Australian Working Holiday Visas Application

If you are 18-30 years of age and belong to United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong , Finland, the Republic of Cyprus, France, Thailand , Belgium, Estonia and France you can apply for Australian working holidays visa. The Australian Government has designed this program to help students from other countries come to Australia and work if they have Working Holidays visa for Australia.

These countries mentioned above offers same facilities to Australian Citizens. Australia working holidays job can give you international exposure as well as chance to live in Australia. USA passport holders and US citizens and American Passport Holders can get Australian working holiday visa via a special sublclass 462.

When you apply for the first time for Working Australia Visa and you are a National of above countries you will get a visa which is valid for one year. You do not need to have a employment offer in order to get this visa. Once you arrive to Australia you can enjoy your holidays and mean while look for work as your Working Holidays visa make you eligible for working and doing all sorts of jobs in Australia. Applicant who are citizens of USA and applying for working holidays visa Australia must have graduated from a high school.
If you are able to get a job while you are in Australia on a working holidays visa you cannot work with one employer for more than one year. You are also eligible to enter or leave Australia unlimited number of times while your Australian Working holidays visa is valid. Once you first visa is expired you will apply again and you will get a 2 year working holidays visa. Some times situation can arise that the person on a Working holidays visa in Australia like the country so much that he would like emigration to Australia.  In this case he can take full time job offer letter from the employer and apply for Australia Immigration. People with full time job offer in Australia usually get their immigration fairly quickly.
Another advantage working holidays Australian visa offer is that you can study for up to 4 months. However if you course is more than 4 months you have to apply for a proper student visa to Australia. Australian work holidays visa has certain conditions and restrictions. One condition is age, the other one is that your main intention should not be working in Australia. If your main focus or intention to work is Australia then you must apply for Australia work visa. You have to change employer every six months and beware that you cannot work with the same employer if you change employment agencies. If you violate any condition of Australia working holidays visa your visa canceled and you can be sent home. After your passport is stamped with working holidays Australia visa then your time starts even if you transit through Australia.

So if you are considering emigrating to Australia then it is better that you first go their on Australia working holidays visa and see if you like people, culture and other things there. If you really do like it there then you must look for a job in Australia on Working Holidays visa and then Immigrate to Australia

You have to fill in the form Form 1150 for getting this visa. Citizens of USA , Chile, Malaysia and Thailand and Turkey can apply for a work and holiday visa subclass 462.

If you are serious then do some more research on working holidays Australia jobs and finding about the weather of the Australia City or cities where you intend to go and look for Working Holidays jobs there. You must also download the form and read the documents on how to apply for Australian Working Holiday Visa from your country and apply to Australia embassy in your home country to get the Work holiday visa approved before you leave for Australia.