Nokia GSM E7-00 Unlocked  Touchscreen Mobile Smart Phone

Nokia E7 was released at the end of 2010 but its still most favorite phone for most of the people. Nokia E7 reviews shows that it is still a hot favorite phone for many of its
users. The cost of Nokia E7 was more at the time it was released but now you can get a unlocked E7 from Market in about 400 $ due to other advanced models arrival in market. E7 from Nokia price has decreased. Nokia E7 has many qualities but its special quality for which people like this mobile phone a lot is the ability to type easily and flawlessly

Nokia E7. Nokia E7 has a big screen size and has a choice of fonts available to choose from. Usually Nokia phone E7 comes with a 16 GB of built in internal memory. The OLED screen of E7 with Clear Black Display really looks amazing and attracts the user. Nokia E7 specs can be downloaded from Nokia website and also from E7 user manual you get. Nokia E7 has a built in GPS inside the phone so it will save you cost as you don not have to purchase separate dedicated unit for GPS. The E7 is user friendly but some users who have never used Nokia in life can have difficulties with using Nokia E7 even with easy to do things.

But as you get the E7 user manual when you purchase your phone you can read the manual of E7 to consult or your can look at Nokia site or Look at various other resources on the internet for E7. Every users or person has his own likes and dislikes. Some people go with iphone 4 and some will go with E7 from Nokia but it all depends upon the usage. For example as E7 has large screen size and keyboard so a user which like a large screen will say that he like E7 over iphone.

With E7 Push mail is now more convenient than ever. You can use multiple email accounts or choose Ovi Messages , use Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Mail for Exchange, IMAP or POP.  E7 also have a built in HDMI slot so you can plug in HDMI cable to the phone and the other end to a video projector or your Television to see the videos. So now in some instances you can take your E7 with you and give presentation in meetings. So you can also avoid using your laptop in case of presentations. Nokia E7 does Efficient CPU and Memory Usage but like every other gadget it may have its pros and cons.

As this has a physical Keyboard so you can type in more eficiently and dont have to look at the E7 keyboard buttons while your are typing. So with E7 your typing speed will be fast compared to other phones and even iphone. E7 has AMOLED screen.
Since no gadget is perfect and we will go into the pros / cons.
Some people have complained that there E7 freeze some time if they use many apps at single time or one time. So for those we advise that you dont open too many applications at the same time. Just open 2-3 applications at the same time. If you think you are not using an application just shut it down. This will save your E7 memory and will make it work faster as more resources will be available for the applications currently running on your E7.

Comparing Side to Side to the iPhone, well iPhone 4 screen resolution might appear slightly better, but the Nokia E7s screen is larger and this is the major reason Nokia E7 users review and rate E7 mobile phone as very good. The Nokia E7 is probably the most beautifully designed phone, ever.
The E7 comes with an 8MP camera and E7 Camera is capable of shooting 720p HD videos of superb quality, although its EDoF (Extended Depth of Field)
The keys of E7 Keyboad are perfect in shape and spacing and it is a good and pleasent to type on the E7 keyboard. Usually QuickOffice come with Nokia E7 for Editing of your docuemtns. We are not sure if this is standard. Some people complain that there should be more fonts available. Of the three, small too small, medium to large.
Now the main thing and feature which people think should be there in E7 are that there is no support for Netflix / Amazon video / Kindle app. With so large screen E7 has its owner obviously wish to watch videos on it but since Netflix cannot run on E7 so people thing its a major problem with E7

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