Saint Martin is a beautiful island located on the north side of Caribbean. This island is about 200 miles on the East site of Puerto Rico. This island is divided between France and Netherlands. So one can ask a question that where is St. Maarten Airport on this island. The answer to this is its on Dutch part of the island of Sint Maarten. This island is a wonderful tourist resort and is famous for its beauty and wonderful beaches. There is one more thing that makes this island absolutely unique and that is its st maartens airport.

St maartens airport is also called Princess Juliana International Airport.  So where is st maarten airport and whats so special about st maarten airport The different thing about Saint Martin airport is its proximity to tourism beach and St martin airport landings. So imagine yourself standing on a beach and enjoying st maarten airport landings and see a big jumbo jet arriving just at you. Photographers from all over the world travel to St. Martin to see this wonderful show and flights to st maarten to its Princess Juliana International Airport. The beach is few meters far from runway and when a jet is on a runway and blows out the air the tourist can feel winds of around 100 miles speed or more. When the plane lands at  St saint martin airport it will just pass over your head only a few meters above you. Imagine how would you feel a 747 flying in the air just 4-5 meters above you. The sound of the planes and this amazing show of air planes landings on st Maarten stuns the people. As this is a tourist beach so at every good sunny day there may be 100s of people at the beach enjoying this wonderful thing whenever a airplane arrives.

As Saint maarten is very famous and is a perfect attraction for tourists many flights come here. It gets more crowded in Winter becuase many people from colder climates comes here to enjoy the sun and heat and at the same time enjoy vacations with their families. Air France has regular flights from Paris to st maarting airport. Air Canada offers seasonal flights to Princess Juliana International Airport. Air Transat also offers flights to St martin island. KLM offers direct flights from Amsterdam to St martin all round the year. Dutch people are famous as a tourist and vacation loving people so they come here on KLM in large numbers. They come to Saint Maarten for shopping and fun . Souvenirs from a flight to St Maarten are at the island markets in Marigot and Philipsburg.
Different airline including Airfrance offers direct flights from Paris to St. Maarten. The flight time from paris to St. Maarten Princess Juliana International is usually 9 hours in a direct flight and off season price is around 700 Euros from Paris. During peak season return ticket from France Paris to Saint Maarten International airport can go up to 1000 Euros. In order to get best fares the tickets need to be purchase well in advance to avoid price hikes and end up travelling on upper class.
Many airlines offers flights from major USA cities to St Martin International airport. Continental , Delta, Jetblue , Us Airways and United airlines are to name a few. Other airlines that offer services to St martin island are Insel Air,LIAT,Spirit,St. Barths Commuter,Windward Express Airways