Is it safe to go to Mexico

Some people who have been planning to travel to Mexico worry that is Mexico is a safe place to Visit . The common questions people have in mind are as below

Is Mexico Safe To Travel ?
This is a very common question and there is no specific answer to this question. It all depends which part of Mexico you are visiting. Many parts of Mexico are very safe. The places of Mexico which more tourists go to are very safe. In-fact more people die of drowning then in any crimes. So it is safe to travel to Mexico.

Mexico Travel Safety
We are referring here to Mexico Road Travel safety and safety in Mexico in general. Major routes and highways in Mexico are relatively safe and there is not much to worry about but make sure you know the directions very well and do not go to the places you do not know.

Mexico Tourist Safety Tips
In tourist places try to be in well lit areas. If you are walking try to be in groups rather than walking alone. If you are traveling alone then always try to be in busy parts of town. Try to be safe from thieves and pick pickpockets as they might target your pocket. Try to put your important documents and money in the inside side of your clothes and only small amount on the outside pocket to reduce chances of loosing your money while your vacation in Mexico. Also try to learn some basic Spanish phrases which can help in case if you some how end up in a place where there are no tourists. Usually the places with tourists in Mexico have usually lot of English speaking people.