Reasons of Hypertension:

Hypertension or high blood pressure, common disease these days also known as arterial hypertension, is a condition in which the arteries have persistently elevated blood pressure. It may lead to many health problems and may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
The term Hypertension means “Silent killer” since it has no initial symptoms for years but can lead to a long term disease and complications silently.
Every time the human heart beats, it pumps blood to the whole body through the arteries.
Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing up against the blood vessel walls. The harder the heart has to pump, the narrower your arteries and higher your blood pressure.

Nowadays technology has made our lives so simple that even Blood Pressure can be measured at home with an instrument known as Sphymomanometer.
There are 2 readings given as numbers on this instrument.
The top number is called the systolic blood pressure. The bottom number is called the diastolic blood pressure.
For example, 120 over 80
where 120 represents the systolic measurement (peak pressure in the arteries) and 80 represents the diastolic measurement (minimum pressure in the arteries).

One or both of these numbers can be high. Normal and high pressure are defined as follows.

  • Normal blood pressure is when your blood pressure is less than 120/80.

  • High blood pressure (hypertension) is when your blood pressure is

    • 140/90 mmHg (Stage 1)

    • 160/100 mmHg (Stage 2)

  • If blood pressure numbers are 120/80 or higher, but below 140/90, it is called pre-hypertension.

Hypertension can also be classified as essential or secondary.
Essential hypertension is the term for
high blood pressure with unknown cause. It accounts for about 95% of cases. Secondary hypertension is the term for high blood pressure with a known cause, such as tumors, kidney failure, heart failure, aneurysm etc.

Causes of hypertension are usually unknown.
Several factors that have been highly associated with the condition include:

  • Smoking.

  • Obesity.

  • Diabetes.

  • Stress or anxious.

  • You are obese.

  • Aging.

  • Lack of Physical activities.

  • Drinking alcohol.

  • Over weight.

  • You take High levels of Salt.

  • Genetics – A family history of having hypertension problems.

These are unknown causes of hypertension – Essential hypertension.
It is said that your blood pressure level gets high as you get older. This is because your blood vessels get stiff as you age. Due to this your Blood pressure level increases and your chance of having a stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney disease, or early death.

Secondary hypertension is basically caused by a medical condition that is known cause which includes:

  • Birth control pills.

  • Kidney disease.

  • Tumors.

  • Heart failure.

One more and the dangerous form of hypertension is Malignant hypertension. It may happen because of:

  • Severe headache.

  • Nausea.

  • Vomiting.

  • Confusion.

  • Nosebleeds.

60 million people worldwide suffer from high blood pressure.
Uncontrolled blood pressure may be responsible for many cases of death, disability resulting from heart diseases.
According to research, “the higher your blood pressure, higher the risk”.
So the risk of dying of a heart attack is directly linked to high blood pressure, particularly systolic hypertension.