How to Apply or Renew US passport by USPS Steps

US citizens have the right to apply for a US passport. The American passport can also be applied at any USPS postal outlet. There is a form which is DS-11 which you have to fill and submit it to the USPS with appropriate fees for applying to the US passport. If you are renewing your US passport or if you are applying your American passport for the first time, You simply submit this DS11 form and submit your application.

Here is the procedure and steps which you have to follow if you decide to apply passport by USPS through mail. Applying US passport by mail is the most easy and convienient way as you dont have to wait in line and just have to go to your nearest post office. The fees can be paid to USPS by the following methods personal cheque, certified checuq, cashiers check, travelers check or money order. Any thing have to be made payable to Department of State. If you are applying for the first time you also have to pay acceptabce fees separately. The other things you need to do are as followes. As we are writing these the cost of US Passport to apply is $160 for an adult. Cost of Adult renewal is also $110. Cost of minor applying for a US passport is less than adult and is $80. If you require accptance fee it is $30.

a. Completed Application
There can be different application depending on Passports applicants case. It can be a new application which means a applicant who is applying for a US passport for the first time. It can be US passport renewal application, name change on US passport application or a lost or stolen passport application. Each of these American passport applications have a different application and the documents which you need to support your US passport application are different in every case so you must go to State department website to fill the form online and take a print out of that or Download the forms print them and fill your US passport application. If you require you American passport because of your travel plans urgently there is a special fees which you will pay and your passport application will be treated as urgent. Also you have to write urgent in a visible place if you want your application to be treated as urgent.

b. Two Types of Identification copies should be accompany you US passport application as you have to provide the support that you are a US citizen
To provide proof of your current US citizenship provide one the following

Previously issued, undamaged U.S. Passport
Certified birth certificate issued by the city, county, or state
Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Birth Certificate
Naturalization Certificate
Certificate of Citizenship

and a Current United States ID

… and one current I.D.

a Valid drivers license from any US state.
Any Government ID
or Current Military ID

c. Photo Requirement of US Passport Application

You need to submit your photograph with your US passport application. This is not just a ordinary photo. This shold be a color photograph and must be taken within last 6 months. The size of American Passport photograh must be 2 x 2 inches in size and your full face should be visible clearly. The background must be of white or off white. The head for US passport photo must be between 1″ and 1 3/8″.

US state department recommends that you apply for your US passport at least 6 weeks before your trip in order to avoid any problems.

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