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Why Should I Eat Fruits

Why should I eat fruits?

There are so many reasons and benefits of fruits and that is why we should have 5-9 servings each day and preferably organically grown fruits if possible. People who eat more fruits and vegetables as a part of overall diet or having less risk of many chronic diseases like diabetes 2, cancer, Heart Attack, High Cholesterol etc. Fruits provide nutrients vital for health and preventive maintenance of human body.
Certain most important benefits are as under:
1. Fruits consist of 80% of water and this percentage is similar to the human body for example 80% again.
2. When we are using a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as a part of an overall healthy diet it may reduce risk for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.
3. Fruits are very beneficial for health and It has been proved now that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as part of an overall diet may reduce risk for diabetes 2 as fruits are not very rich in calorie count.
4. More over the experts say now that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as a part of an overall healthy diet protects us from certain cancers like mouth, stomach and colon cancer.
5. There are many good reasons for human beings to eat fruit and one of them is that diets rich in fruits contain fiber and are helpful in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.
6. Nutritional value of fruits have been acknowledge by doctors and researchers equally and minerals like potassium which is another important mineral present in fruits and vegetables and the diets having fruits and veg may decrease bone loss and reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.
7. Due to low in calorie intake fruits are best in maintaining and controlling the human body weight. Thus fruits are helpful in controlling the obesity and this is another reason why obese people should eat fruit. Although they can choose fruits which are less sweet to avoid sugar intake from fruits.
8. Fruits are very popular in maintaining your blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases as they are 100% free from the bad cholesterol.

vBulletin Web Counter

Hit web Counter can track blogs, forums and any other type of websites. This is a small guide with snapshots that will cover on how to put hitwebcounter tracking code on vbulletin Forum

First go to website and get counter code button from below. A screen Shot is below.
Counter for Vbulleting

Now copy counter code from as shown below.

Get Counter Code

After copying the code go to the forum you want to install the code. For purpose of this example we are including snapshots taken during installation on

Now open the admin panel of Vbulletin forum.
Get Counter Code

Now open the admin panel of Vbulletin. Go to the section Forums & Moderators and then Forum Block Manager. From here you will see the option to Add Block. After adding the block you have to name your block and put the code provided by hitwebcounter to the Content area. Make sure that you select HTML in Content Type. Just save it and your counter will be working immediately.
Put Counter On Vbulletin

Here is the picture of the look and feel of your vbulletin Forum after you put Web Tracker on the Forum.
Track Hits On Forum

There can be other places on your forum where you may want to place counter. You can place it in the header or in the footer. From you admin panel go to Search in Templates from Styles & Templates menu. Here you can search for the word Header or Footer in Search for Text option. Once you will see the files you can directly put the Web Counter Code and it must immediately start working. on VBulleting

Health Benefits Of Sauna

Health Benefits Of Sauna Bath

Sauna bath is a very common procedure under which a person sits in a room that is closed so that the heat and steam does not escape and the person is exposed to high temperature under controlled temperature conditions. The benefits of Sauna baths includes Circulation improvement, Weights loss, Reduce tension, Boosting immunity , Relaxation and others. Usually sauna bath is considered relatively safe, beneficial and quite healthy. There are different types of sauna baths named according to the temperature making devices used to heat the bathe. If steam is used to heat the bathroom it is called steam sauna bath.

Steam bath involves exposing an individual to steam or hot mist at a temperature somewhere 44 degrees for fifteen to twenty minutes in a sealed steam room. The time that a person takes Sauna varies and can depend on heat tolerance of the person taking Sauna. Steam baths have a number of health benefits for its users but still it is advised to consult the doctor before taking Sauna because there can be some health conditions under which it is not advisable to take Sauna. Some of the benefits of steam Sauna baths are as under:

Benefits of using steam baths

  • Since our body is exposed to steam while taking sauna bath, It helps in the opening of the skin pores. It should be kept in mind that in extreme sweating all the toxins and impurities flow out of the body, through these pores. As there is a lot of sweating involved during Sauna bath so it is advisable to drink more water than usual in order to compensate for the sweating during steam Sauna bath.
  • Steam elevates body temperature and also helps in the flow of blood more effectively. Therefore Sauna bath is likely to make Circulation better. Also we get a lot of relief to out contracted muscles and the result is that we get benefit from arthritis and joints pains.
  • Steam sauna bath has been proved to be helpful in weight loss as the metabolism of the body is enhanced. Also the body loses oil during the sweating which helps to reduce weight.
  • Steam bath also helps in the relaxation of the mind as well as the human body. Most of the people have experienced a reduction in their tensions and mental stress after taking a steam bath.
  • It has also been observed that sauna baths are very effective in inducing relaxing sleep. Sauna baths have proved to be effecting in sleep disorders and nowadays the people with insomnia are taking help of their sleep disorders by using steam sauna baths.
  • Sauna steam bath is also helpful in boosting the immunity of our system as while in sauna bath the body temperature increases which helps the immune system.
  • Sauna bath is also very effective in treating medical conditions like sinusitis and bronchitis. The reason for this is that when you breath the steam may relief the congestion of the lungs.
  • It has been now proved that 15 -20 minutes of stay in sauna bath holds as much benefit as one to two hours of brisk walk. However the exact benefit differs from person to person.
  • Due to great blood flow to the skin while taking sauna bath provides a healthy glow to the skin and thus is beneficial for our skin.

There are many indirect health effect of Sauna and also many different types of Sauna which will be discussed later

Reasons For Blood Clots

Reason of Blood Clots

Blood clotting is necessary to repair the damage and restore integrity to the circulatory system. However clots which are also called thrombi become a major issue and problem when they form where they should not be forming. Blood clots can form in any part of body including lungs, brain, nose , eyes etc. There are more than a single reason for these clots to occur in human body and some clots in blood formation are due to conditions which the person is facing and others with illnesses and other problems in the body and that can lead to blood clot formation. There are many reasons that can lead to blood clotting but some of them are more common than the other. Also the high risk people must know the symptoms of blood clotting to avoid the damage.
Followings are some most expected reasons of blood clots.

1: The number one cause of Clotting in blood is due to prolonged Immobility mostly after surgery. This is also true in case long distant airplane flights where someone has to remain sitting in cramped condition for several hours and this start blood clotting process. This can be avoided by keeping your body moving and getting up from you seat at least once in couple of hours. Moreover there are some exercises which you can do in the plane to avoid clotting and these exercises are like moving your feet in circles and keep on doing some stretching while remaining on your seat. This will help you blood flow smoothly and will reduce the chances of clotting.

2: Birth control pills are another reason which can lead to blood clotting as the medicine for birth control can cause coagulation in the blood stream. People using birth control pills are at higher risk of developing blood clots in their bodies. Doctors normally advise to stop these medications to prevent the problem.

3: Pregnancy is another factor that can lead to the formation of blood clots as growing uterus may slow blood flow back to the heart to a sufficient extent causing blood clots. One must be very careful while she is pregnant as there are significant changes rapidly occurring in the body.

4: Obesity is also a reason for clots as experts say that being obese you are 30 times more on risk in long distant flights. Similarly too long and too short people are on high risk. People who travel too frequently are also on risky side and frequent air travelers must take precautionary steps and must know the risks of clotting.

5: Injury of the vein is also a factor of blood clots which is beneficial to prevent blood loss.

6: Leg fracture is also a known reason for blood clots. The blood clots can form at one place and then these clots can travel in other parts of the body specially to the lungs. Lungs usually have very small veins and these can be blocked by clotting process which can be a very serious health issue and the patients may need urgent care or even hospitalization.

7: Inherited blood factors or veins: Some people have to face this problem due to inherited factor either by having narrow veins or due some faulty heart valve.

8: Congestion heart function: This problem is when heart does not properly function to exert proper force for proper flow maintaining.

9: Cancer can also restrict your blood flow causing blood clots. A cancer tumor can form any where in the body and if cancer is exerting pressure on your veins it can lead to clotting.

10: Strokes or heart attack are another factor and a reason due to which blood clotting can occur as it will cause patient to bed ridden causing blood clots.

Healthy Bones

Foods to eat for healthy bones

Bones are essential component of skeletal system of Humans and are the most important in a sense that it also necessary for movement in Human Beings. It is therefore very important to know about the foods one must take to keep the bones strong and in best of health. Calcium deficiency in food can be the cause of Osteoporosis and reduced bone density. Bones are also necessary to keep our nerves and our body and muscles intact. Although bones are of different forms in different parts of the body, but in term of nutrition all have the same requirement. There are many foods which we can include in our daily life to promote and keep our bones healthy.

For the people who can not take include these foods in their diets have to take calcium supplements. Bone structure is made of calcium rich minerals therefore calcium rich foods are their primary requirement. Vitamin D is also needed as it is helpful in absorbing calcium by our body. Calcium is the most important element and is therefore highly needed to develop and promote healthy bones throughout life.

There are also other Vitamins and Mineral like Vitamin D and Magnesium which helps to absorb the Calcium in body and these nutrients can easily be acquired as a supplement as these will help in absorption of Calcium by the body. It is recommended that 1200-1300 milligrams of calcium should be taken daily to fulfill the requirement of the body. Now the idea is to find those foods containing calcium and Vitamin along with protein.
Following are best foods although in our daily use

1: Milk &Yogurt for strong Healthy Bones
No one can deny the importance of milk in promoting healthy bones. Milk also has vitamin D and A along with protein making Milk and Yogurt a very good and strong healthy food for the bones. As an average 1 cup of milk does have about 300mg calcium. The same goes true with yogurt as it also has vitamin D and A can be taken in breakfast. One cup of yogurt has nearly 300mg of Calcium in it.

2: Calcium-fortified soy milk
Some people who are very less lactose tolerance level prefer to use soy milk. Soy Milk  also has 300mg of Calcium and is a good alternative to Cow or Goat Milk.

3: Cheese and Bone Density
Cheese is a also a highly useful source of calcium for your bones and you can also use Cheese to cook foods. There are many types of Cheese available in the markets and each Cheese variety varies in the amount of Calcium it and thus increases bone density .Grated Parmesan cheese is one type of Cheese which is very high in Calcium and have about 1400 milligram of Calcium in a cup of serving. 1400 gram of Calcium is enough to fulfill an adult requirement of Cheese for one day

3. Tofu and Bone Health
Tofu is again very useful for those having lactose intolerance problems. Tofu help promote bones health and help in increasing density of bones. Half a cup of tofu will give around 250 milligrams of calcium which will be useful for the bones.

4. Frozen yogurt
Frozen yogurt is often used in Europe with different flavors. More often different fruits are added to get different tastes and flavors. One cup of this serving has about 100mg of Calcium. Frozen yogurt taste like ice cream so children can easily be motivated to include Frozen Yogurt.

5: Broccoli for Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis have many causes but the main cause of Osteoporosis is the lack of Calcium in ones diet. Broccoli is a new entry in our common use vegetables and has been proved extremely beneficial not just for obtaining Calcium but also for overall health and wellbeing. One cup full of Broccoli have around 195 milligrams of Calcium. It is not only Broccoli which gives you Calcium in good amount but also most of green leafy vegetables have a good amount of Calcium. People who cannot take dairy must specially include green vegetables in their daily diet to combat problems related to Calcium defiency

7: Chinese cabbage and Salad leaves
One cup of these Chinese cabbage or salad along with broccoli provide you 350 mg of calcium more than one glass of milk. You may add to these others healthy leave of your flavor choice.
8: Oatmeal for Bone Density and osteoporosis

This oatmeal is usually taken in the morning in the form of cereals. They are also very beneficial in providing calcium for our daily requirements thus helping in fight against bone loss conditions like Osteoporosis and others.

All the above mentioned foods are even in our daily routine but they are rich in calcium and are greater use.

Types of Ulcers

Types of Ulcers

Before jumping to the types and reasons of Ulcers in humans we must understand what Ulcer is. Ulcer is a problems occurring in digestive system and wounds will start appearing in the lining of digestive track in human beings. The digestive track of human beings is very sensitive and the health of digestive track can be good or bad and depends on many factors. There can be many reasons for Ulcers and some reasons can be quite simple while other can be quite complex and can be a sign of other more complex diseases. Digestive tract in human beings consists of mouth, stomach, esophagus, duodenum which is the starting point of our intestines and then the intestines itself. Ulcers can be there in any part of our digestive system for various reasons but most of the time Ulcers are located in the duodenum.
Some of the most common types of ulcers are peptic ulcers , gastric ulcers and Duodenal ulcers. Ulcers are named for their location within the body. Sometimes ulcers can also be diagnosed by examining the mouth and tongue of the effected patient to detect and find the type of Ulcer. Some other type of Ulcers however will take other method for diagnoses. There are also other types of ulcers which are relatively less common and among them are Stress Ulcers, Bleeding Ulcers, esophageal ulcers and Refractory Ulcers.
1: Peptic Ulcer
Pepsin exposed ulcers are called peptic ulcers. Peptic Ulcer is the most common type in the gastrointestinal tract area. Most common type of treatment used for Peptic Ulcer is to use anti acids. These ulcers are most often found in the lining of your stomach or duodenum. Pepsin in human beings is normally there in the stomach lining with hydrochloric acid. Some patients will also have to take antibiotics as a treatment for Peptic Ulcer.

2: Gastric Ulcer
When a peptic ulcer occurs in your stomach, it is called a gastric ulcer. The symptoms of gastric ulcers are more defined than other ulcers. The bacterium called H. pylori cause this type of Ulcer. Antacids are used as a treatment option of Gastric Ulcer. Usually the patient starts to feel well after two three weeks of using antacids. Also the Ulcer patients are advised not to use to much oily and greasy foods and also asked to limit the consumption of foods that are acidic.

3: Duodenal Ulcer
Duodenal ulcers is another kind of peptic ulcers but  located in the duodenum. Duodenum ulcers are usually benign however doctors may take a biopsy to make sure that they are benign. Usually patients feel a burning sensation and heartburn feelings .Duodenum ulcers will usually begin in the starting point of the small intestine and are this type of Ulcer is much common in western societies than any other.
Four less common types are following;

1: Esophageal Ulcer
Esophageal Ulcer usually occurs in the lower end of a patient esophagus. Esophageal ulcers as other types of Ulcers are caused by the harmful bacteria and that is why most doctors will recommend their patients to use antibiotics to kill these harmful bacteria. Esophageal Ulcer patients may also feel a lot of pain some times and this pain will increase as the Ulcer will come in contact with the acid present in the stomach. The patient may also feel difficulty in swallowing and may not eat normally. If this is the case than one must have to be more careful and chew the food very thoroughly before eating as it can be extremely painful in the throat.

2: Bleeding Ulcer

Sometime internal bleeding is caused by a peptic ulcer if that ulcer has been left untreated for a long time.  When this occurs, it is now referred to as a bleeding ulcer and  is the most dangerous type of ulcer. It requires an immediate treatment.

3: Refractory Ulcer
Simple peptic ulcers that have not healed after at least 3 months of treatment are called refractory ulcers.

4: Stress Ulcer
Stress ulcers consist of a group of lesions and usually found in the esophagus, the stomach or the duodenum. Stress Ulcer is normally present in the people who have other illness or are critically ill. Stress Ulcer is will usually go automatically once the stress level goes down. However if the condition of Stress Ulcer is not relieved than it is advised to see your doctor to ask for his opinion.

Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for many diseases from the ancient time. Now, latest researches throughout the world are finding that ginger works miraculously in the treatment of everything from cancer to migraines as it has many positive effect on Health. Ginger helps in fighting against many common health related problems like Headache, Malaria, Pain, Diabetes etc. Here are some very proven health benefits of this powerful natural herb.

1: Ginger settles the stomach and relieves all gas, and it helps and is beneficial in sore throat condition.

2: It enhances the blood circulation so Ginger may have benefits in reducing heart disease rates among people of all ages.

3: When used for digestive purpose Ginger usually optimizes digestion, so if a person is planning to take Ginger for digestive purposes then small piece of ginger before a big meal is a good and healthy advice.

4: Ginger has anti inflammatory-properties and provides great benefits in all types of pain specially the arthritis pain. As ginger gives you relief and benefit while in pain so it is used widely as a pain killer.

5: Ginger is also an effective and most used home remedy for the nausea and when human beings feel under motion sickness.

6: Ginger has anti-cancer properties and it cleans and thins the blood thus positively affecting your heart.

7: This natural herb is anti-inflammatory, good for colds and arthritis and it contains more than 12 antioxidants. Ginger also helps to control cholesterol levels in the blood and also reduces tendency towards blood clots. Having high Cholesterol is a dangerous condition and it usually leads to a Heart attack. Ginger has a positive effect on Cholesterol levels and can be used as a safety measure against Cardiovascular and heart diseases.

8: Ginger is used in Africa for killing intestinal parasites and it can also kill roundworms in the human body.

9: Studies have demonstrated and nutritionists now believe that ginger can provide and be helpful in migraine relief condition and this is due to the ability and property of Ginger to stop Prostaglandins from causing severe pain and also condition of inflammation in blood vessels.

10: In Chinese medicine there are also many uses of ginger and they specially use this herb in ginger tea in combination with brown sugar as a treatment of menstrual cramps in women.

11. People with Cancer in their family history must make sure that they include Ginger in their regular eating as Ginger posses anticancer properties and has proven to aid the process of Apoptosis in cells which are becoming abnormal and can lead to Cancer.

12 Ginger is also used as a cure and Natural remedy for controlling Diabetes in Patients.

Overall ginger not only adds flavors to the dishes but have proven to be one of best remedy for many diseases and the most interesting fact that it is available in every grocery store and it can be included in most of the dishes. The Ginger is available easily in the market in all the forms including dried Ginger, Ginger Juice and Ginger Oil. Some forms are more useful for particular condition for example Fresh ginger is more effective in toothaches, Migraine Headache and Malaria. Ginger juice is most used to the treatment of skin burns and the Juice is applied on the effected area to get relief. Some flavors of Soap and Contentions also use Ginger as a Fragrance.

Ginger can also be used  safely in pregnancy within moderate amount but still some studies have shown that Ginger can cause mild side effects in Pregnancy as it can effect sex harmonies, so if  a women is pregnant and wants to use Ginger then the Doctor needs to be consulted


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