About Comcast XFINITY Internet 2go or Internet to go

XFINITY internet 2go is a service by Comcast through which you can use the internet while you move. This is especially suitable for people, CEOs and Marketing people who move from US coast to Coast but want internet at each town. This XFINITY internet to go is available in almost every location Comcast has mobile phone coverage. XFINITY Internet 2go is available in 3G and 4G. 4G Xfinity to go have obviously better speed as 4G is the latest technology with more speeds than 3G. Monthly allowance of Xfinity internet 2go usage is 2GB and Comcast 3G speeds are Download speeds up to 1.4 Mbps and Upload speeds up to 700 Kbps if you are getting a good reception signal. The Comcast internet to go speed will reduce if your signal quality drops and signal get weakens or if you away from a mobile tower. For 3G if you go beyond your limit of 2GB then you would be paying 15 dollar for every GB of data used. So Comcast XFINITY is basically used for doing important things only and you would obviously not follow the browsing patterns you follow on the home DSL or Cable line. This means that 2GB is too less if you are fond of watching videos on the interet. If you watch video for 4-5 hours you will end up consuming your entier Comcast 2go bandwidth.
When you purchase the Comcast 3G or Comcast 4G plan of Internet to go you would get the Hotspot which is like a small router. The other option of mobile internet reception from Comcast is that you will be given a USB device. You can simply plug this XFinity 2go USB to your computer or notebook and it will start working after the configuration. Now comes the price of XFINITY Internet 2go. The 3G internet to go plan from Comcast is 25 dollars. The other 4G plan is 40$ and this include unlimited internet on 4G and 5GB limit on 3G. So if you are in an area with only 3G services yet you would not get unlimited bandwidth. As of today the 4G service from Comcast is only available in major metros so if you move away from big cities you would still be able to browse the internet but you would using Comcast 3G mobile Service.

So some non technical people also Call Comcast Internet to go as Comcast USB internet or Comcast Wireless Internet