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Hemp seed are made up of around 30 % the weight of oil . It has been claimed that due to the fact that Hemp seed oil has good quantities of healthy oil OMEGA-3 it has many benefits in terms of health and quality of life. Also it is a face that if we have 100 grams of hemp seeds then we will get 30 grams of oil upon crushing the seed for oil.

There has not been much research done on whether the hemp oil is good for health or it has hemp oil has side effects. Most of the literature however say that it has many benefits. It is quite easy to grow hemp however growing hemp is illegal in US Federal law however but some States allow it for Medicinal Purposes. However hemp is grown in other countries such as china, Europe , Canada. The hemp farm yield is about 24 tonne per hectare which is pretty impressive .

Moreover hemp is a tough plant and it does not need many pesticides and doesnot require inspection on daily basis unlike other fruits and vegetables.
Hemp plants are usually harvested or put in the soil by manually and at a later stage this plant is cut to 2-3 centimeters and then this is dried. However hemp plant can get many diseases like bacteria and Fungi so care need to be taken and inspection should be done at least once a week. The organic hemp has higher market value price than the hemp which is grown with the help of artificial fertilizers because oil of organically grown hemp is usually used for edible purposes like salads dressings etc.

Hemp oil is very delicate and is not intended for cooking. Hemp is also made into hemp protein powder which are used by the body builders to provide more proteins to their muscles For the purpose that human body needs Omega 3 which is uncommon in most common day foods doctors and health practitioners will advice you that you take fish 1-2 times a week as fish also has omega 3 fatty acids but some people have allergy to fish so it becomes imperative for them to look for a vegetarian alternative source to get omega 3 regularly so hemp oil is a good vegetarian alternative. Because hemp oil has the necessary omega 3 oils which are good for body it is useful for normal functions of the body like heat, lungs, anxiety etc.