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Rogers payasyougo

Rogers payasyougo (Rogers Pay as you go)

Rogers pay as you go is a service for people who want a cellular mobile phones but either have a very minor usage or for the people which are in the Country for few days. It is further divided into some categories like Rogers pay by the day for mobile, Rogers pay by the day and pay by the minute. Payasyougo service is usually expensive than the normal service but you dont have to go into any sort of contract with Rogers.

Rogers pay as you go Canada usual charges are 1 dollar a day for pay by the day package and the calling is free usually on local phones after 8:00 pm. During the day it is 30 Cents per minute. These rates keep on changing . Rogers pay by the minute plan is usually 39 cent per minute during day time and than 1 cent per minute usually after 8 pm. If you have your own mobile which is already unlocked which you bring from another country and take rogerspay as you go plan than just put your sim card in that mobile and it should work.

If it doesn’t than it is preferable to go to a local shops which sells used cellular phones as you are on a short trip to Canada and you don’t need to purchase expensive phones like blackberry and iphones and neither you want to go on contract.

Making PHP Website

Making a PHP web site

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is the most widely used server side script and its main advantage is that it is open source which will help people to get rid of other server side technologies which require a license and is not in the range of a common person. PHP is versatile and there are many scripts written in that like Market Directory

PHP is complied at the server side and the end person which is using is using a browser get the HTML and Java script which it can recognize. A PHP code is usually written like some HTML code and PHP code in between. So building a PHP site is quite easy and In order to write a PHP statement here is the example


If you want to comment any code in a PHP page than following is the thing you can do /*This is a comment block */ . In order to declare a PHP variable we have to following

things $var_name = value;
For string varibles here is the thing to do $txt=”Hello World”;

Here are a few functions of PHP

echo strlen(”Say some”);
This will give a result 8 because there are 8 chracters.

Major advantages of building a site in PHP is that the hosting you get for PHP is very wide spread and most of the programme libraries and software written in PHP are open source so it is usually very cheap . Other PHP Coding advantages are that PHP servers are usually fast and there is no licensing for each and every product you purchase or it.

So making a PHP site is usually beneficial even for bigger organizations unless they have a special requirement which cannot be fulfilled in PHP.

PHP is easy to learn and understand you can even learn in programming in PHP and PHP coding in few days even if you don’t know the object oriented programming. There are also some free editors available in market for free . On the other hand if you are planning to launch an ASP.NET site you need to hire a programmer for coding and to do development and have to spend thousands of dollars before the site is even launched and hundreds of dollars after that for maintainability. So programming a site in PHP and launching a site is easier.

Hôtels à Majorque

Note* : Original Article was in English is here Majorca and it have been translated to French using computer bases tools for the sake of readers who cannot understand English.

Hôtels à Majorque, Majorque, vacances à Majorque, les voyages à forfait, location de voiture Majorque Majorque, Majorque plage, villas Majorque

Palma est la capitale de Majorque ou Mallorca. Pour ceux d’entre vous qui envisagent une vacances à Majorque et à la recherche d’hôtels et de bonne qualité à Majorque. Majorque est l’île et ou vous pouvez dire une île dans les îles Baléares. Le temps de Majorque est doux toute l’année ce qui en fait une destination de vacances très bon pour les touristes des comtés européens comme l’Allemagne, du Royaume-Uni, France, Norvège, Suède et dans d’autres pays où la température en hiver est assez rude et froid.

Majorque est un paradis pour les touristes et vous pouvez trouver de nombreuses plages dans le petit secteur plein de soleil en profitant du tourisme, le surf et autres sports. En tant que touriste il ya de nombreuses façons de visiter Majorque. La première est que vous achetez les voyages à forfait Majorque qui incluent votre séjour à l’hôtel à Majorque et les activités certains autour de l’île. Vous sera généralement dans un petit groupe de touristes et la meilleure chose est que vous pourriez avoir un groupe de guide. Attractions touristiques Majorque sont nombreuses, mais la plage à Majorque est connue pour son climat agréable et il ya toujours une foule sur les plages de Majorque.

Si vous voulez voyager sur votre propre que vous pouvez rechercher des hôtels à Majorque à partir d’Internet et le livre celui que vous aimez, après avoir lu l’expérience d’autres utilisateurs. Une autre option consiste à rester dans les stations à Majorque pour passer vos vacances là-bas. Une autre option est de vivre dans du bon pain et le petit déjeuner à Majorque qui est en fait un moyen pas cher de logement qui n’est pas cher et simple. Une autre option est que vous louez une propriété à temps partagé à Majorque / Majorque. Une autre option est que vous louer des villas à Majorque pour une semaine ou deux.

Les gens la plupart du temps louer des villas à Majorque-Mallorca quand ils veulent faire cuire leur propre nourriture parce que quand vous mangez à l’extérieur sur une base continue votre santé peuvent être affectés négativement. Aussi de Santa Posna est une station située sur le côté sud de Majorque et est un must quand au cours de votre visite à l’île de Majorque. Louer une voiture à Majorque est également une bonne idée de voyager dans les endroits situés près de rachat. Il ya des compagnies de location de voitures à Majorque nombreux et vous pouvez louer une voiture à Majorque très facilement et conduire si vous avez un permis de conduire à partir de n’importe quel pays européen, aux États-Unis ou au Canada.

Également se pencher sur ces choses avant d’y aller.
Santa Ponsa Majorque, Hôtels, Majorque stations, villa de Majorque, hébergements de Majorque

Broadband router

Router as the name indicates is a device that will route web traffic. Traffic means the data that comes and go and in other words being transmitted. So what exactly does a router do and how does it work and what are the advantages of using this device and most importantly What is a Broadband Router and what is the role of this broadband traffic router.

These are common day questions and comes to our mind on daily basis. Router is a device which will contain routing tables and has the capability to transmit the data and has the ability to read the information that where should it send the traffic. Consider internet as a set of routers. Say you open and the site server is physically present in USA and you are trying to open this site from Some where in Europe inside from UK, Germany or some other European country. Then these are the commonsense things that will happen.

As you soon as you write in your browser this request will go on to your home Broadband router which will know that it has to pass this to your Cable provider or ISP internet service provider. As soon as the request will reach your ISP or Boradband service provider they will have the servers present with them which will know that is located in USA .

Not will it know that this server is present in USA but it will also know the exact address of that server . By exact address we mean the IP address of that server. By the way IP address is a unique address assigned to every host connected to internet. So in order to bring you data your the request have to go from your ISP to server if you have to get loaded in your browser.

So what will happen is that your isp will send that request to that particular host or IP address. Now in reaching that IP address where is present there will be many router present on the way and each router or node will decide that whats the best and efficient way to pass that dat on to the end IP address.

This information is called routing table in common language. So each time your request is being transferred to the next router it is called a hop. The rule of thumb is that the far is the server more of the router will be involved in the way and more will be hops which clearly indicates that the information will take some time to reach you.

Now when the request will reach it will reply back in a same manner and will send packets of data which will reach your internet service provider company and then ultimately will be provided to you and reach your browser.

Usually now a days we have more that one computer in our homes and each of them will have to be connected to the internet. We will use the Broad Band router which will enable all the computers connected to the network to access the internet at the same time even on a single internet connected. These routers used for home networking or office networking we usually uses at our home or offices have their own routing tables. Most of them will have a WAN input and multiple outputs as well as they can be connected through wireless connection. One Wide area network input will by plugged in the input and multiple outputs (multiple people using the internet) will be the basic achievement of this type of router.

With the advancement in tech. the routers are getting advanced too and there are like wireless N routers, Dual Band routers, Multichannel routers and many other different types of Broadband routers available in market and one have to choose according to his need. You must read the reviews or must seek for an expert advice before you buy a router.

This article is available in other languages . German Version Breitband Router, French Version routeur haut débit .

Tips for safe Internet Browsing

Tips and Tricks for Browsing the web in a Safe and Secure Way

Almost all of us have experienced that we are browsing the internet and a website have stated to work in an unpredictable manner like opening more browser instances and keep on opening new ones.
Some times this happens by the unethical techniques of marketing that are being applied to the websites. Also some times the author of the site does not even know but the websites gets hacked and then hackers or you can call them bad guys put hidden text on the sites or they can put iframes. This is can be very annoying and a night mare for simple people who don’t know about the complexities and they even don’t know the way to get rid of this malware or virus or some other bad pieces of code which have been injected to their site.
If the website is big then bad guy got a lottery because it will be difficult for the site owner to check every page and look individually at each page to find out the virus or malware infections in the code. These injections are usually made in such a way that even most intelligent anti-virus software are unable to
remove it or even detect it. So here are out suggestions which you must act upon in order to make sure that you dont get infected from a site. Try not to visit the site which is infected because it can bring virus to your computer and can compensate your security and you could end up losing your data

Here are the tips and tricks
1. Purchase the best available antivirus software from the market . Dont even think of saving few bucks as this can cost you hundred of dollars later on.
2. Make sure to update your antivirus definitions at all times. This is because new things keeps on pooping up and creative people try new methods to hack into your PC and anti virus companies keep an eye on that and will launch new patches.
3. Always purchase a genuine copies of operating system. This is not only ethical but also you can download update of your software and patches too. Operating system vendors will also keep on launching new patches as the new ways to hack into their systems are being developed.
4. Keep your web browser up to date.
5. Keep an eye on your email. Never open any file enclosed which comes from a non trustworthy source. This can be very painful because if you open that file you are gone. If

that file is an executable file than it can start a process on your computer which can do any thing to it.
6. Keep on cleaning you cache and clearing your cookies after every couple of weeks however if you have a good antivirus it will do it automaticall for you.
7. Keep anitivirus setting so that it at least checks you computer once a week for possible virus infections in your system.
8. Also it is important that you keep your home of office network safe and dont leave your router without password. A hacker can then take control of your network and can infect the systems that are connected to this router.
9. When ever you download new files from internet or from other source scan it first before you use the files.
10. Dont give your credit card and other information on sites which are not trustworthy. Also specially check that the site is using ssl (Secure protocol) if you are giving your credit card info specially.
11. Try to shop only from well reputed merchants . It will eliminate chance of credit card fraud.
12. Also try not to put sensitive information on your computer. Sensitive information like credit card numbers, personal photos etc which you dont wont to share with people. This will make sure that you sensitive info will be saved in case your computer or laptop PC is hacked.

If you follow these practices then you are most likely to be safe.

AT&T vs Comcast

AT&T vs Comcast

Here we are having a brief look at the services (Internet Broadband services of two of the biggest giant of United States market)

Comcast is one of the biggest suppliers of cable internet in the United States, and they comfortably disposed themselves in a lot of markets where there is small to no competition. AT&T is ready to introduce u-verse in a lot of markets that Comcast has a confirmed presence in, and the competition and this competition is important from end user point of view .

Both of these service providers are very aggressive towards their customers and try to give them promotions on regular basis. Market in the United states is although very big but still there is a limit so there is a need that these two giants must look around the world for some more emerging market opportunities.

The experience of serving the clients in a proper and efficient manner is what that matters and can do or can break your relation with any supplier of services. Comcast is well established, therefore the installations should not be as difficult or that much time consuming job, and you would perhaps not need to ask for technical support of them. Comcast has a report of bad customer services for all of their services including the broadband internet and their technical support, and there is the you can find the complaints of this that can be found on the internet and blogs that people have discussed about. Since AT&T u-verse is a very young service, you can foresee AT&T to work harder to maintain customers. AT&T is still in a process of developing, installing, and increasing the u-verse, therefore you can need to take advantage service clientele of AT&T and of technical support more often as the service crosses growing pains.

Almost all business companies in all sort of business and even in this Cable business tend to furnish their services to a higher price and usually overprice service in the markets where there is very less competition.
AT&T also encourage customers that they subscribe to their cell services. They do it by giving them all sort of bundle discounts when they take package with the same company. Comcast offers the highest speeds of downloading Internet with of their Triple packets of Game, but AT&T furnishes one in a significant way bigger line of chain than Comcast in some markets.

Comcast also began to apply the cap of maximum bandwidth in some markets which is not a good thing from customers point of view especially when they are so addicted to internet and watch TV and Movies there and keep sign in on social networking sites for 24 hours seven days a week. AT&T does not strangle the u-vers, but they run the processes of cap of the bandwidth in the certain markets. AT&T will remain neutral when it is a matter to prioritize data as apposed to Comcast. AT&T recognizes as certain of their width of band their intensive services like the HD on IP and VoIP can have for result of the speeds of transmission of slower data when they are used, but they are not re prioritizing the data transmission.

None of these services out of these two are perfect, in fact nothing is perfect in this world, and they the two of them have their own flaws, but AT&T is less aggressive in the terms to handle data traffic. Since AT&T is anxious to recruit again customers, you can foresee them to work harder to keep happy customers and build relationships with them.

Refill cartridge

Some time you will see that you will find printers so cheap that you cannot imagine. The logic behind this is that the major companies sell their printers first on very nominal prices and low prices but their logic is that they want to profit from selling the cartridges because cartridge is a disposable thing and a person will keep on purchasing additional cartridges again and again and printer manufacturers will keep on profiting from this . So the best method is to refill cartridge instead of buying a new one.

The main organizations which manufactures the printers are as followes HP, Brothersoft, Cannon, Samsung, Belkin, Epson Apple, BIXOLON (24), Brother, Canon, Casio, Citizen, Citizen Systems, Craft ROBO Pro, Dell, Epson, Fargo, Global Marketing Partners, Hi-Touch Imaging, HiTi Digital Inc, HP, Kodak, Konica, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, LG, MBM, Minolta, Nisca, OKI, Oki Data, Olympus, Pacific Image, Panasonic, PanDigital, Pentax, Philips, Pictorico, Planon System Solutions, Planon Systems, Polaroid, Primera Technology, QMS, Ricoh, Samsung, SiPix, Smart Shopper, Sony, Star (SS-MS), Summit, Tektronix, TRENDnet, Trendware, Xerox, Zebra .

Also a person must know how to refill cartridge if he want to avoid this hassle of filling or refilling the cartridge again and again. For example if you have a inkjet printer of from any manufacturer for example HP. So in order to refill hp cartridge for a inkjet printer you will find refilling kits from market . These hp ink cartridge refilling kits contains inks which can refill the inkjet printer cartridge 3-4 times. Once the ink is finished you can simply unplug the cartridge and drain a small hole in it , then refill the ink in it and put it back on its place.

Also the other way to find cheap inkjet cartridges is to look for cheap deals from the internet as many sites sell refurbished cartridges now . Also if you have laser printer from any manufacturer the powder can be refilled and the entire toner does not need to be replaced. This will save you tremendous cost. Also if you are a high end or frequent user of printers it is advisable that you purchase a laser printer instead of inkjet. Dot matrix printers are sort of obsolete for normal office use now as they are very slow and create a lot of noise.

There are many other problems which can come into a laser printer cartridge and it is related to many of its components. Ebay also have many sellers selling refurbished ink cartridges but there is a risk and that is if say you purchase a refurbished cartridge from a person selling on ebay but when you get it and it didnot work then you even waste your money and time. Also it is difficult to refill a color inkjet printer and color laser printer.


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