Amazon have posted a loss of around 40 million this quarter but the stocks seems to be surging to all time high. The major reason that Amazon was in loss last quarter is that Amazon is spending aggressively to build new warehouses to make shipping more viable, efficient and inexpensive. The sales have improved to around 17 billion dollars from around 13 billion dollar which is inverse to its competitors.

Amazon is gaining ground and this have resulted in increased sales compared to other online shopping stores. Amazon also launched new Kindle Fire which was largely appreciated by its users and customers and is one reason of surging sales at Amazon is quickly expanding and so is its employee base which numbers to around 110,000 . The news of increased sales have given positive hopes to the investors at stock market and this have bring bearish trend for amazon stocks.

Although the news of net loss may not seems good for some investors but as the amazon keep on investing in itself the profits will soon return one the expansion it is making completes resulting in more profits surge.