Hemoglobin or red blood cells are responsible to carry oxygen through blood to all parts of the body so Normal Hemoglobin levels are very important and if you do not have Normal Hemoglobin levels then you will be advised some medication by your family doctor or he or she may refer you to a Anemia specialist Doctor. The main characteristic symptoms of anemia include fatigue and breathlessness. So what is normal Hemoglobin Level. In adult male the Normal Hemoglobin Values are 14-18 gm/dl . In Adult Females the normal hemoglobin values are around 12-16 gm/dl .

Hemoglobin deficiency do effect the patient seriously as the ability of the blood to carry oxygen to vital parts of the body gets reduced. So the function of Hemoglobin is to keep the ability of the blood to distribute oxygen to all parts of the body including vital organs like Brain, Liver, Kidneys etc.  A simple blood test can determine if you are having low hemoglobin or anemia. If the results or not approaching to normal range which for men are slightly more than we can safely say that person is suffering with anemia. While most of the people suffer from low Hemoglobin levels some people do have high Hemoglobin levels and they should also contact their doctors to control this. A report for test for Hemoglobin levels will be send to your doctor by the lab and then your doctor will decide what course of action you have to take.

Treatment for low hemoglobin

Monitoring hemoglobin Values must be monitored very closely if you have Anemia. Treatment for anemia however depends upon the condition of blood in the patients body. There might be many causes for low Hemoglobin but most common causes of low Hemoglobin are loss of blood due to any reason including surgery or leakage of blood from stomach due to stomach cancer or ulcer. Other reason for low hemoglobin level are nutritional deficiency and lack of iron, vitamin B12, folate in your diet. Sometime a person needs a blood transfusion in case of heavy blood loss as in case of an big surgery or operation. If a patient is suffering from general weakness due to any other reason like old shake or poor diet the iron in his diet must be increased to get the proper effect.
If your physician will notice that you have signs and symptoms of Anemia he will recommend you the blood tests for Anemia. Once they are sure that your you have Anemia than they will be looking at the causes of Anemia which can be many as explained above. Although taking iron pills is the most common treatment of anemia and can solve the problem yet all of us can’t absorb the high doses contained in those iron pills. But as with almost most medicines some side effects can upset . These include stomach pain , heartburn and can effect you if take medicine in too much quantity. If a person has such problems and become irritated with iron pills, doctors ask a diet which is rich in iron to maintain the normal hemoglobin level and doctor will also advice you other things to include in your diet and will tell you how to increase you hemoglobin level.
Iron rich diets
There are several available food items, which contain significant doses of iron. These may include things like nuts, green leafy vegetables, kidney beans, chicken, liver, Shell fish, beef, red meat, turkey, fish etc. Other than using these iron-rich food items, it is recommended to curtail and avoid certain types of foods which do block and make it difficult the absorption of iron in the body. These foods may include tea, coffee, calcium rich food like, milk,  chocolate, few medications like antacid and phosphates. In addition to this we should increase the intake of foods rich in vitamin C, which helps to increase the absorption of iron in the body.

Herbal treatment of anemia (hemoglobin)

Some herbs have proved to be useful in treatment of anemia or to improve blood count. Some people may use liquid chlorophyll to increase hemoglobin levels which also has proven good in cases. However it is always advised to consult doctor before taking herbal medicine. It is said that chlorophyll has the same molecular structure which resembles hemoglobin and due to this it has proven to be good to maintain healthy levels of Hemoglobin. You can add a few drops of liquid chlorophyll to your drinks on daily basis to keep your Hemoglobin levels in good healthy and Normal Range.
Salacity is another product available for Anemia. Another good useful home remedy for Anemia is fenugreek seeds used to increase hemoglobin level.
Black strap molasses are also rich in iron. People also think Nettle as a herb which is rich in iron and thus used if symptoms of Anemia are found and you are found Hemoglobin deficient. One can drink its infusions regularly to increase or sustain hemoglobin levels in the blood.
In the end we would like to mention that Hemoglobin level also represents the health of the body. However the problem of hemoglobin deficiency should be treated with consistency.