Dolphin Tale is a family movie which was released on 23rd of September 2011. The Dolphin tale movie was directed by Charles Martin Smith and was edited by Harvey Rosenstock. The music composition of Dophin table film was being created by Mark Isham. Dolphin Tale is doing a good business and is a family oriented film on which you can take along your kids with you and have a wonderful time out there watching the movie.

Dolphin Tale movie opening weekend business was $191,152,401. This is just the business it did in USA. The cast of Dolphin tale film is Harry Connick , Morgan Freeman , Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, Nathan Gamble, McCarthy, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Winter, Ray McKinnon, Austin Stowell, Jim Fitzpatrick, Austin Highsmith, Kurt Yaeger, Marc Macaulay, Fitch Rus Blackwell, Michael Roark and Juliana Harkavy. Dolphin tale film moved to no. 1 position on the box office on its 2nd week and people are giving very good reviews after watching this movie.
This film is a factual film and is based on a true story and this is not a fantacy film. The general comments of the people that saw Dolphin Tale movie is that the movie is full of fun and you will feel good after watching this great movie and obviously the feel that this is real life as Dolphin tale is a true story. Dolphin Tale movie is therefore a must watch for people who love animals and pets and wants that they too can be treated in a good manner. Dolphin Tale film is also a must watch for kids as it would leave them with everlasting thoughts. The Dolphin Trailer Cast has acted such nicely that you will feel yourself to be a part of the movie. Before you go to watch the
movie you can look at the Dolphin Tale trailer to find out what you can expect. This film is PG. Dolphin Tale movie is different from other movies in a sense that Dolphin Tale neither has a villain like most other films have nor does this film have a big climax. This is a simple and inspirational movie. Sawyer thought of a brilliant idea which saved his handicapped dolphin. His mother was indeed convinced that he is very commited to his cause in saving the Dolphin and helping other living beings.
So we recommend that you go to your nearest cinema , get a ticket for this movie and watch it for yourself. The tickets can also be purchase online from ticket master.


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