Phone for 2011′ at the Mobile Industry Awards 2011. Samsung I9100 2 has android operating system and has there are many applications available in market now for this phone so you have many applications for this phone . The android applications for Samsung galaxy S2 are available free as well as paid . With the help of Bluetooth in this phone you can transfer data and high resolution pictures and videos remotely.

what is a laser printer

what is a laser printer
laser printer all in one,what is a laser printer,multifunction laser printer,colour laser printers,laser printer toner,mono laser printer

The thing very common in office is a laser printer. So you must be wondering that after all what is a laser printer and how laser printer works and you end up getting tremendous quality printing in very less time. Below we would give you a brief introduction on what is a laser printer and the basic know how of working of laser printers its types and costs.

Laser jet printers uses dry ink . Every laser jet printer has a drum which starts revolving during a printout and uses electrical charge to print out. The toner sticks to negatively charged areas of a drum. The laser will write those characters onto the drum as a negative charge. This would enable the toner particles to stick to the drum. The image will be transferred to the paper. After the printing is done the paper will come to the fusor unit. This unit produces high temperature so that the toner particles settle and merge into the paper.

You have noticed that whenever a paper jam occurs the text or image on the paper is very loose . This is because the toner particles are loose and are not heated yet to be printed or merged into the paper. Laser printers are available in a variety of types for example there is a laser printer all in one . Laser printer all in one means that this printer has printing , scanning , faxing and photocopying capabilities and can print , scan , fax and photocopy. This also means that if you get this type of printer you will not need to purchase a scanner, fax machine and scanner separately.

This would save you costly office space , device cost and over all a good experience. You would also save money as you now have only to purchase one device instead of four separate devices. Then there is a multifunction laser printer. This means that the printer in question does more than laser print. The capabilities of a multi function laser printer is that it can include scanning, faxing and photocopying.

Also laser printers are available in other types too like Color laser printers and mono laser printer. The colour laser printer are usually expensive than a mono laser printers. Also color laser printers have 4 toners which are Cyan, yellow, Magenta and Black usually refereed as CYMK. So mostly you will need to maintain four toners which can be costly .

Laser printer also have a Fusion or heating unit so it is a high consumer of electricity so the plug it has to be plugged in needs to be able to carry heavy loads. The speed of colour laser printer and mono laser printers also varies and now a days there are color laser printers available in market which can print like 100 pages in one minute. For monochrome laser printer the speed is even more and models which can print 200 pages per minute are available too.

Some laser jet printer manufacturers sell toner and drum as a same unit while some other sell these as separate units. The advantage you get if your toner and drum are separate are say your toner expire after 3000 print out but your drum doesn’t . In this case you don’t have to replace the drum also because the usual life of a drum is often more than 10,000 pages even for the cheap laser printers. You would save on laser printer on this.

Drums are pretty expensive things and are usually more than 100 dollar value. With the high price of printer supplies its a good ideas to purchase refurbished units also and to save money. Laser jets are superior now a days in a sense that Ink jet printers are too slow and their ink is too expensive and the cartridge usually ends very fast. The laser jet printer is more reliable than inkjets printer.

bsnl broadband Plans

bsnl broadband Plans

bsnl broadband plans, bsnl broadband tariff, bsnl data,bsnl landline plans, bsnl 3g

BSNL is a telecommunication company with the largest market penetration in India. This is a state owned company. There are more than 95 million customers who use BSNL services. BSNL amlost provide all services related to telecom . The services it provides are like IPTV, 3G data, BSNL mobile phone services and other services too. BSNL currently have more than 8 million broadband users using its high speed internet. BSNL is planning to expand to more than 800 cities till the end of year 2011 which will be a great acheivement. BSNL slogn is India’s no. 1 telecommunication company. BSNL offers great broadband plans that goes up to the speed of 8MB per second which is really good.

BSNL also have SANCHARNET CARD by which you can register to use the internet without having to go through lengthy process of installation of DSL or ADSL model at your end. BSNL 3g is a 3g network which covers almost all of country and provides data in 3G for 3G capable devices and modems.
If you are planning to buy a BSNL broad band plan than you must know that BSNL does not provides services in Delhi and Mumbai metro. As BSNL is the oldest company in India many people still have its landlines and they are very comfortable while purchasing it .

If you have a landlines at your home and you are planning to buy a BSNL broadband service than you telephone line will remain free because you dont have to dial for internet access like regular dial up internet. For the people who want to have BSNL land line which is an ordinary telephone at home usually have to pay Indian Rupees 180 for their BSNL landline plans. The strength of BSNL is also that it offers a land line and BSNL land line plans all over india.
BSNL Standalone Plans are like 700 rs with the download limit of 4GB per month with the download speed of 2 Mbps. This BSNL internet plan provides you with one free email address. The other post paid BSNL plan which are called COMBO Plans provides you with a 60 GB of download limit in RS 2799 With a download speed of 8Mbps.

This BSNL plan and other BSNL plans also give you option to pay once for one year which will save you some money. With this high end plans the ADSL modem you will get is also WiFi enabled to give your computer wireless access to high speed internet without hooking to any wire physically.
The best post paid tariff plan BNSL offer is Rs. 6999 that is suitable for business . With this extremely powerful plan your download speed will be 24 Mbps with the download limit of 250 Giga Byte with one static IP address.

Besides post paid internet usage plans Bsnl also offers pre paid internet broad usage plans. For example BSNL offers different Volume Based Recharge Vouchers like BBV RL 250 which cost rupees 250 which has a validity of 7 days.

India has following telecom circles which serves almost all of country . For reference we are giving you the name os that telecom circles which has been taken from BSNL site.

Andaman & Nicobar, Dobaspet, Tamilnadu Telecom Circle, Jharkhand Telecom, Bihar Telecom, Andhra Pradesh Telecom, Assam Telecom, Chhattisgarh Telecom, Gujarat Telecom Haryana Telecom, Himachal Pradesh Telecom, Jammu & Kashmir Telecom, Jharkhand Telecom, Karnataka Telecom, Kerala Telecom, Madhya Pradesh Telecom, Maharashtra Telecom, North East-I Telecom, North East-II Telecom, Orissa Telecom, Punjab Telecom, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Uttranchal Telecom, Uttar Pradesh East, Uttar Pradesh West Circle


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