Verizon may go with Samsung

As Verizon has upgraded its network to 4G it has a point . Although Verizon wireless has sold millions of iPhone 3G and Iphone 4 but still it has a concern that the iPhone
does not uses the full capability of its network and that why it may not support Apple dispute over Samsung products Infuse 4G, Galaxy S 4G, Droid Charge, and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The dispute was a patent dispute but according to some sources Verizon may be giving support to Samsung at it has a big array of devices already mention with huge scope of sales in the united States. Samsung and Apple has been in disputes when apple started it in Europe saying that some Samsung smartphones have its patients without proper copy rights. Now this battle have started and there is a lawsuit after another. Verizon wireless although has an eye on the coming iphone 5 probably releasing late 2011 and is expecting good sales but still it is not putting all its eggs in one basket and hanging on with Samsung as well to make and improve their business relation ship with them so that their Samsung Galaxy tab and Galaxy S 4G and other smart phones can be sold in US market. Verizon may also offer its customers Samsung Galaxy Note Verizon.

Also Verizon wireless wants to be a part of Android market as soon as possible because of the Android operating system stability and its increase range of applications that are now available for android phones