iPhone 6 To Be Launched In August

A wonderful news for the Apple fans is that Apple is Launching its iPhone 6 4.7 inches screen variant in August of 2014. Previously it was scheduled to be launched in the month of September in 2014. The other models of iPhone 6 with bigger screens will still be launched in September.

All the previous versions of iPhone made success stories but in past few years apple have lost its sales due to fierce competition from Android and Samsung mobiles. iPhone customers are hoping that the new version which will be iPhone 6 will bring many new features and functionality into the arena. There are many rumors about the new features that will be offered and included in this new iPhone 6.

Some of the new features can be a much better camera in iPhone 6 than the previous versions. The processor will be and advanced one , will have more cores and surely be faster than the previous versions of iPhone. Although not confirmed but a possible good feature in iPhone 6 will be its ability to charge it via wireless as some models of Nokia already charge using wireless