Reason of Blood Clots

Blood clotting is necessary to repair the damage and restore integrity to the circulatory system. However clots which are also called thrombi become a major issue and problem when they form where they should not be forming. Blood clots can form in any part of body including lungs, brain, nose , eyes etc. There are more than a single reason for these clots to occur in human body and some clots in blood formation are due to conditions which the person is facing and others with illnesses and other problems in the body and that can lead to blood clot formation. There are many reasons that can lead to blood clotting but some of them are more common than the other. Also the high risk people must know the symptoms of blood clotting to avoid the damage.
Followings are some most expected reasons of blood clots.

1: The number one cause of Clotting in blood is due to prolonged Immobility mostly after surgery. This is also true in case long distant airplane flights where someone has to remain sitting in cramped condition for several hours and this start blood clotting process. This can be avoided by keeping your body moving and getting up from you seat at least once in couple of hours. Moreover there are some exercises which you can do in the plane to avoid clotting and these exercises are like moving your feet in circles and keep on doing some stretching while remaining on your seat. This will help you blood flow smoothly and will reduce the chances of clotting.

2: Birth control pills are another reason which can lead to blood clotting as the medicine for birth control can cause coagulation in the blood stream. People using birth control pills are at higher risk of developing blood clots in their bodies. Doctors normally advise to stop these medications to prevent the problem.

3: Pregnancy is another factor that can lead to the formation of blood clots as growing uterus may slow blood flow back to the heart to a sufficient extent causing blood clots. One must be very careful while she is pregnant as there are significant changes rapidly occurring in the body.

4: Obesity is also a reason for clots as experts say that being obese you are 30 times more on risk in long distant flights. Similarly too long and too short people are on high risk. People who travel too frequently are also on risky side and frequent air travelers must take precautionary steps and must know the risks of clotting.

5: Injury of the vein is also a factor of blood clots which is beneficial to prevent blood loss.

6: Leg fracture is also a known reason for blood clots. The blood clots can form at one place and then these clots can travel in other parts of the body specially to the lungs. Lungs usually have very small veins and these can be blocked by clotting process which can be a very serious health issue and the patients may need urgent care or even hospitalization.

7: Inherited blood factors or veins: Some people have to face this problem due to inherited factor either by having narrow veins or due some faulty heart valve.

8: Congestion heart function: This problem is when heart does not properly function to exert proper force for proper flow maintaining.

9: Cancer can also restrict your blood flow causing blood clots. A cancer tumor can form any where in the body and if cancer is exerting pressure on your veins it can lead to clotting.

10: Strokes or heart attack are another factor and a reason due to which blood clotting can occur as it will cause patient to bed ridden causing blood clots.