Ebay Offers New Fast Same Day Shipping

Ebay has sent notifications to some of its users living in San Francisco area that they will be shipping the items same day after the customer order them. There are however some terms and conditions to this same day shipping service offered by ebay and in order to enjoy this service the customer order needs to be more than 25 dollars. Ebay will be shipping the items from their local store located in the same city.

This news confirms that the merchants that very heavily dependent on online only business now are focusing more on opening local stores or at least local storage space to give more choices to their customers. The name of this service offered by ebay has been named ebay now. As it can be observed that it has just been started in one city, we expect that more cities will be follow soon if every thing goes well with ebay now. So lets see how this experiment goes on and and hope that they will expand ebay now to the other cities of United States.