Angry bird Game was developed by Rovio Mobile in Finland. The game was available for iPhone and iPod and more than 10 million copies of Angry Birds were sold for Angry Bird Symbian Version only . This game was later developed for other platforms after increase in its popularity. Angry bird online is now available in following versions. Angry bird for iOS , Angry bird Maemo, Angry Bird HP web OS, Angry Birds Android, Angry birds for  Symbian^3, Angry Birds Mac OS X version, Angry Bird Windows Phone 7 Version, Angry bird for Mac OS X, Angry bird for Windows, Angry bird PSP and for PlayStation 3.
You can also play angry bird game free online on some websites but on all free sort of websites which will enable your to play angry birds for free online will only allow you to play up to a certain level.
This game is a puzzle game and if you want to play angry bird on PC you can download angry birds to PC. In this game you have to hit the pigs through birds and kill them . Once you kill all the pigs in this game you will be taken to the next level. Angry birds PC for free will only be restricted up till certain levels. The full version of Angry birds is only available once you purchase it. Again there is a free version for Angry bird which will only allow you to play for free up to a certain level. There are many angry bird seasons available for this game. The most well known and played season of this game is Halloween, Christmas, Valentine Day, St.Patricks Day, Easter Season, Summer, and the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival season.

Once you download Angry Bird for computer than you need to install the game to run it. This game come in many versions and we are only mentioning some of version here 1.6.4 (Mac OS X) , (Microsoft Windows), 1.6.3 (Symbian, iOS, Android), 1.5.3 (Windows Phone, WebOS), 1.5.2 (Maemo), 1.5.0 (PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3), 1.1.4 (WebGL), The iPhone version of Angry birds is only 99 cents . The price of Angry birds pc version depends upon the version.