CIC Canada has announced new Canada Super Visa for Parents and grand parents of the people living in Canada. This step has came after a huge backlog off applications for processing of Parents and Grandparent Sponsorship visa for Family Reunification. This Super visa for Canada maximum validity will be 10 years. This Canada supervisa will allow the person to remain in Canada for up to 2 years at a time. The CIC has mentioned on its website that they will be starting Canadian Super Visa from Dec 1st 2011 and the processing time will be a around 8 weeks.

This news has bring a hope and joy among the permanent residents who were hopeless with the current situation and the backlog and were not sure if they would be able to see their parents in their lifetime.
There was a huge backlog for Parental sponsorship applications and the current application timings were around 8 years. The people who applied were very worried and in the media news were coming showing people frustration about these delays.
Also Govt of Canada or Citizenship Canada is putting a hold of two years on new sponsorship application of parents and grandparents. However this new Canada Super Visa will be like a visitor visa in a sense that applicant will not be able to get citizenship even after his stay in Canada for years. Also after the person come to Canada on Super Visa he will not be eligible for the benefits which a normal resident or citizen gets. One of the benefits that the person on Canada Supervisa will obviously not get is the Govt health insurance or Coverage.

This will mean that the people on Super Visas in Canada must have to get their health insurance privately. This will make sure that the elderly people coming to Canada on this Super Visa Category does not become a burden on Canadian health system.
CIC will not accept any new applications for sponsorship in the next 2 years and will finish the backlog. They are also expected to make revisions in their current policy of sponsorship after these couple of years in order to make it more practical and realistic.

To apply for Canadian Super Visa you have to apply in the Canadian embassy or high commission in the country where you currently reside with the proper documents and fees for Super Visa. Like other visas it is always advised that you hire services of an experienced lawyer or attorney to handle your case so that they can guide you properly about the requirements and proper way to make your application. Also CIC have list of attorneys on their website which are certified for people and they advice that it is better if you do you immigration case or any other case through them as these attorneys are trained and licensed.