USPS Express Mail Service

USPS offers Express Mail service with in the Unites States and for international mail too. If you have to send your USPS Express mail in Flat Box with in the US then the rate is $39.95. The USPS express mail boxes have certain dimensions so make your that the items you are shipping through USPS with in the USA fit into this box. USPS express mail delivery time is 2-3 business days with in USA .

For Alaska and Hawaii it can take an additional day or two . For people who are shipping documents or papers through USPS they would be using USPS Express mail Flat rate Envolope which has dimensions of 12 and half inches in length and 9 and half inches in width. If you are sending Legal size papers through USPS Express mail which you do not want to fold you must get Large Flat rate Envelope for the same price of 18.95. It does not matter if its a box or the envolopes as long as its Express mail the the time USPS take for delivery of your mail or packages would be 2-3 days.