Tropical Island Berlin Germany

Tropical island resort is located in the city of Krausnick in Germany. This is a Artificial Tropical island and it is a major tourist attraction for tourists that go to Berlin. So it is a must tourist attraction and about 10,000 people visit this wonderful Tropical island in Berlin each day. Does not matter if there is snow outside or its warm or any weather but inside tropical island Berlin you will always find tropical perfect weather which people find very attractive.

There is even an artificial beach with palm trees which will give you impression of a real beach and tourists to Tropical island enjoy it. Even if you have been in this wonderful Berlin island once you would want to go there again and again as there are many things to enjoy and some of them include Rainforest, miniature golf, Balinese lagoon and a camping ground where night can be spent.

Here on the Berlin Tropical island the fun never ends and the season is always the same. Tropical island has an indoor watermark and its size is 66000 m square. So we would definitely recommend that every one should to to this Berlin attraction once in a life to see this heaven in front of his eye to believe it.