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Izmir is a beautiful city in the wonderful country of Turkey and to spend your holidays in Izmir is a brilliant idea. Turkey is currently ranked no. 7 among top tourist favorite countries and is quickly gaining popularity . Most of the tourists in turkey comes from the neighboring countries of Europe like Germany, France, Italy and the UK. Izmir is a city in turkey which is famous and and its a top destination for tourists. Flights to Izmir can be boarded from istanbul or from UK.

If you plan to go to Izmir you can take flights to Izmir and have to have some information about Izmir Weather. You would then have a better idea and
you would able to decide that which season you want your holidays in Izmir.

Izmir hotels are easy to find on you can book a hotel in Izmir in advance of your arrival in Turkey. When you will be on your visit to Turkey you must also consider visiting Istanbul. In fact Istanbul is a bigger city and it is easy to find a flight to Istanbul if you are traveling from outside of Turkey. After you reach Istanbul you can take a flight from Istanbul to Izmir. There are lots of flights and airlines that runs on this route .

The flights from Istanbul to Izmir or Ankara to Izmir are around half an hour flying time. Izmir has a Mediterranean climate and weather is usually quite warm in summer. In winter it is good but quite rainy with most of the rain fall occurring in the months of Nov to Mar.

When you reach Izmir as a tourist you can either travel by public transit system or you can choose car rental in Izmir.Izmir Bus system is very good and is known as ESHOT. ESHOT runs nearly 1500 buses. Urban ferries in Izmir is also a good traveling option especially for tourists. The city also has Metro system which is mostly underground railway system and is around 10 km of length. It also has light Metro system which is called by the name İZBAN and also called Egeray.

This runs through out Izmir metropolitan area. There are many international car rental companies in Izmir Turkey. So if you have passion for driving then Izmir car rental is also a good option. There are many places to see in this wonderful city of Izmir and as a tourist you will love to see it. Here are some of attractions of Izmir like there is Original Trojan horse there. As this is an old city of old civilization Izmir city has a over 740 years old theater of Roman Empire Era.

Then this city has a historical and famous clock tower which is a special attraction for tourists. For people who love night life this city has a good variety of night clubs , cafes and restaurants where you can dine in to enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Another main area of recreation in Izmir is SEA where tourist flock to enjoy all sort of water sports and sailing, diving , swimming etc and off course playing volley ball in a sunny beach.

Neal Izmir there is a also a wonderful resort Kusadasi. This tourist resort is about 85 km on the south of Izmir. Kusadasi is located in Aegean and its nearest sites where tourist can go are Priene, Ephesus, Didyma.

So in short if you choose to go to Turkey then Izmir is a must and is the must see attraction. Weather , people, lifestyle are all factors to consider it and go there and see personally and finally to get cheap flights to Izmir can be bought from internet . Also hotels bookings in Izmir and cheap hotel rates in Izmir are available on websites where you can just get online and book your stay. Another option is hostels which is good for students.