Google Glass will be offering music and the person wearing Google Glasses will be able to play and search the music. After wearing Google Glasses the person wearing it can order any song and will be able to play that song. On top of that Google will be introducing earphones to work with Google glasses that will help the person hear to the songs after plugging earphone for Google Glasses in to ears.

According to Google it will be a very nice and easy way to hear music in this manner and the favorite music and songs can be heard any time the person wants. At this time one can only predict that there is a big scope for this market and Google will be making huge money as more and more people get Google Glasses. Also in the future there may be many more services to be offered on Google Glasses.

At the time there is no major competition and rivals of Google glasses so its a good time for Google to get loyal customers before other companies launch their models of Glasses or any other real competitor of Google Glasses.