Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR is a very good choice for the people who want a latest and reliable camera at a low price. The Fujifilm F800EXR comes with 16 megapixel lens with lens range 25-500mm. This camera is also ideal for making movies and it has P,S, A and M modes for making the movies. The main and the latest feature included in Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR camera is that it can transfer images over the WiFi to the devices running Android and iOS. We are expecting that Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR will be getting good reviews because most of the cameras in this price range does not offer WiFi transfer. This is a real cool feature of this model and this feature was not available in early Fujifilm FinePix cameras.

This camera is preety easy to handle and very compact and can easily be fitted in pocket. The sensor type of Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR is EXRCMOS and the processor in F800EXR is EXR. This camera has also the wonderful feature of image stabilization. For people who are new to photography image stabilization is very useful when you are capturing moving images or if your hand slightly moves while capturing images a camera will correct image itself so that the image can be useful in that case too.

Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR has a digital zoom of 2x and and a optical zoom of 20x which is impressive. This is a auto focus camera and the normal focus range of F800EXR is 45 cm and macro focus range is 5cm. There are many other features of Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR which are worth describing and very useful. This camera has a screen size of 3 inches and also has a line view. The screen type is colored and LCD monitor.

More technical details of Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR for photography enthusiasts are that its aperture is F3.5-F5.3 and the shutter speed of Camera is 8 sec. FinePix F800EXR also has Aperture priority feature and also has shutter priority and manual exposure mode setting in its menu options. These advance options can be set manually if one is experienced photographer however for newcomers most of the setting of FinePix F800EXR can be set to Auto and still the image quality will be outstanding. Amongst other cool features of this camera are its self timer which can be setted to 2 second or 10 second. Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR can store its images in SD/SDHC or SDXC and when you purchase the Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR the 30 mb storage is included with the camera.

The battery life of Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR is also pretty awesome and about 250+ images can be soot with the same batery. The weight of this camera is 230 grams when the batteries are included.